Everybody loves a good bargain.

As much as we should spare no expense when it comes to taking care of ourselves, our wallets sometimes beg to differ, especially in financially trying times like these.

Instead of you taking the time to sieve through all the fluff, false advertising, and hidden costs, we’ve taken the liberty of curating a list of all the best treatments my team and I have tried and tested, the ones that will not give you buyer’s guilt at all – you’d be too pleased with the result to worry anyways.


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  1. Facial Cocktails, SW1 Spa (OUE Gallery)

Inspired by the opulence and the bourgeoisie of bespoke cocktail bars, this is Singapore’s first-ever fully customizable facial.

Coming in 3 different tiers (Fresh-faced Martini, Pretty Bellini, Gorgeous Cosmopolitan), pick your poison in the tune of what your skin is sorely lacking, from acne-clearing right down to the removal of fine lines. And if time is money, this one saves you a lot of it clocking in at a very efficient 70 minutes.

Price: Ranges from S$235 – S$375 (Inclusive of GST) | 70mins
Location: 6A Shenton Way #02-19/20, OUE Downtown Gallery Tower 2


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  1. O2 Blush at SW1 Spa




















When celebrities and socialites need a pampering treat or a beauty fix, they run to SW1 Spa by SW1 Clinic which is reputable for being results-oriented and its service excellence.

O2 Blush is one of the latest additions to the Spa’s fantastic range of facials and it uses pure, high concentrated Oxygen to turn up the skin’s radiance.

It delivers three forms of oxygenated therapies which include an oxygenating detox pre-mask, an oxygen wrap, and a full face Oxy Shot therapy. Skin is so rejuvenated, revitalized, and glowing after, it’s arguably one of the best facials you’ll ever have.

Price: S$400 | 90mins
Location: 290 Orchard Rd, #13-01, Paragon, Singapore 238859 and 6A Shenton Way #02-19/20, OUE Downtown Gallery Tower 2


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  1. Icy Tranquilizing Facial by Phillip Wain

One of the silver linings of this pandemic season if we’re being uber-optimistic is the new normal of the Work-From-Home culture.

This means unregulated lunch and working hours, freedom of working wherever… even in town, where you can conveniently pop by Phillip Wain’s luxurious establishment at Mandarin Orchard for their Icy Tranquilizing Facial.

Hosted on a heated bed in a private suite of your own, your skin will be subjected to an intensive session of cleansing, exfoliating and light extraction of skin gunk, by way of Cyro Balls and booster gel, with the cold temperature facilitating oxygen supply and nutrient absorption of your skin.

Be sure to call in to check on the availability of slots – you won’t be the only one jonesing for this cold treatment!


Price: S$200 | 60mins
Location: 333 Orchard Road #07-00, Mandarin Orchard (Accessible Via Lifts 6 & 7), Singapore 238867


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  1. 24k Chin Up at SW1 Spa

Don’t just take it on the chin if you feel like your skin is succumbing to the cruel pull of gravity – let the 24k Chin up sort you out.

While most enhancements that involve the chin area usually involve invasive surgery, this 30-minute procedure simply uses ultrasound technology to dissolve chin fat that might make your face rounder and tighten saggy chins and jawline, giving you that jawline defined enough to cut glass and break hearts.

Price: S$160 | 30mins
Location: 290 Orchard Rd, #13-01, Paragon, Singapore 238859 and 6A Shenton Way #02-19/20, OUE Downtown Gallery Tower 2


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  1. Intensive Purifying Facial at DRx MediSpa

This facial is no run-of-the-mill clarifying facial. DRx MediSpa’s emphasis on using medical-grade equipment combined with proprietary Derma-Rx serums means that this treatment also harnesses the power of technology to restore a flawless and baby-smooth complexion.

The treatment centers on using a Derma-infuser with its crystal tip to detoxify and clarify congested complexions. This is accompanied by a series of skin-loving serums to deeply nourish and soothe skin for an undeniably clearer and brighter complexion.

Price: S$300 | 90mins
Locations: 435 Orchard Road, #03-01B Wisma Atria, Singapore 238877 & 302 Orchard Road, #16-01/02 Singapore 238862


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