4 Things About A Woman That Turn Men Off

[By Cara Solis]

Ladies, we’re sure you have a mental checklist when it comes to dating. Men do too. While they are easily attracted to a lady’s appearance, in their search for a girlfriend or wife material, many go beyond the superficial. This means a pretty visage, though advantageous, is not enough to keep a man’s heart. How then to improve your appeal and snare the man of your dreams? RSB shares 4 top beauty blunders and unacceptable behaviours that frighten your potential suitors so you can avoid committing them.

Hair in the Wrong Places

There’s no running away from the fact that men are visual creatures. To score a first date, consider dressing to impress. Sprucing up with makeup, clothes that fit and killer heels aren’t gonna get you too far if you’ve decided to give your body hair free rein. Don’t get us wrong; it’s ultimately your choice to dig the trend of going au natural in terms of body hair, following celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Lady Gaga who have flaunted their hairy underarms on stage or off it. We’re just saying excessive body hair for a woman – furry underarms, forearms and/or legs – is something most men won’t be able to immediately appreciate.

The solution? Shave or wax before you get out of the house. These are great tests of diligence and endurance that only get more inconvenient with ingrown hairs creating bumps. Embrace smooth skin by choosing to have hair permanently removed professionally. Instead of generic lasers that merely heat up the skin, Sw1 Clinic utilises FDA approved laser and IPL hair removal devices to safely and effectively retard hair growth. Now, this will give men a hard time (no pun intended) resisting any of your advances.

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Poor Manners

Girl, would you rather a gentleman or an uncouth guy? Likewise, no sophisticated man will pay you any attention (if any, it’s probably fleeting) if you’re lacking manners. Rude to the waiter? Out. Always on the phone? Out. Manners matter! Even China’s upper middle class ladies have realized its importance and are rushing to attend etiquette classes.

Proper etiquette and common courtesy can paint the entire picture of a person! From social to business settings, a well-mannered lady shows that she’s engaged and interested in others around her. She’d be thought to have been brought up right, is educated, has style, class and confidence. There’s a saying, “Manners form the great charm of women.” That’s right! Top up your finesse with a smile and the right men will gravitate towards you.

Not Showing Femininity

Aside from the curves (detoxing helps), men love that you can relate to them; either being into football or have watched the Fast and Furious series. However, what keeps them really is your reliance and admiration (who isn’t living for this?). Our feminine side – the soft voice, the softer touch – coincidentally stokes their ego, so don’t be shy to get your man to change the fused light bulb for you, carry your groceries and go investigate that loud noise in the basement. A woman who isn’t aware of her femininity and unable to wield it to her advantage will likely lose the attraction of a man.

If you need more time and practice at being girly, sporting a fair and flawless complexion may help you put a foot in the door and capture the attention of a man as being fair is commonly associated with femininity, class, purity and innocence. Try the best skin whitening treatment in town – Porcelain Skin Program. This highly raved program starts with a laser treatment to combat skin discoloration, followed by more red light therapy, an application of vitamins to ensure luminous skin.

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Carrying too much Emotional Baggage

Men, heck even women, are highly allergic to emotional baggage in the opposite sex. Though the initial bouts of jealousy and any fights or insecurity ending in tears may seem cute, these behaviors are definite red flags if they continue or increase in intensity. The axiom that behind a successful man is always a great woman (not a drama queen), tells us men require stability to focus on their well being and careers. To these white knights, whiny, irritable and apathetic ladies are sure to turn them off.

If you find yourself on an emotional roller coaster, get off it; kick compulsive habits, retreat to regroup by opening up and sharing your emotions with family, friends and/or a counselor (hey, we’re living in the 21st century, seeking counseling isn’t to be ashamed of). You’ll find yourself a better, stronger and more understanding person for learning from past mistakes and experiences before putting these behind you.


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