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Valentine’s Day is less than a month away and getting that perfect outfit for your special night out got to be one of the highlight. While showing a hint of cleavage or a thigh slit might be the easiest way to play the seduction game, you’re treading on a thin fine line between classy and crass once the ‘V’ plunges too low or rides too high. Conversely, it’s hard to be trashy with a back baring number, giving a glimpse of bare skin to garner just the right amount of attention without being unnecessarily overbearing.

If trends spotted at the Golden Globes is a forecast of what to expect for the rest of award season, with many celebrities from red carpet veterans Nicole Kidman and Guiliana Rancic to fresh newcomers Lily James and Millie Bobby Brown spotted in dresses with a ‘something behind’, “Bold Back Views” are poised to take centre stage in 2018. Before you ‘Say Yes To The Dress’ for your red hot V-Day date, here are 5 tips you won’t want to miss, to prep yourself to rock the back baring trend without a glitch.

Posture for poise

“Don’t just stand there let’s get to it, strike a pose that’s nothing to it. Vogue.”— Madonna Louise Ciccone.

Ever seen an attractive lady saunter into a room exuding charm and confidence, turning heads and dropping jaws? The elusive X-factor apart, the trick simply lies in her posture and gait. If you hold yourself with confidence, be it standing, sitting or in motion, you tend to look more attractive. You don’t see Jennifer Lopez or Kerry Washington slouching on the red carpet, do you? Contrary to popular belief, pictures do lie. Most body flaws can be corrected with a good posture especially under the flattering lighting of evening soirees. When standing, always have your chin lifted, chest out and stomach in (which makes heels mandatory as they forced you to adopt the correct posture naturally ). When seated, keep those legs together and crossed and whenever possible, stretch sideways to elongate your glams. Make sure you aren’t tripping someone over while doing so, unless it’s your little wicked ploy to get him tumbling close.

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Glow-getter in a jiffy

The simplest way to get your back looking a notch better is to exfoliate with a good scrub, revealing fresh soft skin hidden under all the grub from the cold wintry days. Try Chai CRYSTAL HEALING oxygenating scrub available online from the SW1 Shop, an insider’s treasure trove of doctor-inspired, and scientifically formulated range of medical grade skincare gems, an unapologetic OTT (over-the-top) albeit effective way to prep your skin for the back baring trend.

This dual-phasic mask+scrub combo gets twice the work done at half the time, exfoliating and moisturising concurrently to improve your skin texture. Harnessing the cell renewal power from champagne extracts which uses active polyphenols with protective and antioxidant properties together with trace elements extracted from grapes, it magically transforms into a fine crystal scrub effective exfoliation, removing excess surface cells in the stratum corneum of the epidermis. Micro-ionized pearls stimulate microcirculation at the same time, with the special oxygen-releasing formulation giving neglected skins a much needed O2 boost for enhanced radiance. Regular use imparts upon skins a tender, luminous glow that’s silky soft to the touch, without a doubt a winning combo for a memorable Valentine’s date.

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Glam-up with luxe spa treats

“Bacne” is a term coined to describe the awful condition of back acne or body acne, an obvious hurdle to cross for the back baring trend. Often affecting the upper & lower back, and even the buttocks, unlike facial acne which can be easily camouflaged with clever makeup as a quick fix, bacne is tough to hide, amidst a plummeting confidence level to bare. As skin healing over these affected area(s) tend to be poorer off compared to the face, bacne often leaves skin discolorations or darkened marks that can be persistent  The SW1 Spa offers a series of professional “Body-cials” specially designed by a team of dedicated professionals to help address tricky off-face beauty needs, with their signature BACKLESS a certified pro-fighter that tackles acne-proned and rough back skins.

Get ready to be pampered with facial quality classic Epicuren products, followed by a clinical grade Microdermabrasion therapy with pure skin polishing crystals for deep exfoliation, and rounded up with soothing skin-conditioning masks. These well thought steps are engaged to erase dark marks and skin roughness, coaxing blemished back skins to an air-brushed finish with an invitingly beautiful sheen. From peek-a-boo cut-outs that teases with a glimpse of skin, to a daring deep“V” that dips down to the small of the back, strut your stuff to  grab his attention…. And #haterswillbehaters, silenced your detractors too.

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Skin refinement with medical options

As bacne tend to be potentially scarring if rampant and left untreated, it is perhaps wise to seek medical attention before it’s too late.“Sometimes we need to prescribe patients with oral medications such as Doxycycline and Roacutane (isotretinoin) to help control severe cases of back acne.” says Dr. Toby Hui, senior medical consultant with the SW1 Clinic (formerly from The Sloane Clinic). “Bacne also responses well to professional chemical peels and selected lasers, which not only help clear the active lesions but are remarkable in lightening post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation or PIH, the unsightly dark marks left behind when the back acne heals.”

Alpha and beta hydroxy acids are used in Back Peels to give deep clinical exfoliation for creamy perfection, helping to reduce bumpiness of the back and smoothen out superficial unevenness of the skin by sloughing off stubborn dead skin cells. There can be mild flaking of the skin for a few days post-treatment but it’s nary noticeable, definitely worth the trade off for brighter and smoother back skins after 4 to 6 sessions done regularly at monthly interval. There are several lasers which may be suitable for back blemishes depending on its severity and the skin type of the bearer, ranging from Pico Pigment Laser to lighten superficial blemishes to fractionated Fraxel Dual Laser treatments with a Thulium 1927nm wavelength that selectively targets brown pigmentation and more stubborn marks, and an Erbium 1550nm wavelength that offers genuine skin resurfacing to even puckered scars, for total skin rejuvenation with overall improvement in colour, tone and texture.

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Bid adieu to back fat

Unsightly gathering of fats that pop out in the most unflattering manner around the back of the bra goes by several monikers such as bra bulge, back boob or back fat. Whatever you want to call it, those overflowing pockets of flesh are anything but cute, tarnishing the goddess image of a lady clad in a back baring dress. If for some reasons the results of your diet and regular workout regime fall short, or you are simply on the lookout for an edge to optimise your outcome, the insider’s secret to every Hollywood dream bod are body contouring devices designed to sculpt for perfection.

Fat freezing has remained steadfast as one of the most popular and effective non-invasive fat busting modality for targeted fat loss in recent years, and FDA-approved Coolshape which engages advanced German Zimmer technology for cryolipolysis is a competitive option with an edge, especially when paired in synergy with Exilis Body Magic. With an in-built massaging mechanism replacing or adding on to manual means for better lymphatic drainage of broken down fat cells and the possibility of treating multiple areas concurrently, Coolshape effectively cuts back on treatment time, with a shortened recovery period that translates to visibly appreciable outcome occurring earlier. With a selection of differently sized probes to cater to the varying needs of each individual patient, smaller areas such as the upper back and inner arms can be addressed to zoom in on unflattering back fat and flabby arms that limit your fashion choices, effectively turning your dream of being a “Backless Beauty” into reality.

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