These days, if you’re out and about and you’re caught without a face mask, you run the risk of a 300-dollar ‘donation’ to the government, if caught by the roving eyes of safe-distancing ambassadors.

I’m sure we all have a few bones to pick with having these stuffy masks plastered on our faces for as long as we’re out, with all of the heat, humidity, and the breathing all confined within our masks.

If you haven’t heard of this term called ‘maskne’, you’ll hear more later, but let us all turn our attention to the kind of mask we would love to have on because it’s actually good for our skin… Facial Masques.


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Putting Maskne on Cloud Nine

When you have your mask on for a good 8 hours a day, you’re really not only just keeping the germs and virus out, you’re actually keeping all the perspiration, humidity and the dirt that somehow still enters and never exits.

Along with the makeup that most of us already have on, you are suffocating your skin, two times over.

This leaves the possibility of clogged pores and acne outbreaks, primarily on the area that is covered by your face mask.

Clear away those mask-laden acne woes with a masque on your own with the Cloud Nine Calming and Soothing Masque.

Suitable for all skin types and designed to soften the harsh condition of your oxygen-deprived skin, applying a layer of this product on your face like you would a mask, calms down the skin irritation, redness, and the acne bacteria festering on the area that’s covered by your mask.


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More Masques, Less Fuss

Being in the sun with only half of your face exposed to the sun can leave you with an unsightly two-tone tan you might not be too pleased to be sporting.

Mediation comes in the form of another masque, the Snowball Whitening and Healing Masque.

This antioxidizing and multi-vitamin treatment masque is designed to enhance microcirculation, improve epidermal regeneration and whiten your skin’s complexion, removing any form of UV-induced damage.

Another masque worthy of mention that you’ll be way more comfortable wearing is the Baby Face Revival and Renewal Masque.

Highly recommended for people with dry and aging skin, this masque revitalizes the cellular regeneration process of the skin, which tends to lose its efficiency over time.

Experience rehydration of the most luxuriant order and bid adieu to dry and saggy skin with regular use of this product.

If your skin is the exact opposite of dry and dehydrated, your skin might fall in the oily category.

With excess sebum production and your skin being obstructed by makeup and the face mask, your prevailing acne and blemishes might take a turn for the worse if not dealt with right.

This is where the Earth Angel Control Blemish Control Masque comes in handy. Specifically meant for oil-control and the treatment of blemishes, the application of this masque on your face provides the anti-microbial treatment your skin needs, to regulate sebum production, tighten the pores, and improve blood circulation.

This will leave your skin matte, clear, and blemish-free, face mask on or off.

Therein lies the irony of face masks – sometimes they do you harm, but some of them can do you a world of good too.


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