A high and full forehead is generally consider a beautiful facial feature across different cultural backgrounds. In the Middle Ages, European aristocrats often shaved or bleached their eyebrows to give the illusion of a fuller forehead while in ancient Egyptian civilization, body modification to elongate the forehead with binders at an early age is common practice within the palace grounds. In modern day aesthetics, a high forehead makes the rest of the face look smaller and thus more feminine.

In both the East and the West, there are no shortage of celebrities with beautiful, prominent forehead – Aishwarya Rai, Ziyi Zhang, Zoe Saldana, Kate Beckinsale and Victoria Secret’s supermodel, Selita Ebanks; just to name a few. Forehead depression and hollowness is one of those prominent feature associated with an aging face while the gentle fullness of a high forehead represents youth and perhaps intelligence, making it a more desirable trait. So what can be done to bring us closer to this highly coveted benchmark of beauty? Let us count the ways….

Tip #1: Erase the lines

Forehead wrinkles likened to tram tracks create grooves and furrows that not only add years to one’s actual age but mar the beauty of the forehead too. Botox or Botulinum Toxin Microinjections is amazing for erasing forehead wrinkles. With a couple of small injections and over the course of a couple of days, it could literally take ten years off your appearance. Botox is one of the safest cosmetic procedures and the fact that it has been around for decades and continues to be in high demand attests to its efficacy and safety margin. However, when it comes to treating forehead wrinkles, less is perhaps more and one should be wary of falling prey to ‘chasing lines’; often winding up as frozen wax figurines devoid of facial movements. “The idea is to soften the overactive expression lines and not to remove them completely,” explains Dr. Toby Hui, medical consultant with SW1 Clinic. “For younger patients and those who desire a more natural and refresh look, I tend to opt for Micro-Refine, a unique microinjection technique of employing miniscule amount of Botulinum Toxin for refining and rejuvenating faces without the risk of giving them mask-liked faces. ”

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Tip #2: Fat jabs

Hugely popular in the land of Kimchi and K-pop, forehead augmentation employs injection of lipo-suctioned fat obtained from the patient’s own body to create the desirable amount of forehead fullness. Since there is no surgical incision on the forehead, recovery is fairly rapid and there is no tell-tale scars of previous surgery. The fat is most commonly obtained from the patient’s thighs or abdomen, but technically, almost any site can be used. Once in a syringe, the fat is injected through a fine cannula passed many times through the tissues at different levels. The goal is to build volume to areas of generalized or discrete depression and create a less sloping contour on the highest third of the forehead. Although this sounds truly amazing, the truth is the results may not turn out to be that fantastic. The main reason being nearly 50% (if not most) of the transferred fat will die and get absorbed over the first six months. This translates into looking perfect for the first 1 to 2 months, with tapering results that don’t last long. As such, more than two or three treatments may be needed to achieve and maintain the best results. As with all fat grafting operations, fat survival is highly technique-dependent. The final forehead contour which because of irregular survival and loss, may appear somewhat irregular or lumpy especially when performed by inexperienced injectors. Significant bruising is another major drawback with a downtime of 5 to 7 days during which the forehead may have to be bandaged to control swelling and for better shaping. Any improvement is usually more apparent in side profile if one chooses to be conservative to avoid ending up looking like a minion from “Despicable Me”!

Tip #3: Lift & Hydrate

If fat transfer sounds a little too extreme for your liking, consider an alternative form of forehead augmentation done with Natural Fillers. Many believe that this procedure gives equally good results without the prolonged downtime. Targeted to lift and hydrate tired and lacklustre skin at the same time, the cutting edge Revitalift offered by SW1 Clinic is an extremely safe procedure employed to create a full and elegantly contoured forehead. Thanks to an exclusive patented bio-synthesis process, the pure hyaluronic acid used is highly identical to our own skin’s polymer, and hence maintains high bio-compatibility, is readily incorporated and will be metabolized by our skin’s natural processes. Improvements are apparent even after the first treatment with close to zero downtime. It can be done conveniently as a ‘lunchtime procedure’ at 3 to 4 weekly interval in order to build up your skin’s reserves for optimal bio-revitalization and longer-lasting results. Maintenance treatments are typically done 2-3 times a year, giving you curves representing youth and vitality.

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Tip #4: Don’t lose sight of the sides

It is important to note that the temples contribute immensely to the beauty of the forehead so while concentrating on the care of your frontal curves, never lose sight of your sides. The loss of fat or fullness of our temples could be due to congenital hollowing or more likely, secondary to aging or general weight loss especially with dieting. This accentuates the bony contours of the skull and lend an overall sunken, tired and unhealthy look that aged one immensely. In recent years, doctors and patients alike are paying more attention to these oft neglected signs of aging which are pretty easy to fix and quickly reversed with the judicious placement of Hyaluronic Acid Fillers such as Juvéderm® VOLUMA®. Being extremely cohesive and mouldable at the same time, Juvéderm® VOLUMA® is the latest generation of hyaluronic acid facial volumisers that promises even greater facial volumising effect with smooth and longer lasting results. A 30 minute procedure that helps to turn back the clock and shave more than a mere couple of years away.

Tip #5: Loss the fuzz

Reality superstar and fashion icon, Kim Kardarshian loves to wear her hair pulled back in a ponytail or top knot to show off her stunning, high forehead. She confessed on Tweeter to using waxing strips to get rid of the fine baby hair on her forehead for a more distinct hairline, a stingy procedure which she is not particularly fond of. To lose that unsightly fuzz and for longer lasting results, we think she’s definitely better off if she had opted for Soprano ICE Hair Removal. Laser hair removal is by far the most advanced, most effective and safest form of permanent hair reduction which combines the ease and speed of shaving or waxing with the long-term benefits of electrolysis sans the side effects. With the correct choice of lasers, both fair and dark skinned ladies can have baby smooth skin in double quick time. With the baby hair gone, the skin will appear clear and flawless with a luminosity that’s hard to beat on any given day.


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