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With globalization and cross-cultural influences between the East and the West, the concept of what defines an Asian beauty is no longer dictated by classic standards. In recent years, with China skyrocketing towards its status as the new superpower, Korean pop cultural gearing for world domination and Asian delegates making waves at the international beauty pageant scene, there emerged a new kind of pan-Asian beauty.A hybridization of the best beauty features from both worlds, the pan Asian beauty is characterized by flawless porcelain skin, a heart shape face, a slightly full and rounded forehead, complemented with bouncy apple cheeks. While Bambi-liked eyes, a delicate perky nose and the hint of the slightest pout are desirable features that one might not be born with, they are nonetheless attainable with a little ‘nip & tuck’, making Asia the hub of Plastic Surgery with more procedures performed here than anywhere else in the world. If going under the knife sounds a little extreme, safe and effective non-surgical aesthetics options are aplenty in the correct hands, with small alterations bringing forth appreciable changes, edging you a step closer to the benchmark of the new Asian beauty.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Fairness is a beauty commodity highly pride amongst Asian women despite the fact that most areas lie in the tropics and are blessed with sunshine all year round. From no frills household brands to giant cosmetics companies, there’s no shortage of whitening products churned out by the dozens in a bid to achieve the coveted alabaster mien.Lotions and potions aside, Light and Laser treatments are fast gaining momentum as effective alternatives with long standing gains.

A revolutionary new approach to skin rejuvenation is the BB AquaTouch Laser, a signature lunchtime treatment that resurfaces and replenishes the skin at the same time with the use of gentle yet deeply penetrating non-ablative fractional laser energy to exfoliate and replace damaged, dead skin cells with correction of undesirable skin pigmentation and stimulation of collagenes is at the same time for clearer, firmer skin.Utilizing the 1927nm Thulium which represents a new wavelength that is extremely efficacious at targeting the superficial skin layers for faster clearance of pigmented lesions, the BB AquaTouch laser is the star feature of the Baby Skin Program conceptualized by the beauty specialists from the SW1 Clinic (helmed by Dr. Low Chai Ling, the founder of The Sloane Clinic). Offering salvation to photo- damaged skin, melasma, and troubling aged spots, this superb pigment clearing, skin brightening protocol combines the synergistic effects of Pearl Éclat and LED Red photomodulation therapy with BB AquaTouch Laser for an enviably smoother and blemish free fairness that glows with youth and vitality, remarkably similar to an instant “photo-shop” makeover effect to hashtag #iwokeuplikethis!

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‘V’ is for Beauty Victory

Research shows that the heart shaped face is the single most common face shape amongst female celebrities considered beautiful in both East & West, with the narrowness giving a leaner and natural “slimming” effect, which is loved and appreciated in most parts of the world, Asian included.

“To achieve the perfect heart shape face, the V-line is currently the non-disputed #1 trend that’s much sought after by any modern Asian lady looking to improve her looks.” Says Dr. Toby Hui, senior medical consultant with the SW1 Clinic. “This coveted look refers to a highly defined V-shaped jawline that ends with a sharp and delicate looking chin.”

The V-Sculpt Facial Program is a savvy gal’s dream come true to pare pounds off a heavy matronly jawline without the blade, ‘mysteriously’ converting a blunt or squarish profile to a slimmer and more feminine looking visage. For individuals with jowls and skin laxity, this is best achieved with SLIMSCULPT, a triple-action facial overachiever, to sculpt, lift and refine for natural ageless grace. Combining two FDA approved modalities, Ultherapy and Exilis Lift with Botox microinjections into the enlarged masseter or jaw muscles, engaging ultrasound and radiofrequency energies respectively for collagen regeneration and remodeling, bringing about effective lifting and skin tightening to improve the appearance of the jawline. Chin enhancement with the use of Natural Fillers is the golden ticket to top it all, sculpting the chin to the perfect focal point in the V-zone of modern Asian beauty.

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Sleek &smooth LAMBORGHINI contours

From small screen actresses to international catwalk queens, popular Asian beauties of the new millennium are sporting smooth rounded foreheads and luscious full cheeks. Most Asian faces lack anterior projection and this must be corrected in order to achieve the dimensions of a new Asian beauty.

A key facet in achieving the ideal look is a subtle cherubic plumpness in the upper and mid-face that signals good health, femininity, youth and vigor. If you’ve lose out on the genetics lottery or natural aging is nothing but a bitch, unwind your beauty woes with CHEEKSCULPT. With the use of Natural Facial Fillers, these aesthetics gemstones are smart and easy ways to add volume and smoothness to your skin, composed of naturally occurring hyaluronic acid that are long lasting but not permanent. Bestowing upon easily forgotten faces with sleek and smooth head-turning contours, natural fillers enhance your natural looks by replacing missing or restoring lost volume, creating softness and revitalizing your appearance to plump up youth-draining undereye or cheek hollows without overt plumping with obvious telltale signs written all over. For those looking to improve the aesthetics of a flat forehead, Revitalift is a simple, fuss free procedure that works wonders to bring on enviable contours.  Facial volume deficits or loss including sunken temples that come with age or weight loss are best addressed with the Voluma High Definition Lift, helping to score a perfect ten in beautification for any modern day Asian Venus.

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