Weight loss is most of the times an uphill battle – much like the treadmill you force yourself to get on, inclined mode on high.

A combination of bland meals, cold turkey from savoury and sinful food, buckets of perspiration (at times with tears), and smelly gym gear, a diet can take a lot out of you, and yet deliver so little in terms of result.

Sometimes the harder you try, the harder you’ll fail. Probably time to diet smart, instead of diet hard.


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Sometimes the stuff that we eat can be embroiled in some sort of a tussle with our digestive system. When the digestive system struggles to efficiently break down the food that you’ve ingested, it causes a “jam” of sorts in the digestive process.

This is when the feeling of bloated-ness sets in. You will constantly find yourself burping, feeling full even before meals, and worst of all, your clothes start to feel tighter, like you’ve put on a significant amount of weight.

The good news is, you are not actually putting on weight. Your body is just struggling to expel the toxins from your meals via bowel movement. In more severe cases, you could be constipated.

Bowel regulators like the Daily Cleanse contain au naturel herbal ingredients that optimize digestion, and regulate your bowel movement.

This supplement not only clears that jam and all that bottled up gas in your digestive system, it also helps to support the liver and kidneys in removing toxins from the body.

Pair the Daily Cleanse with a product like the Purification 1-Day Cleanse, a supplement that conveniently combines all the steps required for a detox, saving you a load of time, without any hassle of altering your diet.


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A Little Goes A Long Way

It is not easy to separate the fact from the fiction amongst the scores of DIY weight-loss tips that are out there.

Here are some of the lesser-known but high-yielding dieting tricks you might never have tried before.

Load up on black coffee. Another common product frequently stigmatized for its undesirable properties, coffee is actually loaded with antioxidants that can actually aid in weight loss.

It has been proven that caffeine in coffee can boost metabolism by 3-11% and accelerate the rate of fat burning by up to 29%. Just make sure you don’t negate its benefits by adding sugar in your coffee.

Take probiotic supplements. By probiotic supplements, I do not mean just Yakult. There are probiotic supplements out there that not only boosts your digestive health, they even contain ingredients that actually prevent acne and improves the complexion of your skin.

Eat spicy food. This tip is only intended for those who are partial to a little bit of spice in their life.

Most spicy foods actually contain a compound called capsaicin, which can greatly boost your metabolism and actually reduce your appetite, resulting in lower food intake.


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The Express Lane

For those looking for the fast track to making your Spanx relevant again (or not even needing them at all), there are some non-invasive and fuss-free methods to go about achieving that.

The Onda Body Magic utilizes electromagnetic waves to reduce and permanently destroy localized fat deposits in a safe and relatively pain-free manner, resulting in long-lasting results.

If you are in relatively good shape, but find it hard to shed the fat in stubborn areas of your body, the Magnetic Muscle Sculpt program leads the charge to those washboard abs by way of FMS.

Functional Magnetic Stimulation (FMS) is a technology that utilizes elector-magnets to stimulate the motor neurons in the midriff, resulting in the contraction of muscle, making it tighter and more visible to the body.

Repeated sessions of this procedure will result in the obvious. Obvious as in, the increased visibility of those abs you’re hiding under your torso.

Sliding into your Spanx, and into that figure-hugging dress shouldn’t be much of an issue now – who knows, you might not even need them at all!


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