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[By Madeline Marcos]

Are you still lumbering around town in your woolies and salt-stained boots because the weather been erratic and the days are not warming up as they should be? With Easter just round the corner, it’s about your very last chance to redeem the fashion felony committed with an en pointe ensemble that make heads turn! Fret not if you are clueless or hard pressed for time, we’ve done the heavy lifting for you by scouring through all trends, both big and small, that made waves on the runways from New York to Milano etParis. By breaking down just the big takeaways to give you this season’s key looks dictated by the fashion gods and gurus, these 5 wardrobe essentials are ‘must-haves’ on the list. Not only do they light up your closet making you look fun and refreshed, but more importantly, keeping you updated within the fashion radar to welcome spring/summer ’18 with a bang-bang!

Trend Alert #1: The (Bra) Top of the Crop

For the past few seasons, the cropped top remains a piece de rigueur of any spring-summer collection. For 2018, update this wardrobe staple of yours with a fitted bustier or bra top.Underwear as outerwear has its boom-and-bust cycles on the runway, and the prevalence of the bra top from street-savvy Marc Jacob to couture-eleganza Yves Saint Laurent is definitely pushing spring in the boom direction. Select a size that fits well without being overly tight, crossing the line from sexy to vulgar, or worse, pulling at the seams with unsightly overhanging bulges created.

Style tip: The Bra Top is not as difficult a trend to carry as it first seemed to be, scoring high with the correct styling and the right body shape. Play up your self-confidence and wear sexy with an attitude like how it’s done at Tom Ford, layered under a strong-shouldered jacket to make the trend feel downright respectful without losing its edge. But if are working the trend on its own sans cover-up, make sure your arms are flawless and silky smooth when you’re ‘ready to bare’. Address your hairy woes with the Removal & Revival Program specially put together by the hair specialists from the SW1 Clinic, walking you through the first steps of your journey towards body perfection. Besides zapping away all unwanted fuzz with the latest laser hair removal technique, your body transformation is brought to the next level by rejuvenating your underlying skin with a series of gentle yet restorative pigment lightening, skin brightening laser therapies in tandem with professional grade dead cells exfoliating p chemical peels, making sure that your arms are not only fuzz free but gorgeously presented,when you wrap them round any potential romantic liaison this spring-summer.

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Trend Alert #2: The Not too Skinny Carpenter’s Jeans

The one denim item you need to possess to be on the fashion radar this S/S18 got to be the carpenter’s jeans. Unlike the va-va-vroom skinnies that had dominated the past few seasons, this new season denim comes more relaxed but nonetheless fitted, not baggy, with a distinct utilitarian chicness and androgynous flare. There are plenty of different ways to wear these denim bottoms, you can dress them down for a streetwear-inspired look or try them on with more polished separates.We’re partial towards straight-cut, semi-slouchy styles with low rises as seen at Balenciaga, the best way to give the modern romantic camisole top or a translucent blouse a toughened up twist.

Style tip: Although the carpenter’s style is a little more forgiving than the figure hugging skinny jeans, with a low rise and waist slung low, there is not much leeway for a muffin top. The muffin top is often hailed as “Stubborn Fat” for a reason. No matter how much you diet and exercise, it’s frustratingly difficult to lose those annoying last bits of fats sitting right there above your hips. One foolproof way to banish this undesirable fat spillage to Siberia is with Coolshape cryoliposis by Zimmer, either as a standalone treatment, or engaged as part of a super fat-busting trio in the Supermodel Bodyfit Program. Fat freezes at a lower temperature than skin, muscles and surrounding tissues and this is the core science behind the technology of fat freezing. Your body will subsequently excrete these destroyed adipose tissues via its own metabolic processes over a period of 4-8 weeks, giving rise to a permanent fat reduction of 20% to 23% as the finite number of fat cells over the treated area(s) is reduced.

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Trend Alert #3: Suit Up with Short Shorts

Cropped tops and taut mid-sections are bowing out to legs if you are looking to flaunt one sexy asset this spring-summer. Ever since Julia Roberts was seen in Pretty Woman in salmon blazer and shorts combo more than 25 years ago in 1990, it has become one of those iconic movie fashion moments, with lots of designers opting to make it acceptable to wear suit jackets with shorts when the temperature starts to soar.

Style tip: It’s not just the short shorts that’s talking. Designers and celebrities alike are all cra-cra about flaunting a lot of legs, with red carpet peekaboo threads riding dangerously high with a possible glimpse of the hip or pelvis.

“Stretch marks rank way up as one of the aesthetics woes that trouble up to 70% of women, as these skin graffiti undoubtedly mar the beauty of a good looking pair of legs.” Says Dr. Toby Hui, senior medical consultant with the SW1 Clinic (formerly from The Sloane Clinic). “I use a variety of Lasers for Stretch Marks available at the SW1 Clinic to tackle them, at times combining different modalities to offer salvation to the different types of stretch marks seen.”

The FDA-approved Fraxel Dual Laser saves the day as one of the most effective treatment against stretch marks, especially older silvery ones, using state of the art non-ablative fractional laser technology to stimulate collagen and elastin synthesis while resurfacing almost 20% of the undulating skin surface. This helps to remove damaged tissue with proven accumulative benefits following each successive treatment, making sure your legs are gorgeous enough to work any“dare-to-go-bare legs” sans hosiery trend, before the end of spring and right through summer.

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Trend Alert #4: Futuristic Plastic Fantastic

Statement shoes continue to be a growing trendsetter this season and if Chanel, Moschino and Balmain is anything to go by, prepare to be a fangirl serving some sci-fi Barbarella realness. From thigh high boots to ankle booties, stilettoes and sandals, clear plastic shoes are the ultimate trend to be seen in, literally.

Style tip: Have you neglected your poor feet all wrapped up in boots for the past few months? Besides an emergency pedicure, give thou sole mates some much needed TLC with Chai CRYSTAL HEALING oxygenating scrub available online from the SW1 Shop, a slightly over-the-top albeit effective way to get them ready for close scrutiny under see-through footwear.This dual-phasic mask+scrub combo provides gratifying salvation to your winter blues, ‘unveiling’ particularly parched, flaky and problematic feet to their Easter best. Harnessing the cell renewal power from champagne extracts which uses active polyphenols with protective and antioxidant properties together with trace elements extracted from grapes, it magically transforms into a fine crystal scrub for effective exfoliation, with micro-ionized pearls stimulating microcirculation and special oxygen-releasing formulation giving neglected skins a much needed O2 boost for glow, making you a true fashionista both out and within, when you step out in your chic plastic fantastic footwear this spring.

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Trend Alert #5: The Cartoon Arm Candy

It’s not about what you carry, but how you carry it.The runways gave way to new looks to consider, and the return of a few old favorites. Whether your style is more girlish, retro or bohemian, there is a cartoon arm candy out there for you, with cheerful nostalgic childhood images bringing back fond memories of bygone years, when life was simpler and washed in technicolor delight from dusk till dawn. Awaking the child that lies dormant in every grown-up no matter what age you at, the cartoon arm candy is S/S’18 way of reminding us to take time off to smell the flowers amidst the hustle bustle of our everyday life, to enjoy the little pleasures out there, and not take things too seriously at times. This is one current fave trend that’s taking both luxury designers and mass retailers by storm, so you shouldn’t have a problem finding one (or two!) to suit your fancy and budget.

Style Tip: An extra serving of nonchalance and spring in your footsteps, to stride around painting the town in rainbow brights, with your new arm candy delighting both young and old alike.

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