Bella Hadid for Victoria Secret’s Annual Fashion Show 2017

[By Tania Xu]

There are certainly a lot of catching up to do when one chose to follow the footstep of an elder sib, an All-American blonde bombshell making waves at the international modeling scene, dated Cody Simpson and Nick Jonas, and is the current squeeze and muse to Zayn Malik, arguably one of the hottest rising hunks in the music scene. But 21-year-old Bella Hadid is hardly relegated to the shadow of her famous sister Gigi as the pair of supermodel sisters strut hand in hand down major runways from Paris to Milan. If the fact that she now hold the current record for the most Vogue September Issue covers in a year (formerly held by Linda Evangelista, 1993 and DoutzenKroes, 2013) is anything to go by, Bella is arguably the most popular living mannequin ruling the fashion world today.From all the old photos that surfaced on the internet once fame found you, Bella Hadid was by all means pretty as a teenager. Afterall, how wrong can one be with genes from Yolanda Foster? Having said that, she was however nowhere near the current flawless polished mug that graced countless magazine covers and scored campaigns. So had she or had she not had a little help along the way? What can be done to transform standard pretty features to out-worldly stunning? Supermodel Me, the Bella Hadid way! 

‘Model-fied’#1: A good nose to sniff out the best contracts

One of the most hotly debated rumor surrounding the celebrity model is whether she had a nose job done. Pictured here at the NickelodeonKid’s Choice Award, 2014and the Versace S/S’18 presentation, 2017, it’s obvious that her previous nose was a little broader with a tip a tad rounder compared to the more refined and elegant looking one she’s sporting now.

“The current trend in surgical rhinoplasty takes on a much more customized approach in addressing each individual case, in particular taking into account racial and ethnic differences.” Explains Dr. Tan Ying Chien, consultant Plastic Surgery from the SW1 Clinic (formerly with The Sloane Clinic Plastic Surgery Centre @Novena).“The emphasis is on preserving or improving support for a more natural and better functioning nose with proportions congruent to the rest of the facial features to achieve overall harmony.”

Nose refinement is a reshaping procedure and one of the things that is commonly done would be reducing the ‘wings’ or alar of the nose, making the final nose narrower and smaller. In Hybrid Rhinoplasty, this is done together with nasal augmentation, which raises the bridge and tip of the nose in the same sitting, to achieve an aesthetically pleasing outcome that does not appear fake-looking, harsh or overdone.

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‘Model-fied’#2: It’s a lipstick jungle out there

While Bella’s lips are nowhere as plumped out as Kylie Jenner’s, her pair of puckers, especially the upper half is looking a lot more pillowy and luscious in recent years. To give your lips a subtle boost in the right direction, opt for Revitalift Lips, a revolutionary, deeply hydrating treatment with minimal to no downtime.

“An ultra-fine, small particle hyaluronic acid filler is carefully introduced into your lips via a series of micro-injections during Revitalift,” explains Dr. Toby Hui senior consultant with the SW1 Clinic. “Our aim is to revitalize and rejuvenate thinned out and lackluster lips without overtly amping up their volume or size to give an exceedingly natural look. You won’t end up with a trout pout or exaggerated lips like a blown-up doll. It’s definitely more of an enhancement of your natural features for a better improved version of yourself.”

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‘Model-fied’#3: Get cheeky

A flattened mid face bony structure detracts from the desirable full, youthful contours of an ideal V-shaped face and tends to cast unflattering shadows under the eyes that make one appear haggard and listless. To get Bella’s modelesque look, Filler Hydrolift does wonders in lifting sunken cheeks and undereye hollows while illuminating dull, dehydrated skin at the same time to elevate your beauty quotient to com-card standard. This lunchtime procedure imparts a filter-free, profile pic-worthy dewy glow that smoothens fine lines and wrinkles without the risk of freezing any expressions. In addition, it subtly plumps volume-deficient areas to correct shadowy undereye hollows or highlight brow arches and outer corners of the eyes for an instantaneous uplift to add sparkle to your peepers. No clownish arched brows or ‘deer caught in headlight’ expression ‘cos you positively #iwokeuplikethis. Who says fillers are unnatural?

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‘Model-fied’#4: Bright lights and illuminating skin

In the world of live mannequins where youth is a prized commodity, 21 year old Bella is prime time material with a glowing complexion that works as an excellent blank canvas from barely there neutrals to dramatic theatrics. While makeup trends may come and go, a good complexion never goes out of style.

Rejuvenate, refine and even out your skin tone for eternal Youth with the Porcelain Skin Program, based on a revolutionary Japanese research into ultimate skin brightness and pigment correction. Engaging advanced Pico Pigment Laser to tackle skin discoloration and skin pigmentation, this comprehensive approach is designed to refresh dull, fatigued complexions, radically correct uneven skin tone and textural irregularities without significant downtime. It utilises premiere Picosecond technology with the possibility of an added IPL function to erase stubborn spots and surface imperfections, working in synergy with LED RED low level light energy photomodulation and skin brightening Pearl éclat treatment to supercharge cellular renewal, self-repair and collagen replenishment. The aim is to bestow upon users more youthful and supple-looking skin, making sure you’re ready for beauty head shots, instagrammable selfies and paparazzi hits wherever, whenever!

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‘Model-fied’#5: Head turning hair

To set herself apart from sister Gigi, Bella chose to dye her naturally blonde locks dark and wear them straight and centre-parted, creating by now a signature look of hers. From Twiggy’s bob and Audrey Hepburn’s pixie cut to Farah Fawcett’s blowout and Linda Evangelista’s close crop, the right hairstyle that suits you to a T will spawn a thousand copies and cement your role as a trendsetter.

Rejuvenate your crowning glory to cultivate or maintain a lusher, fuller head of hair with the Keramax Scalp Program, engaging Revage 670 low level laser energy, widely recognized as the gold standard to address premature hair loss. With a total of 30 laser diodes, this state of the art system provides critical coherent beams as a direct source of laser light in a hood that goes over the scalp to ensure maximum laser energy contact over the area(s) to be treated. The Rotational Photo Therapy (RPT) system allows maximal stimulation of each hair follicle at a much higher level that sets its reliability and efficacy way above that of traditional hand-held lasers, working equally well for both men and women.This is paired with Revitascalp, a holistic approach to support healthy hair growth with the infusion of vitamin B3 (niacin), vitamin E and a hefty shot of Minoxidil directly to the scalp via a special delivery system, giving your coiffure a shampoo-ad quality boost to make heads turn for the right reasons on the runway of your daily living.

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