Best Facials For Acne

[By Melissa Chew]

The spotting of a pimple is enough to put a damper on one’s mood, let alone a serious bout of acne. In frustration, many are tempted to pop these zits themselves despite the fact that most of us know full well that it can make the inflammation worse and lead to scarring.

“Acne is one of the most common skin woes affecting both teenagers and adults. It can be caused by various factors including hormonal changes, stress, menstruation in women and even certain foods,” explains Dr Toby Hui, Aesthetic Consultant at The Sloane Clinic.

“For the untrained, they may mistake acne with rosacea and vice versa as both manifest as redness and skin bumps. As a result, they either administer or receive the wrong treatment, and may further irritate the skin.”

Experts to the rescue please! RSB hunts down the best facials for acne so we can effectively banish acne!

Clear Blue

When troubled skin’s brewing, celebrities and socialites run to The Sloane Spa for a Clear Blue Facial to refresh and restore a flawless complexion. This hour long, top skin rescue treatment utilises the clinic’s trademark 5-step cell-calming process to clarify skin. A basic cleanse using Deep Sonic Cleaning follows a gentle exfoliation using Pineapple Enzyme Scrub before the skin undergoes I-Clear Blue light therapy to relieve it of all dirt and debris. The gunk-eliminating facial continues with an apple based enzyme peel and ends with a soothing acne collagen mask, unveiling unbelievably clear and problem-free skin.

(Ms Tan enjoying facial at The Sloane Spa.)

Acne / Oily & Combination Skin Treatment

My Cozy Room, one of the few facial salons in Singapore that specialises in treating acne and acne-prone skin, is well-loved by celebrities and models. Using thorough extraction methods and products from BABOR, a reputable German skincare label that emphasises on natural and active ingredients, the parlour’s treatments wipes out whiteheads and blackheads, tackling acne from its infancy.

Their basic facial for acne, oily or a combination skin is anything but. It clears up excess oil and shrink pores without unbearable pain commonly associated with extractions to bring about a clean and clear appearance.

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Purity Cellular Facial Treatment

Purity Cellular Facial Treatment is the break your skin has been waiting for. Offered by Remede Spa which is located in the upscale hotel of The St Regis along Tanglin Road, this treatment is not short of glowing reviews.

In this 90-minute luxury facial experience, blue light phototherapy used arrests the culprits of acne – dissolving impurities, fighting blemishes and preventing infection. To calm and soothe skin, pores are exposed to oxygen, rebalancing skin for a clearer and healthy complexion.

Milk Peel Facial Treatment

Milk can be tricky; when drunk, it can cause a breakout for those who are acne-prone. Fret not! The benefits of milk on skin are not lost thanks to the most popular skin clearing and whitening treatment in town – Milk Peel Facial. Its draw lies in the incorporation of lactic acid – a gentle alpha hydroxyl acid that’s derived from milk and yoghurt products – in the treatment process to easily and effectively impart a clearer and fairer skin.

Here, skin is treated to an ultrasonic peeling system (using sound waves) and enjoys gentle fruit acids that breathe life into dull, troubled and pigmented complexions. A customized blend of mild fruit acids further rids clogged pores and dead cells while application of a skin clearing and whitening serum envelops the skin coaxing regeneration.

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Pimple ER

Plagued by several, possibly huge and unsightly (think pus-oozing) pimples and blemishes? Pimple ER treatment is excellent for you. Available as an add-on treatment, it aims to stop infection in its tracks, abate swelling and calm skin in a flash. The mojo? A minute injection and a skin patch laced with a potent concoction of dermal healing topicals and active ingredients.

This therapy lasting no more than 20 minutes, is a beauty junkie’s ultimate quick fix for zits when concealers can no longer mask the damage. Designed to be complemented with a full facial, it’s the Robin to Batman – a reliable and effective counterpart to combat acne and boost skin health for youthful skin that’s as smooth as a baby’s bottom. Cost is dependent on the number of spots you wish to have cleared.


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  1. I’ve tried the facials at The Sloane Clinic and I must say I love the trips there. The nurses and doctors are all v friendly and professional. But more importantly, the treatments help to clean my pores and refresh my skin!

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