I would like to start off by saying kudos to all who have fought and successfully beaten the scourge of acne, because not everyone is lucky enough to come out unscathed from being bitten by the acne bug.

The acne may clear over time, but more often than not it leaves behind a lasting reminder of where it once called home… in the form of unsightly pigmentation and enlarged pores.


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Still a Sight for Sore Eyes


Cleared acne tends to leave behind a few unwanted souvenirs in the for of unsightly red marks on your skin, which equally compromises the quality of your complexion.

Many people often struggle with trying to get rid of these marks by masking them with a copious amount of concealer, but piling on the concealer might end up doing more harm than good – you’re actually depriving your skin a chance to breathe, which will, in turn, lead to breakouts again.

Cosmetic products are only a temporary solution to the otherwise perpetual problem of pigmentation. When your makeup runs out, your options to cover your post-acne scars do as well.


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Something to Pore Over

Pigmentation is especially prevalent in areas of your face where there are enlarged pores, usually caused by the accumulation of dirt and sebum being congested in that particular area.

Which various acne creams or supplements might eradicate the bacteria in the affected areas, scars from where the acne used to usually remain, meaning another course of action that needs to be taken.

The aesthetic community is definitely not turning a blind eye to this widespread epidemic, Day and months have been expended to hunt for combat all sighs of this symptoms, and they just haven’t found a way do eradicate where the pigmentation assortment of skin ailments.


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Cream of the Drop

 Where some men and women alike practice meticulous skincare regimes with their day and night creams, some of these products might surprising compromise to quality of your complexion.

When you apply cream to an acne-ridden around of the face, they tend to go further than clogging up your pore and execrate the situation.

Before any application of your day and night creams, make sure your skin is thoroughly scrubbing away the dead cell build up, allowing for the creams to take effect ….


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The Fraxel Light

When you have exhausted all of your serum and creams, but are observing no significant signs of improvement, it might be high time the seek the help of season aestheticians.

One of the most sought after treatments where the nose  is concerned no longer relys on the use to the scalpel or substantial amount of blood is known as the Frazel Lift

This procedure is specially designed to give dull skin a breath of fresh air, and correct colour and texture irregularities in the most comfortable possible.

Administered through a series of multiple injection were treatment is needed, all procedures are performed after the application of numbing cream, making the experience not only painless, but comfortable as well.

The result? Skin as smooth as a baby’s bottom, and a complexion as radiant that’s bound to turn heads.

I’m already on my second treatment,,, and I know it wont be the last too.


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