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When it comes to Beauty, there’s no doubt that the Koreans have been hitting all the right notes light years ahead of others in recent years. From the bustling streets of Myeong Dong to the nooks and crannies of Itaewon, what are the outstanding features of these mesmerizing Korean ladies that’s worth mimicking? Let us count the ways!

Back to basics with brows and lashes

The basic philosphy of Korean beauty is to naturally enhance features to more asethetically pleasing proportions and not overt exaggeration. When it comes to brows, a slightly round to almost straight shape that follow the natural curvature of your brow bone is preferred over a dramatic arch. Go easy on your tweezers and keep your brows naturally full and well groomed by tidying up the stray hairs for a fresh and youthful look that transcends all ages. For lashes unless you’re born with them, ditch those long spidery flashies and ‘open’ up your eyes with an extra coat of mascara on own natural lashes. Too boost your confidence in doing so, lash serums are quickly gaining a cult following as a trial and tested way to give you a helping hand. Forget about old wives myth such as vaseline and petroleum jelly as they give you nothing more than a greasy pillow. The key to seeing results from serums is simply consistency! Some of the most highly rated options include Revitalash, Lashfood, Latisse and my personal fave, Hardy & Co. Lush Lash), a lash & brow booster that’ll have you all set to ‘flirt and mingle’ in just 28 days. It lengthens lashes by stimulating growth and strengthening existing follicles, darkens them by deepening their natural colour, adds more curve and improves shine and lustre with two naturally occurring polymers and silk proteins.When used regularly, Lush Lash forms part of your daily eye care regime to nourish and condition eyelashes, encouraging a longer life cycle and therefore fuller and sexier lashes. Looking ‘naturally attractive’ has never been easier!

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The new matte look

While previously we are always on the topic of the “dewy no makeup look” that dominated major runways from Milan to Paris seasons past, the ongoing Korean trend gearing for world domination is heading back to matte looking skin, albeit in an all new interpretation from what we previously know of it. In a nutshell, excessive shine looking like you just stepped down from the treadmill is out, so it’s about time to throw out those sparkling reflective dusting powder that you’ve grown accustomed to. Going matte doesn’t mean thick and cakey if you’re trending the Korean way, but more light and airy with a non-grease, shine-free feel to let your naturally well-hydrated skin show through.

To transform an aging complexion from drab to fab, Rejuran DNA Resurgence is a no downtime, 30 minute treatment available that you should certainly consider. By delivering salmon DNA extracts (polynucleotides) into your skin via this simple, ingenious therapy, it helps to repair and rejuvenate your skin cells from within. Effects are seen about 3-5 days from your treatment, with most patients reporting an improvement in brightening, lifting, elasticity and overall appearance of their complexion. Be the cover girl you always want to be with covering up with excessive makeup!

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Koreans ‘nose’ best

Be it naturally gifted or otherwise, most Korean ladies are sporting noses that look best on any face of Asiatic descent. Be it clever makeup techniques, surgical correction or by non-surgical medical aesthetics means, subtle enhancements made to the proportions and 3D angles of the nose will make a huge difference, and the Koreans seem to have perfected the art to get it just right. While a well done surgical rhinoplasty addresses what’s lacking once and for all, nose threadlift is an alternative to natural filler that’s growing in popularity over the past 2 to 3 years for those on the lookout for non-surgical modalities that delivers. By utilizing 100% biodegradeable PDO threads, the Infinity Nose Threadlift can be divided into two parts, nose bridge elevation and nose tip augmentation, creating a harmonious outcome that ‘s not jarringly conspicuous of having “works done”. Besides being able to achieve a higher and sharper nose bridge without unnatural widening, this fuss-free lunchtime procedure is able to lift the tip to make it sharper in a manner that nose filler can’t, reducing the size of the nasal ala at the same time for a more refined looking nose. However, this is by no means an indication that nose filler is a replaceable treatment that’s on it’s way to obsurity. Conversely, it plays a pivotal role in total nasal beautification of selected cases, smoothing out unevenness of the surface of the nose (such as a hump) which is something that’s beyond the abilities of threads.

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V is for victory

It is not difficult to see why a V-line face is one of the most sought after feature from Gangnam to Saint Topez. While the word ‘face lift’ by any means,be it the traditional surgical way or via non-surgical options such as thread lift usually conjure up images of a middle aged or elderly woman with a falling face, the Koreans are looking at it and embracing the technology in a different manner. Instead of waiting out till a certain time in life to check in to a surgery for a complete overhaul, younger Korean women are smartly tackling the first signs of aging to stop Time in its tracks. One of the major breakthroughs in Medical Aesthetics that’s fast gaining a cult following is the newer generation of shorter facial threads that can be better manoeuvred and thus allow partial facelifting for selected area(s) that need to be fixed. The Infinity Neck Thread Lift is a lunchtime facelift treatment that beautifully addresses some of the most telling signs of aging, tackling sagging neck skin and double chin to restore jawline to more youthful and desirable proportions. Depending on the amount of skin laxity, more or less threads (usually 4 to 8) are inserted to give the best outcome. There are little to no downtime and generally, it shouldn’t prevent you from returning to work after a day or two. Slight swelling secondary to the anaesthetic injections made for the procedure to be almost pain-free can last between 6 to 24 hours. As with all procedures that involved needles and injections, small pin-prick marks and bruises can happen at times. However, as these are usually placed on the underside of the jawline, visibility is much reduced unless closely scrutinized.

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