I got a Boob Job

[By Belinda*]

In the previous post I wrote about my reasons for wanting a boob job and shared my experience of the consultation with Dr Tan Ying Chien at The Sloane Clinic Plastic Surgery. I also shared the process of choosing the right implants, questions on the procedure and cost. I know you’re really waiting for the real deal as I was so I’m going to dive straight into the breast augmentation procedure here.

1 Day Before The Surgery

I received a call from the clinic advising and reminding me the do’s and don’ts before the surgery. They included the usual no smoking, no drinking and no aspirin (promotes bleeding) at least 24 hours before apply. Also, no eating 8 hours before the surgery. Jewelry was not allowed on the day of the procedure, so I removed by belly button ring the day before just in case I forgot. I was also advised to wear a top that is easy to slip on and off.

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Actual Day

I was a little nervous the night before the procedure so took me a while to fall asleep.

My appointment was 8.30am but I reached the clinic 10 minutes before that. I wasn’t feeling hungry even though I haven’t had breakfast perhaps because of the anxiety. But I was quite thirsty!

After a short discussion with Dr Tan where he reassured me of the procedure (very helpful but seriously, at that point I couldn’t think of anything else but having nice round breasts) and reminded me again no intense exercises for 4-6 weeks (he emphasized this a lot), he did some more measurements of my breasts before making some markings on my chest.

While waiting, the nurses were really nice to offer me magazines and just help me get comfortable. Before I knew it, it was time!

I was even more anxious when I saw the doctors and nurses in scrub suits, as well as the beeping blood pressure and heart beat monitors etc. I laid down on the operating table where the anaesthetist asked me a few questions about my health before he put a small needle into my vein. He was good…I didn’t feel a thing! Before long I started to feel drowsy and couldn’t remember anything after that.

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Post Op

The surgery took about 75 minutes. I woke up in a daze. I really couldn’t remember anything immediately after the procedure. By the time I was quite awake, I was already on my recovery bed. I was offered plain water first, before moving on to Milo and biscuits.

Though I was tired from the drugs still and didn’t feel any pain or discomfort, I was emotional about having fuller breasts. They’re about 80% restored now and I was just so happy to finally have my pre-pregnancy boobs back!!

I have dressings over the wound over the lower part of the breasts, and paper tapes over the top part. The paper tapes are to be kept for 3 days. The wound dressings will be removed after one week. I also have to wear a special band over the top of my breast for at least one month.

I rested in the clinic for a while more and the nurses were all very nice and kept checking in on me and helping me get dressed. Good thing I wore a button down shirt as advised! I was also taught some simple chest exercises to do to help relax my chest muscle. According to the nurses, this helps to speed up my recovery. I managed to leave at 2.30pm on my own and got home in a cab.

The drugs wore off by night and it was then that I felt some soreness. I didn’t really feel pain.

The sensation was more like pressure and heaviness.

Come to think of it, it kind of felt like breast engorgement during my breast feeding. Nothing I couldn’t tolerate but it’s still good to have painkillers to stand by just in case.

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I’m writing this 1 week post op and now that the swelling has gone down, I can feel more of my boobs. They’re softer and have dropped a bit so they’re more natural-looking. The breast surgery has also corrected the symmetry of my boobs as prior to this, my right boob was more deflated and saggy. When I went back to The Sloane Clinic Plastic Surgery for a follow up with Dr Tan, he said I’m recovering well so that’s really good news!

At this point, I feel blessed and super thankful for the support of my family.

I thought I’d have to rely on them for everything after the surgery like removing and wearing my clothes. But I was surprised I could do almost everything the next day after surgery!

Till the next update!


*Name has been changed


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