3 Non-Invasive Treatments

[By Laura M]

Oh how the cosmetic surgery industry has transformed. From having to risk it all – going under the knife – to enhance our features, these days we just have to bear with little injections delivering Botox, facial fillers and lately, even fine threads, to achieve similar if not better results.

Beauty seekers especially the millennials are fueling the rise of such non-surgical aesthetic treatments that offer less risk, less downtime and customisation (patients can remain awake in most of these treatments for feedback). Once frowned upon, many, celebrities alike, have begun opening up, flaunting their transformative journeys and “new” looks. When asked about this trend, Dr Low Chai Ling, Founder of SW1 Clinic said the aesthetic clinic sees a significant proportion of patients for non-invasive treatments because either they do not wish to go under the knife to reverse the effects of aging or they want to prevent and delay ageing from young.

“Additionally, they are relatively simple and painless procedures, usually taking no more than half an hour yet amaze with instant results.”

RSB rounds up 3 enticing beauty innovations sans scalpel to help you look younger, healthier and more attractive than you already are.

1. Chin Fillers for a V-Shaped Face

There are 5 ways to achieve a V-Shaped face, here’s another – chin fillers. Why the obsession with a sharp and well-defined V jawline? It’s universally acknowledged as the epitome of a beautiful face. Why chin fillers? A few punches of the syringe is all it takes to transform a weak chin that is short, bumpy or seized by wrinkles and saggy skin to a perfect one.

“Getting chin fillers or non-surgical chin augmentation, is an easy lunchtime procedure that can improve the overall shape of the face. When done well, it can even mask the appearance of double chins.”

Procedure: Instead of Hyaluronic Acid fillers, opt for a filler like Radiesse which has greater lifting capacity and a firmer consistency to add volume to the chin whilst giving a natural result. Radiesse stimulates the production of the body’s own collagen as well, translating to a longer-lasting result of more than a year. For a receding chin that is accompanied by saggy jowls, consider lifting the jowls to give the lower face better proportion, reducing the appearance of a under-formed chin.

 (This image shows where fillers can be injected to add volume to face including the chin to achieve a V-Shaped face and enhance looks.)

“Dr Low Chai Ling started on my chin — to balance out some asymmetry and fill in my “pre-jowls,” which, yep, is the scariest phrase ever used in relation to my appearance. There was a prick as the needle went in, and then, the “popping” sound as she injected further. The pressure was stronger than I expected; it felt like my muscles were pushing back against a thick sludge. It wasn’t painful, but it was a strange new sensation I’d never experienced — and I was very aware of that. The entire treatment took just 30 minutes! Never mind the slight pin prick marks, I’m in love with my new chin! It’s so much smoother and longer now!” – Amy

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2. Nose Threadlift for a Sharper & Smaller Nose

Popularised by the South Koreans, Asians, particularly, dream of having the ideal nose as many are born with flat noses and/or wider nostrils. Nose threadlift is one of the latest technologies to give the nose and consequently, the appearance a boost.

nose proportions (Image shows the importance of proportions for the ideal nose.)

Procedure: For some, fillers to increase the height of the nose bridge might not be ideal as there’s no support for the liquid gel causing it to “shift”. Infinity Nose Threadlift, a non-surgical nose job, offered by SW1 Clinic was a lunchtime facelift launched to tackle this. By utilising PDO (polydixanone) threads that vary in length and can dissolve to be safely absorbed by the body, the nose bridge can be lifted and nose tip sharpened. Moreover, these threads with innovative cogs, double as a matrix for natural collagen production and a stronger anchor for a result that can last between a year or two.

“I’m obsessed with my sharper nose; my glasses no longer slides down it! Honestly, when I first saw the long needle, I almost freaked out but I shut my eyes and prayed that this is not painful and will be worth it. Thanks to Dr Kenneth Lee’s reassurance and expertise, I really didn’t feel any pain during the procedure. The procedure was so comfortable I could have dozed off except I’m really excited about the end result. With such impressive result at such a short time, I’m very tempted to try their non-surgical facelift and neck thread lift next!” – Jasmine

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3. Reawaken Skin with Laser

If your needle phobia is crippling and yet desire younger, healthier-looking skin, laser is your genie in a lamp. In flashes, a slew of imperfections ranging from fine lines and wrinkles, scars, sun damage, pigmentation to enlarged pores, can be erased.

Procedure: Skip generic lasers as they do little to improve, if not possibly compound, imperfections. Quality matters. SmartX Lite is an astute FDA approved laser that is clinically proven to improve skin tone, texture, colour and tightness of all parts of the body. A skin-transforming carbon dioxide laser is delivered via a cutting-edge airbrush microspray to stimulate cellular renewal and collagen production for revitalised skin.

“First, numbing cream was applied to my skin and left on for about 15 minutes. With each shot of the laser, there were warm and prickly sensations but nothing I couldn’t tolerate. After just one session, I do notice my skin has become brighter and smoother. It was unbelievable. Will I do it again? Yes! Though there were some scabs and mild skin flaking, it really helps to lighten my brown spots and smoothen out the fine lines. ” – S. Lin

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SW1 Clinic is located at 290 Orchard Road, Paragon, #13-01, Singapore (238859). It is helmed by Dr Low Chai Ling and Dr Kenneth Lee, who also founded The Sloane Clinic in 2003. Their team of doctors who were also formerly from The Sloane Clinic include Dr Chua Han Boon, Dr Toby Hui, Dr Michelle Lim and plastic surgeon Dr Tan Ying Chien.

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