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[By Elizabeth Chu]

What’s a feast for the eyes now has got to be the all-star glamorous Cannes Film Festival. I mean have you checked out the Dior gown Rihanna wore or the high slit Alexandre Vauthier that Bella Hadid was clad in? Nevermind her wardrobe malfunction, it’s a flaunt of their drop dead gorgeous bodies. If looks can kill, I wanna know how. Explore behind-the-scenes preparation to achieving that ideal figure.

2856 4 Months To Go: Smaller Plates Please

Psychologically proven to help you eat smaller portions yet feel full, a downsize in plate size may translate to inches off your waistline. Take it or leave it but the absolute first step to fitting into those body-hugging, exquisite dresses is to gain awareness about your food intake aka go on a diet! Sloane Inc Detox Tea offers great support, pair that with Sloane Inc Pure Cleanse and before you know it, you’ll be lighter by a few pounds.

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28554 Months To Go: Work Your Body

Have you seen how celebrities work out? Man, they work out hard with a capital H. Be inspired through workout videos on Youtube, get a personal trainer, wherever whatever, so long as it gets you moving!

Not getting ideal results after a couple of weeks? Expected! We all have exercise and diet resistant areas hence a Coolsculpting PLUS treatment may be a superb and timely booster. “Models and celebrities go for this world leading, non-invasive body shaping treatment as it is visibly successful in reducing fat,” shares Dr Tan Ying Chien, Medical Consultant of The Sloane Clinic.

Thinking more can be done or have unabashedly abandoned the aforementioned steps? Do a cinderella magical transformation with Vaser Liposuction, a thorough removal of fat cells through small incisions to achieve hands down the best body curve you’ve ever had.

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28543 Months To Go: A Midas Touch

We wish we are done but we, ladies are a tough lot to satisfy; we’re plagued by a multitude of skin concerns which thankfully, can be put to rest with what many patients attest is a midas touch to brilliant, immaculate skin – a premium 3-in-1 Nova 3R therapy. “Name your skin issue. Regardless of pigmentation, broken capillaries, saggy dull skin or others, this is likely to solve it. This is an exceptional multi-tasking Swiss based technology that emits 3 types of light energies so that patients are topped with unrivalled radiance on their big day with zero downtime,” says Dr Tan.

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28531 Month To Go: Mask It

Mask to maintain your newfound sparkling skin. Slather on nutrient and moisture rich toners, moisturizers and masks for an enviable supple and fresh killer look. Hall of fame Sloane Inc Gold Glow Recovery Mask S3.1 is our all-time favourite thanks to its enriching formula of Sea Buckthorn Berry, mix of multivitamins and generous real 24 carat pure gold flecks, for the real deal of a luxuriously luminous finish.

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28521 Hour To Go: No Flaw Too Tough For Makeup

With an excellent canvas, get a push to perfection with makeup. It matters little your choice to visit a professional makeup artist or having a go at it yourself (that’s assuming you have the basic skills) because 99% of the work would already have been done. Now, simply slide into a pair of comfortable designer heels, put on a seductive smile and we’re certain the cameras will love you.

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The Sloane Clinic is a chain of top aesthetic clinics & plastic surgery center in Singapore & Malaysia, helmed by some of the best aesthetic doctors & plastic surgeons. It is a one-stop beauty destination, offering a wide range of first-class aesthetic face & body treatments, specialising in non-surgical facelift, non-surgical nose jobs and neck threadlifts.


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