Botched Beauty: Beauty Lessons to Learn from

[By Melissa Chew]

From burning off a chunk of hair while trying to perfect those curls to going overboard with lip fillers, the Internet has seen its fair share of beauty treatments gone wrong. In the search for the fountain of youth, many have become experimental with some taking uncalculated risks with unlicensed practitioners due to cost or convenience – a mistake that can be seriously costly to fix. RSB shares 3 horrifying, real-life accounts of botched beauty as cautionary tales to be more critical of procedures, products and whom you trust your beauty with. Warning, this post contains graphic images that may make you cringe.

Oh My Eyelashes

Botched Beauty: Beauty Lessons to Learn from

It’s all over the news; an eyelash extension has left a woman from Perth practically lash-less with inflamed eyelids, arising from an allergic reaction, to boot. Imagine the horror if she had beautiful lashes to start with!

Botched Beauty: Beauty Lessons to Learn from

These lash extensions work by marrying falsies to one’s natural lashes using adhesives which can contain formaldehyde, a chemical used for preserving the dead. Both real and fake lashes don’t even part in death – falling out together over the course of a lash cycle (typically 8-12 weeks). Hence, regular extensions to achieve a full flutter may ironically set you back with “extremely damaged natural lashes” as your poor lashes and follicles are constantly poisoned. Switch it up with a superfood your lashes will love! Infused with lash-targeting peptides to deeply nourish follicles, Hardy & Co Lush Lash promises to energise growth, promoting volumised lashes that’s unbelievably long, silky and curvy and in just 28 days. This scientifically driven cosmetic formula is specially developed by dermatologists to nurture healthier lashes that have a longer life span so we can all have real lashes that’re strong and iconic.

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Botched Beauty: Beauty Lessons to Learn from

When Botox first gained popularity ten years ago, so did “frozen faces”. A decade later, this’s still happening! Shocking! Botox, best known as a wrinkle eraser, relaxes muscles for a smoother and more youthful complexion. However, inappropriate administration and misuse can erase facial expressions as well. Think a smile that don’t reach the cheeks much less the eyes. A qualified practitioner should dish recommendations according to an understanding of aesthetics and the fact that not all facial lines is meant to be erased so the end result is more a natural-looking visage, unless it’s your choice to look…deadpan.

“Although the effects are reversible with time, when working with dermal fillers like Botox, it’s best to start with smaller doses and increase it to achieve the ideal look,” says Dr Low Chai Ling, Founder of The Sloane Clinic. For first-timers new to the wondrous effects of a full-fledged Botox therapy, work your way up with treatments like MicroRefine, which evenly distributes tiny doses of Botox through a series of microinjections over the face and neck to smoothen fine lines. By shrinking sweat glands and sebaceous glands, these minuscule yet no less effective doses are excellent for refining and rejuvenating.

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It’s Not Halloween

Botched Beauty: Beauty Lessons to Learn from

If you’re not careful, beloved facials can turn disastrous. It was traumatising for Singaporean beauty blogger Juli ‘Bun Bun’ who received a facial and got the complete opposite of rejuvenated skin and an amazing complexion. By day 2, she was plagued with angry acne, threatening with thick and inflamed bumps.

What us beauty seekers can take away is that we should tame our inquisitive beauty beasts, stop being promiscuous and stick with our regular facial havens. Do your research before patronising spas. Choosing clinics or spas with a good track record matters. You know your skin is in safe hands if you indulge in award-winning treatments like the Super Star Facial at The Sloane Spa, winner of ‘best antioxidant facial in Singapore 2016’ by Harpers Bazaar or Simple Pimple Plan Facial at Spa Esprit, winner of ‘best oil-control facial 2016’ by Women’s Weekly Singapore.

The Super Star Facial at The Sloane Spa is designed to resuscitate fatigued and lifeless skin by feeding it with potent antioxidants. This pampering session is enriched with antioxidant powerhouse, Astaxanthin, which is 6,000 times stronger than vitamin C to boost skin health and radiance. If it’s clear skin you’re after, you can bet on the Simple Pimple Plan Facial featuring AHA peel, detoxifying clay mask and lymphatic facial drainage massage.

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So far, the journey to an attractive appearance seems perilous but don’t despair! Just remember your chances at scoring high up on the beauty ladder are way better with the support of reputable and hygienic beauty clinics operated by certified practitioners. One more thing! Always check for ingredients in products you’re allergic to! Stay safe and stay gorgeous!


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