Nefertiti is one of the most well-documented figures of Egyptian history. An Egyptian queen and the Great Royal Wife of an Egyptian Pharaoh, she reigned at what was arguably the wealthiest period of Egyptian history.

The name Nefertiti translates to “The Beautiful Woman Has Come’’, and her stunning jawline and features have been immortalized in the form of a limestone bust that lies in the Egyptian Museum of Berlin.

Talk about eternal beauty, right?

This Egyptian queen has been the beyond-the-grave inspiration for the Nefertiti Facelift, a medley of beauty treatments designed to replicate those youthful, cut-by-diamond facial features of Nefertiti.

Here’s the breakdown off what this facelift does for you to be reppin’ Egyptian royalty.


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The Target Groups

Now don’t be put off by all the scientific jargon in the image above – this is not biology class all over again.

All you need to do is note all the areas these weird names point to – these are the areas that are aging and sagging that you might not pay much mind to, and exactly what the Nefertiti Lift targets.

It all starts from the Platysma; the muscles around the neck area that frequently get strained from various facial expressions, and also act as the bridge from the neck to the face.

The duress the Platysma muscles goes under from physical exertion, laughing, frowning or crying causes the skin around your neck to stretch and sag, like a constantly stretched rubber band.

With the Platysma muscles being connected to your facial muscles, any form of deterioration of the neck translates directly on your face too – causing you to look like the human version of this:

Now, this look’s adorable for dogs… but not so much for us.


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The Nefertiti “Gift”

Notice the crisply defined jawline and smooth-textured neck of the artist’s impression of Nefertiti? This is true to form, crafted in her time – and that is what the Nefertiti Facelift precisely sets out to emulate.

This facelift keeps your neck and jowls from heading south, by way of muscle-relaxing microinjections you barely feel (especially after the use of a numbing agent).

Strategic positioning of these injections will help to soften the pull of downward pulling facial muscles, paving the way for upward pulling muscles to lift and tighten up your skin with perpetual ease.

With this mini-lift that works on your skin in a major way, the impetus is on you to continue Nefertiti’s legacy… she’d want that for you too.


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