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In an online poll conducted by Maxim, 300 women from the age group of 18 to 48 was posed with the question, “Do you like your butt?” Out of those surveyed, only 8% were pleased with their booty. 30% hated theirs while the majority of 62% think theirs is ok but they neither like it nor hate it.However, a whopping 95% agree that they wouldn’t mind a bigger or perkier butt! With the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Beyoncé, Nicki Minaj and the entire Kardashian-Jenner clan splashing their goddesses’ curves all over the newsstand and internet, how can mere mortals like us not suffer from serious ‘butt envy’? With summer fast approaching where less is certainly more, it’s time for us to take things serious from the rear with these top 4 ways to a bootylicious kick-ass behind!

Booty Tip#1: Trim & Tone

In a nutshell, trim down the fats and tone up the muscles. You probably have heard this a thousand times but it’s true that your diet remains a cornerstone to a firm behind. If you begin any routine by cleaning up your diet, firming your booty will be a lot easier, not to mention faster.  Kick out processed food, trans-fats and refined sugar while loading on fibres, complex carbs and lean protein. When it comes to butt building exercises, nothing does it better then lunges. Walking Lunges, Side Lunges, Front Lunges, Diagonal Lunges, Back Lunges.   You have to move in different directions to build your butt from every angle. Lunges are best performed with dumbbells in your hands by the side of your body and can be done either in the gym or the comfort of your own home. Don’t forget your cardiovascular exercises. Skipping and biking are exceptionally great options to burn up those unwanted calories and whip the tushie into shape.

However, we are all too familiar with those unflattering stubborn pockets of fats around the butt that no matter how hard we diet and exercise, they just simply refuse to budge. Hands up those on the losing battle with ‘saddle bags’ (by the sides) and ‘banana rolls’ (under the natural curvature of the butt)?

Fast track yourself towards your beauty goal and breakthrough that annoying plateau hit despite your best fitness and dietary efforts with scientifically proven body contouring and toning treatments favored by A-listers to sculpt their celebs’ bodies to instagrammable perfection sans photoshop. To tackle stubborn saddle bags, inner thigh fat and banana rolls, Coolshape cryolipolysis which engages advanced German Zimmer fat freezing technology is your go to treatment if surgical liposuction is not on your agenda.To ensure faster visible results and a quicker recovery time, Dream Body Tone uses a vibro-massage core to stimulate optimal lymphatic drainage of  surrounding tissues to speed up the clearance of  broken down fat cells. It also harnesses the power of sonic waves to help infuse potent skin-strengthening vitamins, amino acids and peptides that are essential for collagen regeneration and remodeling, improving overall skin tone and elasticity over area(s) treated for better aesthetics outcome.

Raise your stakes and up your game with Exilis Body Magic, a novel, FDA approved treatment that engages a unique combination of ultrasound waves and radiofrequency (RF) to systematically heats up skin to various depths, resulting in both fat reduction and skin tightening; with circumferential reduction, cellulite smoothening and textural gains. Visible results may be seen in as little as 2 to 3 sessions, and dreams of having a ‘twerk & perk booty’ may very well be a reality after 6 to 8 sessions done as part of the Supermodel Bodyfit Program conceptualized by the team of Weight Management experts from the SW1 Clinic .

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Booty Tip #2: Zap & Erase           

Stretch marks rank way up as one of the aesthetics woes that affect up to 70% of women and mar the beauty of a firm behind. There are plenty of over-the-counter creams but unfortunately, no topical remedies have been medically proven to improve the appearance of stretch marks remarkably; retin-A, glycolic acid, alpha-hydroxy acids all have been prescribed with varying and little success if any. To date, laser therapy appear to be our only helpline as it has been proven over time to be by far the most promising form of treatment for these unsightly squiggles. Amongst those flooding the current market, it is no surprise that the FDA approved Fraxel Dual Laser stands out as one of the safest with some of the most remarkable results to boot. Using premium sub-ablative fractional laser technology, Fraxel Dual is able to stimulate collagen and elastin synthesis while resurfacing almost 20% of the undulating skin surface, helping to remove damaged tissue with proven accumulative benefits with each successive treatment. After a series of 4 to 6 treatments, the texture, diameter and depth of the stretch marks are noted to be visibly improved, with any brownish skin discoloration corrected with the Thulium 1927nm wavelength adjustable to tailor to the specific needs of each individual patient.

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Booty Tip #3: Suck & Pump

One of the best ways to create a better shaped and fuller derriere is to transfer the woman’s own body fat from a donor site to her buttocks. As this is first popularized by a Brazilian plastic surgeon amongst the South American ladies, this procedure is also commonly known as “The Brazilian Butt Lift”. Augmenting one’s booty with your own body fat is highly appealing as the results can look very natural, and with you yourself as the donor, there is no risk of donor rejection. Fat transfer is done by harvesting fat from more curvaceous and corpulent sites such as the love handles and thighs. The fat is removed via a very gentle liposuction device using a thin cannula, collected and purified before being injected back into the muscle layers of the buttocks through small, well-hidden incisions.

“As with all fat transfer procedures, a percentage of the transferred fat cells will not survive the procedure.” Explains Dr. Tan Ying Chien consultant plastic surgeon from the SW1 Clinic (formerly with the Sloane Clinic Plastic Surgery Centre @Novena Medical Centre). “Autologous fat transfer for buttocks augmentation is highly dependable on the skills of the surgeon and the suitability of the candidate. There will be a fair amount of swelling which will subside with time. As such, it might take up to 3 months before the permanent results are evident.”

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Booty Tip #4: Hide & Shape

The quickest and most economical way to give the illusion of a bountiful behind is with the right type of body shaping garments. Gone are the days when women had to hold their breath and grip the bedpost as their maids cinched their corsets or strapped on cumbersome crinolines to form the framework to pad up a bootylicious behind. Thanks to modern day technology, women today have much more comfortable shapewear options that will have you stepping out confidently in a figure hugging dress, Hervé Léger, no less! These lightweight garments has graduated-pressure bands incorporated into their lining for a butt-contouring and anti-cellulite effect to give you that very subtle yet significant lift, so comfy that you can wear it anytime, be it a casual date or a big night out, bringing out that ‘shake-a-booty’ Venus from the sidewalk to the dance floor!

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