Science Says Changing These 3 Things Will Make You Instantly Younger

By Lisa Williams

At RSB, we’re obsessed with staying youthful – meaning we pounce on any recommendations that claim to help shed years off our real ages. While Science has offered diet, exercise and creams as solutions to delay the ravages of time – some gospel truths to live by – in our rush as go-getters, let’s get Science to work for us instead. We expose 3 dead giveaways that shout our real ages and since time waits for no one, quick yet safe fixes to silence them. Hit the pause button on aging with these simple and relatively painless game-changers.

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Up Your Eye Game

Brought about by diet, genes, neglect or a combination of those, dark eye circles are some of the first signs to show fatigue, dullness and age. A subconscious reach for concealers (doesn’t mean them panda eyes don’t exist when hidden) or to slather on eye creams, is essentially taking you on a detour from looking fabulous and refreshed. Take the highway and be revitalised with Eye Revival Program, a dynamic duo of Quattro Toning and Revitalift for a supernatural radiance of the eye areas. “Laser Toning brightens the skin, stimulates blood circulation and collagen replenishment while Revitalift complements with microinjections of a hyaluronic acid filler to illuminate the undereyes,” explains Dr Low Chai Ling, founder of SW1 Clinic  “Many of my patients who underwent the Eye Revival Program love the results and gushed that they have regained years of youth after just one session.”

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Enhance Weakened Chin

Did you know that as we age, our chins shorten with age? The mysteries of evolution works against beauty here and can leave one with a disproportionate chin destroying too many side profile photos. Conversely, a pronounced chin, bringing sharpness to jawline, is associated with strength, youth and even intelligence. Think Golden Ratio. A defined chin that accentuates the central triangle formed by the eyes and lips conforms to the notion of beauty and in part, youth. A weak chin with wrinkles and saggy skin can be corrected easily using natural hyaluronic acid fillers, promising to smoothen wrinkles and sculpt the chin in a flash. To exchange some dollars and temporary pin prick marks for priceless youth, well, that sounds like a bargain to us.

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Uplift the Neck

The neck, often neglected in our skincare regime, is ironically a striking signpost signalling age. Double chin, rough and dull skin that has evidently lost its elasticity – dubbed the turtle or turkey neck – can’t be redeemed by contouring and concealing masters. Seek Infinity Neck Lift, the neck threadlift procedure to give your neck and yourself a new lease of life. “This anti-aging treatment has a huge appeal as instead of a patient going under the knife to lift saggy skin, it utilises fine threads that can be fully and safely re-absorbed by the body to do an even better job. These threads are specially designed to land support and spur collagen production for a longer-lasting result,” shares Dr Low. This 15-20 minute procedure, available as a standalone or together with Infinity Instalift, lifting of the entire face including brows and even nose, is the perfect transformation to achieve a V-shaped face; the gold standard of youth.

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