We are constantly on the hunt for an easier way to go about whatever we do. Life hacks, shortcuts, quick fixes; you can name it any way you want but it’s all in the grand old name of making life easier.

We fall prey to clickbait with startling regularity, because our eyes light up and our ears prick at the sight or sound of “10 Easy Ways.” or “5 Ultimate Life Hacks.”.

There are never enough minutes in a day for us to expend, given the increasingly hectic nature of our lifestyles, and maximizing productivity in minimal time is but a necessity.

Do you get so busy and exhausted sometimes, you stop taking care of yourself?


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Complexity Breeds Complacency

Leading a pacey lifestyle takes its toll in a multitude of ways. Stress accelerates the growth of wrinkles and fine lines, encourages the spouting of acne, and give you bags that you don’t need – eyebags.

If you are privy to setting up a line of defense against various skin ailments like dry skin, pigmentation, acne, or wrinkles, your generous collection of skincare products should keep you very busy… after an already busy day.

What if one day, out of extreme exhaustion and dire need of a rest after a crazy day, you grant yourself a “cheat day”?

A day can possibly become three, and before you know it, you’ve clean given up on your beauty regimen, like how your complexion has given up on you.


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Less Is More

I don’t blame you for giving up on the tedious routine of cleansing, exfoliating, and then slathering on 4 different types of topical creams serving different purposes, every night.

Sometimes I find it hard to even stay awake in the shower, let alone spend a substantial amount of time on skincare after that, with the bed beckoning to me.

Less is also more when it comes to what you apply on your face. The more products you subject your skin to, the higher the likelihood of skin allergies in the form of rashes, lesions and even blisters.

Chemical compositions are complex; you will never know what chemical lies in your cleanser that might not agree with the wrinkle cream you use. Ever watched a scene from a movie or TV show where a mad scientist mixes two chemicals together and the whole place explodes?

Yeah, that could just happen to your face!


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One Stone, Many Birds

Looking good amidst the daily exertions of life requires a lot of discipline, and it is definitely not about the quantity of the products in your beauty regimen, but the quality of it.

Like all daily routines, there are “hacks” and “quick fixes” even in the world of beauty. There is no lack of multi-purpose, supercharged beauty fixes out in the market, that will save you copious amounts of time and money.

Gene Therapy

Formulated from the Nobel-Prize winning research conducted on DNA-repair technology, Gene Therapy is a serum that contains enzymes that significantly diminishes prominent signs of photoaging by UV and environmental stressors.

These enzymes essentially become the auditors of your skin upon application; each damaged DNA strand is identified, removed and replaced to restore the youth UV exposure and environmental factors have taken away from the skin.

 Sleep Mode

 Get over that hurdle of tediously putting on multiple creams before you retire of the night with this all-in-one night cream.

Grease-free and easy on the skin, nightly application of this cream introduces skin-renewing collagen into your skin, while fighting off bacteria and increasing the rate of dead skin exfoliation.

Also controls sebum production, which in turn slashes the odds of nasty breakouts.

Sapphire Peels

 Not all that glitters is gold – sapphire can also provide the glow you need in life. Like how our body needs a detox after a wild night of binge eating and drinking, your skin needs a reboot as well, after being a magnet for contaminants from the outside world.

A revitalizing dermal peel that provides the necessary exfoliation to unravel the radiance of your skin, this product also cleanses the pores susceptible to breakouts using BHA enzymes. Do away with the dead cells, while looking more alive than you’ve ever been.

There are shortcuts/lifehacks/quick fixes you can take on the road to ageless beauty… glad to have taken you on a few of them!


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