The Cost of a Perfect Body

[By Cara Solis]

What’s your definition of a perfect body? Will it be one similar to the Kardashians whom have certainly given a whole new meaning to an hourglass figure with their large breasts, incredibly wide hips and air-brushed skin? Surely you’re not still obsessed with being stick-thin, flat-chested and pale because that’s passé (Golden Ratio says so). Regardless, the depiction of the ideal body differs between sexes, societies and countries with time! Hence, thanks to technology, we can now purchase, design and achieve the body of our dreams. How much you ask? RSB breaks down the costs for you.

Sculpt to Perfection

Body-sculpting is now the hottest trend in town. Hugely received by celebrities from Jennifer Aniston to Megan Fox, this is a non-invasive treatment that contours the body at no downtime; a very attractive alternative to liposuction. It effectively targets and freezes fat cells that are resistant to diet and exercise, eliminating them for long-term results.

At The Sloane Clinic, Coolsculpting Plus goes further to help patients achieve the desired body shape by burying dead fat cells through lymphatic drainage and skin regenerating therapy. This 2-in-1 program aims to clear broken down fat cells and stimulate collagen production to firm skin so results are immediately visible. “Our clinic sees many patients treat their tummy, thighs, flanks and post-pregnancy bulges. We recommend Coolsculpting Plus to reduce stubborn fat as studies have shown that with the right combination of treatments, up to 40% of fat can be removed in a single treatment session,” says Dr Toby Hui, Aesthetic Consultant at The Sloane Clinic.

Damage: USD$2, 199.12 for 2 sessions

Augment Breasts to Up Attractiveness

A virtually non-existent or a saggy pair of boobs whether it’s a result of ageing, childbirth or weight loss, can bid goodbye to going braless in see through shirts (similar to what Kendall Jenner wore) or low cut tops.

Enhance or correct breast size and shape naturally via lipotransfer – the removal of fats from other areas of the body to be re-injected into the breasts. As the procedure uses personal fat, the result while naturally soft, may not be as permanent. For the best result and one that is long lasting, opt for Dream-Lift Breast Augmentation in which teardrop shaped implants, manufactured to give a natural shape and feel, are inserted into the chest. “This procedure is popular as we use the most advanced 3D imaging technology VECTRA to simulate the effect of various sizes of implants which are extremely close to the actual results according to our patients’ feedback,” shares Dr Tan Ying Chien, Plastic Surgeon at The Sloane Clinic.

Damage: Approximately USD$9, 576.43

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Go Smooth

Excess hair on skin is generally a no no unless you’re Miley Cyrus or Lady Gaga. Go smooth and embrace silky skin permanently with lasers and IPLs and save yourself the hassle of dealing with ingrown hairs and razor burns.

Invest in a hair removal package from a reputable clinic that utilizes only safe and high-grade lasers lest your money is spent on generic lasers that merely heat up the skin with little to show for result. The clinic should offer a range of hair removal devices for customisation depending on skin conditions and hair types.

“While the result depends on the density, thickness and hair colour, one should be able to notice after 4-6 sessions, 4’F’s – significantly fewer, finer and fairer (which will be less visually obvious) hair that grows at a much slower rate (farther intervals),” adds Dr Hui.

Damage: Approximately USD$17, 826.89 for 4 sessions

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Reawaken Skin

Radiant skin is the highlighter to a curvaceous body. One simply cannot pull off a perfect body with a dull and lifeless complexion, riddled with fine lines, scars and pigmentation.

The Sloane Clinic offers SmartX Light, an astute FDA approved laser, as solution. A skin-transforming carbon dioxide laser delivered via a cutting-edge airbrush microspray jolts skin’s natural cell renewal cycle. Witness amazing result with just one session – skin becomes noticeably brighter and smoother. The regeneration of fresh collagen goes deeper to revitalize skin, fading acne scars and firming skin. For skin in need of SOS, consider SmartX.

Damage: USD$879.65

Total: Approximately USD$30, 482.09


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