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Whether you’re 16 or 60, makeup is undeniably an integral part of the basic grooming needs of every women. By highlighting our best facial features and making our skin look well nourished, makeup acts as an armory of sorts for the modern day Venus. A slick of red lipstick can be what it takes to empower you with the confidence to tackle your day head on, while meticulously drawn winged eyeliner is just as crucial as your morning espresso to start the day rolling. While most women believe that their makeup skills are decent enough for them to get by, experts pointed out a staggering 90% are guilty of committing common makeup mistakes at some point of their lives. The sooner you take heed of your urban paint fumbles, the less likely it is for you to commit makeup felony! 

A foundation that’s not the correct shade

Well-applied foundation can give the illusion of clear, flawless and more youthful looking skin, and the first step to get there is to make sure you pick the correct shade that matches you to a T. When on a mission to find the perfect foundation match, a common mistake many women made is to smear a little on their hands or wrists for a quick test before buying. More often than not, this can cause you to buy a shade that’s too dark or doesn’t match the exact skin tone of your face. You’ll fare much better by testing the color against your neck or the outside of your cheek. Our neck color is usually a lighter hue, which means you’ll be less likely to buy a formula that’s too dark for your face. Besides, it’s always easier to brush on a little more bronzer to enhance the intensity of a lighter shade than attempting to lighten a darker formula. The stakes are high here as a poorly matched foundation can make your skin extremely ashy looking which is not a pleasant sight at all. If you find yourself struggling despite the best of efforts, reach out to a professional makeup artist or store specialist to help you sort things out.

Bothered and bewildered by persistent lackluster skin, resistant pores, stubborn pigmentation and lines that refuse to budge with anything and seeking refuge with a ton of foundation before you dare to step out to face the world? Medical lasers are currently the latest go-to, being the surest and most cost effective route in the long run to garner desirable changes of the highest level sans surgery. The Transform Skin Program is a brilliant complexion perfecting protocol conceptualized by the team of beauty experts from the SW1 Clinic. Specially designed for those who will not settle for anything less than absolute perfection, this total skin renewal program will target fine lines, open pores, scars, pigmentation and skin laxity to transform how you look el pronto. Additional skin tightening technology provided by the revolutionary SmartX laser treatments means that apart from its skin smoothening prowess, crepey skin and niggling skin laxity is now even better addressed than ever before, giving you great looking foundation-free skin.

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Contouring gone wrong

This is an age-old makeup technique that female impersonators who took to the stage and pop culture drag queens have been doing for the longest time. As the signature sculpted look of forever glistening skin and permanently chiseled cheekbones sported by reality tv queen Kim Kardashian skyrocketed in popularity over the last few years, contouring had practically found its way into the regular makeup routine of every girl in town. Although not particularly difficult to execute, contouring undoubtedly does require a fair amount of finesse to get it down on par. To begin with, it is important to realize that faces come in all shapes and sizes and different contouring techniques are required even though the desired eventual outcome might be similar. In other words, something that works absolute magic on your fave YouTube beauty blogger might never make the cut even though you’ve re-watched and practiced those strokes to death. Figure out your face shape and the strengths and weaknesses that come with it in order to pick the appropriate contouring moves to give your face the celeb treatment that you’re after.

To achieve ‘natural highlights’ with ‘real-time contouring’ that don’t wash off like makeup, it’s almost an open secret that Natural Facial Fillers are fast becoming the aesthetics tool of choice favored by the most celebrated IT girls the likes of Bella Hadid and Kylie Jenner. For IG perfection 24/7 with not a single bad selfie in sight, modelesque cheekbones and youthful apple cheeks can now be sculpted with Voluma High Definition Lift in accordance to your specific needs. Frustrated with the daunting task of recreating your over-lined lips with one too many trips to the powder room through your dinner date? Revitalift Lips, the signature lip-enhancing procedure perfected by the SW1 Clinic can help create the perfect pout for every wearable shade of red without fear of overtly amping up its volume to clownish proportions.

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Blend your eyeshadow well

Blend, blend and blend some more, don’t stop till you’re convinced that your eye makeup is nice and clean. Instead of covering your whole lid at one go with a thick, heavy smudge of eyeshadow, be light-handed and apply a little at a time to work up the color to its desired intensity. If you’re experimenting with more than one shade or color, make sure that the darker tone is limited to the outer corners to avoid making your eyes heavy and tired-looking, blending out the edges properly for a polished look. Shimmering and iridescent metallics might be the rage all over the runways from Paris to Milan, but this is not a trend that works for everyone. The reflective nature of metallics can be most unforgiving, highlighting every single upper and lower eyelid skin crease especially on more mature skin. Possibly the most cost effective way to tackle visible signs of aging around the eyes, the Miracle Eye Reviver Program can be done on its own or paired with Thermage Eyes for even more remarkable improvement. Aiming to restore the twinkle lost with age, this ‘eye-opening’ protocol is designed to optimally tighten and lift sagging eyelid skin. Over six alternating gentle sessions of collagen strengthening SmartX Lite Eye and Neogen PSR Eye laser treatments with minimal downtime, bid adieu to droopy eyes and saggy lids, and say hello to bigger, brighter and more beautiful peepers.

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Overdrawn eyebrows are a faux pas

The preferred way to wear your eyebrows might be full, thick and au naturel in keeping with the current beauty trend, but overdrawing them in an exaggerated caricature manner is not only unnatural but downright crazy looking. Using intensely dark colours to highlight and thicken your eyebrows can make your face look unkempt and age-worn.It’s best to stick to your natural brow shape and just fill them in appropriately with a lighter tone to subtly enhance their appearance.

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Storing your makeup in the bathroom

It might make complete sense to keep all your beauty and makeup arsenal in the bathroom vanity cabinet for quick and easy access. However, a lot of them contain natural oils and waxes that fluctuating temperatures after a steamy hot shower or in summer could potentially ruin.

“The efficiency of active ingredients such as salicylic acid for acne prevention or retinol commonly found in anti-aging products can be compromised over time.” Warns Dr. Toby Hui, senior medical consultant with the SW1 Clinic (formerly from The Sloane Clinic). “The real danger is when the molecules in these products break down into something else, and you can develop an adverse skin reaction such as redness, bumps and even blisters to this.”

While a lot of beauty aides are tested to hold up at room temperatures, the consistencies of some natural products, eye creams, perfumes, nail polish, facial masks, and eyeliners fare much better in cooler conditions and should be having their own or find storage space next to the eggs and milk in your fridge!

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