5 Things Skin Doctors Do to Stay Young

[By Sonia L]

Is it just us – or do some the skin doctors whom we seek beauty treatments with just seem ageless? While they may have loads of experience, both in and out of the operating rooms, under their belts, that’s certainly not showing on their faces and bodies. How (in the world) did they escape the curse of time and aging?

RSB corners and grills Dr Chua Han Boon, Medical Consultant at The Sloane Clinic for an inside scoop into what a skin doctor does to look absolutely flawless even as he ages. Mind you, this man may be in his forties yet look nary a day past his thirties. What sorcery!

Sonia: Hi Dr Chua, thanks for taking time out for us. Might I say you’re look amazing! Are you really 41? Any fine lines or pigments are non-existent and you’re so hunky your body is in seriously good shape. How do you stay youthful? You have to share with our readers how you’re maintaining your skin and body!

Dr Chua: Hi Sonia, thanks for your kind compliments. I do get them a lot and they’re my motivation to keep at what I’m doing. Staying fit and maintaining a clear and healthy complexion require hard work!

There’re a lot of men who “let it go” after turning 40 and become overweight, pudgy and end up looking older than they really are. To prevent this, I exercise regularly and do a mixture of cardio and resistance training 3 times a week. Exercise burns fats and tones up the muscles. A lean and toned body physique is an important part of looking young.

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Sonia: Wow, 3 times a week, looks like we really have to dedicate time to our wellbeing. I’ve also heard exercise improves skin, is that true?

Dr Chua: The notion that exercise can improve skin radiance is pretty controversial. While I would not attribute my clear skin to exercise alone, working out definitely makes me feel good, less stressed and improves my sleep through the release of body chemicals called endorphins.

Aside from hitting the gym, I believe having a balanced diet rich in antioxidants is critical to having smooth, healthy and supple skin as antioxidants provide all the right nutrients to the skin. They detoxify the body by clearing up the free radical damage thus, slowing down body ageing. I make it a habit to include antioxidant-rich food like fruits (especially berries), vegetables (broccoli, tomato) and certain nuts and beans in my diet.

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We should not forget getting a good night’s sleep is also crucial to looking and feeling young. This is because during sleep our bodies undergo repairs to the metabolic insults that we’ve accumulated during the daytime and slows down the process of ageing and disease progression.

As we grow older, sleep tends to be disrupted because of stress and anxiety. Hence, I would advice avoiding caffeine-containing products 6 hours before bedtime. If stress is an issue, regular exercise and meditation can help.

Sonia: Thanks for the insights Dr Chua. I’m sure skincare products do play a role in slowing down the signs of aging as well. Judging from your fair and youthful complexion, you must use beauty products?

Dr Chua: Yes, men should take care of their skins too and we should only use skincare products that match our skin type. The skin is the only organ in the body that allows direct application and absorption of substances, without needing to go through the digestive system. Hence, we must maximize this to the fullest by investing in the best skincare products available.

For myself, I use the Sloane Inc Fruit Enzyme Renewal serum that contains a gentle exfoliation agent to remove dead skin and unclog pores followed by Skin Superfood, a cream packed with antioxidant Astaxanthin. Astaxanthin, derived from “Red Algae”, has antioxidant property 1000 times more potent than Vitamin C. At night, I use the Sloane Inc Age Defy, which contains proven anti-ageing compound derived from Vitamin A.

Sonia: While these products especially the Astaxanthin tub seems impressive, that cannot be all!

Dr Chua: Well, as a skin doctor, I have to present my best face and physique forward so why not engage the help of technology? Every 2 months, I’ll bug my colleagues to perform either a Fraxel Light or SmartX Lite Laser on my face. Both lasers stimulate collagen and firm skin. They reduce pore size and give the skin more radiance.

I guess you can say that for me, the number 1 secret I look younger than my age is that I go for Ultherapy and Thermage. I bug my colleagues for these treatments once a year to lift any saggy skin and reverse skin sag. We cannot prevent ageing, but we can definitely slow it down!

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Sonia: And there we have it! I think some of these stay-young strategies are within reach! Thank you again for sharing your lifestyle choices to stealing time. Now, we can pin this up with your picture for motivation.


Dr Chua Han Boon obtained his medical degree and post graduate family Medicine qualification at the National University of Singapore and obtained his post graduate diploma in Dermatology at Cardiff University, UK. Dr Chua is trained in the use of non-invasive procedures and has attained certification of competence in cosmetic lasers, Botox injections and filler procedures which are recognized by Singapore Medical Council’s Aesthetic Practice Oversight Committee.


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