Debonair, high-powered gentlemen looking like a picture of perfection with their chiseled features, crisp suits and sleek haircuts have been making quite a ripple with their posts on social media feeds worldwide.

These successful men understand the importance of “getting with the program”, and have stayed buoyant in these ever-changing times, utilizing social media platforms to market their biggest brand and product ever – themselves.


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Like for Likes

Copious consumption of visual content like Instagram posts, Facebook videos and Snapchat stories have subconsciously turned us onto judging books by their covers.

According to a recent study by the Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital, an individual’s competence and trustworthiness is assessed and determined within a quarter of a second (250 milliseconds) of a meeting.

It is therefore evident that the template of the modern, successful man has greatly evolved. The better they package themselves, the more acquainted with success they get in every endeavor.

It is no longer taboo for men to pay as much attention to how they look as women. The modern man threads his eyebrows, applies sunscreen before they head out, bookends the start and the end of their day with a day and night cream. They have no qualms about going for bi-weekly facials and hair therapies.

These routines are simply the rites of the passage to dominance and prominence.


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The Transcendent Trio

A healthy head of hair makes a world of a difference on your general appearance. How your hair frames your face, and how much of it does is a huge maker or breaker of first impressions.

The Revage 670 laser treatment is part of the Boardroom Program that brings this to the table.

An FDA-approved low-laser therapy for ailing scalps, this non-surgical procedure uses laser diodes that move around the scalp to stimulate blood flow to the hair follicles beneath the areas of thinning and balding scalps. More hair, more flair.

Heading into an important presentation with a blotchy, uneven complexion does not exactly project an image of the confidence required to command the attention and influence all present to sing to your tune.

Do away with the lack of luster and fatigue you wear on your face with the Fraxel Light treatment, another premium offering from the suite of treatments included in the Boardroom program.

The Fraxel Light is a microlaser peel that eviscerates stubborn pigmentation and imperfections like pores, fine lines and dull skin. The laser energy emitted also supercharges cellular renewal and collagen replenishment, resulting in a come-hither radiance and a healthier spring in your skin… and your step.

Round off the program with a refreshing water-infusion mask that elevates the hydration level of your skin to unbridled heights, as you polish off that cup of the clinic’s in-house Espresso.

The introduction of this bespoke program greatly alleviates the need for the busy, time-starved modern man to make multiple stops to fulfill their grooming needs. All you need is 50 minutes of your lunchtime to get all the right boxes checked.


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