Angelina Jolie low-key had us green with envy with her natural supple bee-stung lips at the turn of the millennium, but it was really Kylie Jenner’s lips making the rounds on social media that has really whipped sultry, voluminous lips into a worldwide frenzy.

The rise of influencers on social media has been meteoric to say the least; everything we see from these individuals, we tend to emulate or aspire to achieve… in this case Kylie Jenner’s lips.


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Jenner on A Budeget

These latest attempts on Tik Tok by self-professed ‘beauty influencers’ to achieve plump, full lips have been worrying and disturbing to watch.


Calling it a ‘fashion hack’, these women glue their upper lips to their Cupid’s bow, in order to achieve the ‘swollen’ look for their lips. This is of course rounded off with a Kylie cosmetics lipstick to round off the look.

We STRONGLY advise you not to attempt to emulate this, because most adhesive products are not made for the face, and could lead to allergic reactions or torn skin.

Oh, did I mention how unnatural it also looks? No goals achieved here – Kylie won’t be endorsing this method or look anything soon.


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DIY-ing it Right

The return to form of Kylie’s sumptuous lips (this trend first peaked in 2015) probably shed light on the fact that your lips are suffering from the same ill effects of age our skin does.

Discoloration, loss of volume and lip lines are just some of these symptoms of age, much like sagging skin, wrinkles and crow’s feet.

Now that your lips finally have the attention it needs from you, it’s time to undo the damage.

The most natural, adhesive-free way to plump, hydrate and nourish your lips comes in the form of the Rose Quartz Moisture Lip Treatment. This product contains the nutrients needed to restore the suppleness and colour of your lips, making it fuller and your lipstick color pop like it should.


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Filler Kinda Good

 On top of nourishing your lips with the recommended product, anyone jonesing for a more efficient short-term way of volumizing their lips should really explore the option of fillers – with a licensed practitioner, of course.

Before you baulk at the thought of pain and needles, let me quash this misconception and keep you up to speed about the improvements in this procedure.

Performed in the hands of a seasoned and licensed professional, fillers can be over before you even know it, because of the introduction of much improved numbing agents.

Lip fillers contain the hyaluronic acid you need to induce and accelerate the collagen production you need for that sultry pout, but its benefits do not just end there.

Fillers also arm you with the freedom to customize and shape your lips to your liking as well. Choose from a catalogue of shapes, let your aesthetician advise you on how it complements your face or doesn’t, and you’re done… in a matter of minutes.

After all, fillers are exactly the reason why Kylie Jenner has lips like hers – she openly admitted to having lip fillers on popular E! reality show Keeping Up WithThe Kardashians.


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