How to tell if a Beauty Product Has Passed its Peak

It’s easy to tell when foods like milk and veggies go bad but what about that limited-edition lipstick of yours that you have kept since seasons past? Or that luxury soap sitting unwrapped from 3 Christmases ago? Using expired beauty products is not just gross (over time, they have become a breeding ground for bacteria), it can also cause problems for your skin like in severe cases, burns and skin irritations. Look out for these “red-flags” which signal that these beauty products may have passed their peaks and it is high time to toss them out.


Moisturisers are daily staples for skin and many of us invest in it in order to achieve our dream of hydrated, supple and healthy skin. For that reason, we should be dedicated to making sure our concentrates are still going strong. A moisturiser, no matter how good it is, should pave way for the new and more effective after a year.

Warning sign: Moisturisers belong in the trash if there’s a change in colour or even smell.


Foundation is an actual must-have that wakes up the most tired and lacklustre of skins. While it’s not possible for foundations to last more than a year if you’re a makeup addict, foundations that come in a cushion where you had to re-dip your fingers or sponge blenders should belong in the trash after 6 months. Why? Because these types of foundations are more easily contaminated with acne-causing bacteria.

Warning sign: Changes in smell, colour or consistency cannot be tolerated. Throw them out. If you notice oil beginning to form and the product is not mixing or being absorbed into skin, it’s a sure indicator that it’s no longer good for use.

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Do you have a signature shade? While it probably won’t last you a full year, a lipstick is considered safe to use for up to a year if kept properly. Thus, if you’ve got a favourite shade that is also limited in edition (or because its makeup company has decided to discontinue it), you should know it’s useless trying to preserve its content, hoping it can last forever. Daily exposure to skin oils, bacteria and oxygen are causes that reduce its shelf life.

Warning sign: When it’s dried out, looks cracked or the colour has changed.


This might be one of the very few beauty products that outlasts the rest. If they aren’t cracked, powder blushes can last a couple of years while a gel-stick or cream blush might dry out faster with regular use. Regardless the type of blush you use, make sure to clean your brushes frequently to prevent breakouts.

Warning sign: Again, use your five senses to make a judgement call. If a gel blush gets increasingly sticky or if a cream blush had dried out and smells funky, it’s time to throw them out and buy a new one.

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Luxurious shower gel gift sets are no strangers to celebrations like Birthdays or Christmas. However, just how long can they be kept? Left unopened, both liquid shower gels and bar soaps are safe to use for years. Once the seal’s been broken though, their shelf life drops to a year or so.

Warning sign: If you notice any change in colour, smell or texture, of if the product separates, say goodbye to that bottle.

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