When Rihanna sang “We found love in a hopeless place’’, might she have meant that hopeless place to be the internet?

Asking for a friend, because it seems to be the preferred choice of budding romances these days.

Gone are the days where one had to wait for their parents to finish speaking on the phone before you calling their crush, and absent are the skipped heartbeats when a man serenades a woman with a song on his guitar in the park (that’s how my dad won my mom over).

Dating now comes in the form of a right swipe, a DM, a Facebook message… and now, an app where you pick your desired date out of an online catalogue, and pay for a night out with them.

One lingering always weighs heavy on your head and heart – what if the person we meet in the flash looks completely different from the pictures ‘as advertised’ of FB and Instagram?

Now THAT is a truly classic tale old as time… you’ve might have just been catfished.


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Caught in a Web Romance

Tinder just released their most right-swiped names this year | Metro News

We live in a time where your shot at romance comes in the form of your smartphone, and your self-selling sales pitch, behind an online profile.

The slew of dating apps bear testament to this new era of online dating. Tinder, Bumble, OkCupid, Grindr all offer you the option of picking out your partner via a smartphone and an internet connection.

The newly launched Maybe’s business model is a niche in the cyber dating market for a very enticing reason:  where organic dating apps offer a shot at romance by chance and mutual attraction, Maybe eliminates the element of chance by offering up ‘matches’ with an ironclad success rate – if the price is right.

Go through a bunch of profiles of male and female candidates on offer, pick out one you fancy, select from various activities to embark on, and make your payment to seal the deal.

It seems that money CAN buy “love” to an extent, in this time and age.




The Target Market


Online dating apps are so well-received these days, because we just have “too little time” to do too much these days. An online conversation is convenient and less restrictive, and unrestrained by location.

An app like Maybe may fall under the general bracket of dating apps, but it actually supplies the demand of another even more specific target market altogether – the ones who are sorely lacking in confidence.

Social ineptitude is a condition that is borne from the lack of self-esteem, and affects more people than we know.

There are people out there who do not feel comfortable about themselves, which in turn leads them to feel uncomfortable about others as well.

The lack of courage to put themselves out there, and forge meaningful conversations that lead to more, is the reason why apps like Maybe come into play.

The idea of getting people ‘out of your league’ to go out with you by spending a sum of money is the primary selling point of these apps, but this completely skirts the crux of the problem that some people face – the fact that they feel like they belong in a lower league.

Why are there still people who put others on a pedestal just because they’re pleasing to the eye, when they can be right up there too?




Be in THAT League


If you’ve come to the realisation that you might fall into the category of not feeling great about yourself, maybe invest the money you might be spending hiring yourself a date on the Maybe app, on a little bit of self-love.

The gratification of getting yourself a date with that attractive guy/girl from Tinder is temporary, compared to the return of investment from grooming yourself to look and feel better.

Looking good goes a long way, and definitely opens way more doors, than an 80-dollar one-time date.

The change has to happen within for it to show on the outside, of course. Take a little time to zero in on your physical insecurities, and do something about it.

If it’s the pigmentation and acne scars on your face that dissatisfies you, get the skincare self-help package that will comprehensively take care of these issues for you in one fell swoop.

If it’s your figure that you’re insecure about, set aside a little time for a run or a gym session a week, if you find yourself struggling under the regiment of a strict diet.

If the gym or a diet are resolutions you know you can’t keep, trust in the power of detoxing and strengthening your digestive system… sometimes you might really just be bloated.

Self-love comes with a more concerted effort of self-awareness. The one day you actually like what you see in the mirror, is that day you render dating apps pointless… because the new you deserves to be revered offline, unfiltered and in the flesh.

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