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While it’s true that most women with acne have to deal with oily skin, it doesn’t mean that those with dry skin are immune to breakouts. In fact, lots of ladies with dry skin are prone to acne and it can be tricky to treat both issues without making one or the other worse. If you are battling similar skin woes, here are 5 skincare tips you might find useful, to help treat both dryness and prevent further acne from popping.

Avoid over-washing

Over-washing is one common skincare mistake made by women with acne prone skin. Washing your face once too often especially with cleansers containing salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide will strip away your natural moisture, which is already lacking in those with dry skin. Instead of the twice a day standard recommendation, you should cut that back to once daily. Remove your makeup in the evening with a product specific for that purpose and simply rinse off with water to effectively remove any residual dirt or traces of cosmetics. Opt for a gentle cleanser with only pure, non-irritating ingredients in the morning, so that your skin is conditioned, balanced and calmed with continued use.An all-in-one natural dual phase cleanser that starts off as a gel to extract embedded debris, then transforms into a gentle cleansing milk to lift surface oil, before rinsing off flawlessly with water. Formulated with rice bran extracts, SW1 SAKE RITUAL Sake-Infused Whitening Cleanser is a non-foaming, all natural cleanser that is able to tone and brighten, removing makeup and other surface impurities all at one go. Skin looks and feels purified, fresh, revived, and toned without tightness or dryness, and is suitable for use even on the delicate areas around the eyes. This product is free from 10 harmful ingredients, including artificial fragrance and color, denatured alcohol, triethanolamine, sulfates, triclosan, mineral oil, propylene glycol and DEA; thus greatly reduces the chance of skin irritation and breakout of acne prone dry skin types.

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Protect against environmental insults

Whatever the season and wherever you stay, protecting your skin against the harsh elements of the weather cannot be overlooked. Unprotected sun exposure can lead to sunburn, wrinkles, pigmentation and skin cancer over time. Even if they aren’t apparent immediately, the seeds of UV damage with long term dermatological repercussions are planted with every incident of unprotected exposure.

Get round your fear of a sticky, non-breathable situation by choosing a non-comedogenic formula to prevent clogging your pores and causing acne.The SW1 UMBRELLA UV Protection & Light Diffusing Cream is a powerful 100% chemical and fragrance-free physical blocker that offers top notched “rays-ban”, providing mega dose of SPF 70 sun protection with its UV-shielding ingredients which include Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide and a blend of 3 antioxidant teas with an invisible shine-absorbing micro mesh of UV reflectors. The perfect offering for those looking for maximal protection while enjoying a spot of summer sunshine by the beach, its sweat proof formulation even protects up to 240 minutes in water, just in case the clear blue water beckons.

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Don’t skip your moisturizer

It’s a surprisingly common misconception amongst women with acne that moisturizers tend to worsen their breakouts. When you’ve dry skin, moisturizing it well cannot be over emphasized, more so if you’re having acne at the same time. If your skin remain inadequately hydrated with sub-optimal levels of moisture, skin’s sebum protection will be unwittingly pushed into overdrive with the propensity for further zits eruption and more blemishes. The trick here is to find a suitable moisturizer that’s tailored for acne prone skin.

The SW1 SKIN DRINK Softening & Replenishing Serum is an all-rounder moisturizer that packs an exceptional oomph. This 100% natural, preservative-free serum harnessed from pure naturally-sourced olives. Olive oil can nourish, hydrate, rejuvenate, soothe and protect the skin with its abundant stores of antioxidants— namely vitamin E, vitamin A, polyphenols and phytosterols, and unlike most oils which can clog pores and lead to comedones or acne, olive oil penetrates deeply into the skin without creating any blockages. SKIN DRINK not only saturates skin with intense hydration, but also protects it from free radicals and repairs initial signs of ageing. It works like a dream especially on sensitive skins, delivering vitamins and essential minerals to boost dullness to a healthy glow with its remarkable moisturizing properties, and yet remains defiantly non-comedogenic without causing breakouts by deftly balancing the pH of dehydrated skin.

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Go easy on anti-acne lotions and creams

Most formulations that target acne tend to be drying to the skin so less is probably more especially when you’ve dry skin to begin with.

Apply sparingly a small amount of product just enough to form a thin film over the area(s) that require treatment and avoid rubbing, a common habit many of us are guilty of in our overzealous attempt to get rid of the pesky spots.

Another way to get round flakiness is to apply your oil free moisturizer before your anti-acne products or opt for spot treatment to avoid unaffected skin.

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Seek professional help

The Clarity Program conceptualized by the team of medical aesthetics experts from the SW1 Clinic led by Dr. Low Chai Ling (founder of The Sloane Clinic) aims to coax your skin back to normalcy without the hassle & side effects of oral medications. By combining sophisticated light technology of I-CLEAR and LED RED photo-biomodulation, this is a fuss-free structured program which targets bacteria and improves skin healing, cleaning and clearing out blemished skins with Ultrasonic Deep Cleansing sans painful extraction. When combined with the right skincare regime and products, you’ll be put on fast track to a flawless mien before the Easter holiday!

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