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Even though my boyfriend (both current and the one before) tells me he loves me exactly the way I am, I just can’t believe he can be truly satisfied. As for myself, sex has always never been all that pleasurable, for half the time I’ll be extremely self-conscious and overthinking on ways to best showcase my girls or hide them to truly enjoy the experience. I know I need to love myself for who I am but unless you share the same expresso cup size as moi, talk to my hand, girlfriend. Unfortunately my petite girls don’t come with gazelle-liked limbs of Amazonian proportions, so stop pointing out that models are often not well-endowed. And let’s face it— even in the modelling world, it’s the designers and pink fans who gravitate towards the flat chested pack the likes of Kate Moss and Anja Rubik. For your average full-blooded heterosexual bloke, the vote will no doubt go to one of the buxomly VS angels anytime, anyday!

If you’ve been thinking for a really long time about getting a boob job, I would say go for it for life is too short to live in despair and with regrets! However, it is important to know what you’ve signed up, and for a start, here are 5 key things you ought to know before sealing a deal for your upsize. At the end of the day, it’s important that the driving force behind got to be what you really want, and not what others desire of you!

Not all implants are created equal

The two types of implants that are used for Breast Augmentation are saline and silicone. While each have their pros and cons, the more commonly used implant is silicone as it feels more natural. Saline implants tend to feel like, well, a bag of water in the breast. In addition, they may cause visible rippling in some cases.You may have read that breast implants do not last a lifetime and will need replacement after 10 to 15 years. That would have been true for 3rd and 4th generation implants but for the latest 5th generation breast implants, as they are more resistant to rupture, they generally do not require changing if no issues occur.

5th generation aka gummy bear silicone-gel implants,are by far the most superior to date. The main benefit of silicone-gel vs. saline and lower grade silicone composition is the elimination of the possibility of leakage and migration to other parts of the body, causing both health complications and emotional trauma that entail complicated and pricey surgical removal. In addition, as opposed to those balloon-liked, gravity-defying orbs sported by Dolly Parton and Pamela Anderson in the “good old days”, these new implants are shaped like “tear drops” for anatomically correct and thus natural looking outcomes.

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Don’t let the boob bug bite

Lots of women are hit by the “boob bug” right before big occasions or milestones in their lives, be it a wedding, anniversaries, high school reunions or even as a pre-beauty pageant prep. This is a bad idea as rushing to meet a pre-set deadline will certainly lead to hasty and at times unwise decisions. “Insta-boobs” only happen on reality tv shows such as “The Swan” and “Dr. 90210”, with nary 30 minutes between the change from operating theatre scrubs to form-fitting, cleavage baring red carpet gowns!

The initial recovery is at least a week, and could be longer if you’re getting a breast lift at the same time. This is the time when you’re sore and adequate rest is important so that your tissue and muscles can heal properly. Even so, it doesn’t mean you’re all ready to flaunt them in a week.

During surgery, your muscles react to the trauma by tightening up like a fist, so your new girls will be swollen and start out resting higher up on your chest. It will take anywhere between 6 weeks to 6 months for them to slowly come to rest at a normal position on your chest muscles. Cup size may also be gained as the tightening of tissues slowly subside with time. So if you want your breasts to look amazing for a specific time or special event in your life, my advice is to plan and have the surgery done way in advance, perhaps 12 months or more. This gives you ample time for a full recovery, as well as extra room if one should need any ‘fixing’ or ‘fine-tuning’ before the “BIG reveal”!

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Don’t second guess your new cup size

Although you may have an ideal cup size in mind, you’ll need to talk to your surgeon to see if that’s feasible. For instance, it’ll probably not work if you’re thin with naturally small breasts and is determined for a drastic up-size from Kiera Knightley’s to Kate Upton’s. This is because your skin envelope may be too tight and not allow for that much expansion at any one time. In addition, oversized mammaries may come with a whole new host of problems such as backache, eczema or even unwanted breast-related jokes which are about the last things you can laugh off. Conversely, do not be too conservative with your choice as up to 40 % of those who had boob job wished they had gone bigger the first time round! When you’ve been small your entire life, it can be kind of tough to imagine what you would look like well-endowed and a lot of women tend to “guesstimate” on the lower side.

A foolproof way to take the guessing out of the game is with VECTRA 3D Imaging for detailed Pre-OpOptimization. This state of the art technology uses refined imaging equipment to map out your surface anatomy and produce a precise image of your body structure, enabling one to have a three-dimensional visual of what one look like pre & post-surgery. These simulated images will give you a clearer view of what the expected results would be, leading to more assurance in the implant choices you make. Consequently, there’s higher patient satisfaction with VECTRA 3D Breast Sculptor as part of your boob job journey, with enhanced aesthetics outcome in their breast augmentation procedures almost guaranteed.

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Lifestyle modifications during recovery

In the weeks immediately following your surgery, you should take your recovery period seriously and be prepared to make some adjustments to your usual lifestyle for optimal end results. One should avoid any strenuous exercises because your breasts will need time to heal, and doing any rigorous activity can hinder that process and possibly displace the implants into an unfavorable position. Light cardio such as cycling on a stationary bike is usually fine after 4 weeks while any other form of activities that tend to bounce your new tatas should not be carried out within the first 6 to 8 weeks. While bandages can generally be removed by the third post-op day, a special strap on support bra will need to be worn religiously for 6 to 8 weeks. Your newly acquainted bosom buddies should be “handled with care”, and “man-handling” is strictly not advisable during the first 3 months of recuperation!

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The right surgeon makes a difference

A satisfactory outcome and a large majority of possible complications can be prevented simply by choosing the right surgeon. Finding a surgeon that matches your budget is important but never ever go to one who isn’t properly certified even if you can save mega dollars by doing so. It’s absolutely vital to choose a provider who is properly trained and certified by the relevant board of authority.

If you are considering having your breasts done overseas, it is especially important to make sure you get these issues sorted out. Do not based your decision solely on “word of mouth” or even “celebrity doctors” as many backstreet surgeons would have years of experience under their belt but are nevertheless operating without proper licensing. Go through the before and after pictures of his works, asking specifically for those that depict the surgery of your choice so that you’ll be able to judge for yourself if the results match those that you’re after.

“Always look at those sugar coated online images depicting amazing transformations with a pinch of salt as they seldom show what patients got to go through during recuperation to achieve them,” warns Dr. Tan Ying Chien, consultant plastic surgeon with the SW1 Clinic (registered Aesthetics Surgery in Singapore). “To achieve such dramatic results by performing multiple procedures within the same setting not only increase the risk of complications, but often lead to prolonged period of sub-optimal healing that may require costly corrective surgeries thereafter.”

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Dr. Tan Ying Chien previously from The Sloane Clinic Plastic Surgery Centre @ Novena, is the Consultant Plastic Surgeon at the SW1 Clinic and remains a Visiting Consultant to the Plastic Surgery Departments at both KK and SGH, Singapore.

He has made a name for himself as one of Singapore’s top breast and nose augmentation surgeon, and is widely considered as one of the region’s top ear reconstruction surgeon.


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