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It may come as a surprise to many but a survey carried out by a researcher from the University of Southern California not too long ago came up with some unexpected findings. When women were asked to rate their own body parts from most to least liked, knees scraped the bottom of the list, followed only by the waist. Seemingly incredulous at first glance, this is somewhat expected on second thoughts— that in our ever increasingly body-conscious society, women continue to pick apart those areas of their bodies that they deem sub-stellar. Lesser cared for body parts such as armpits, ankles and knees are now under the radar of the aesthetic spotlight.Although knees may not be anywhere near the top of anyone list of sexy body parts, once a woman considers hers unattractive,  it will affect the way she dresses and the way she feels about herself; sometimes  in a way that we could only imagine. So what‘s the judging criteria to pass off a pair of knees as being beautiful?

“Generally speaking, most people define beautiful knees in terms of what they are not.” Says Dr. Low Chai Ling, medical director of the SW1 Clinic. “Nice knees are not too skinny, not too chubby and most importantly, not too saggy.”

If you do not want your knees to become the dictators to the kind of fashion choices you would rather have, bring back those bygone days of rising hemlines with these beauty tips for your knees, to reinstate your courage to wear, and confidence to bare.

Lose Some Weight

I know this is hard but we should start by taking a good look at ourselves in a full length mirror. You may just be in need of losing fat in general, not just from your knees. Adopt a healthy diet that’s low in simple carbohydrates and fat and increase your intake of fruits, vegetables and lean meat. Plan an exercise routine that incorporates both cardiovascular workout and strength training. There are no specific exercises to target the knees but you can, and you should train your entire body as this will increase your metabolism; translating into faster body fat lost including those accumulated around your chubby knees.With expanding technology in the medical field, it is now possible to remove pockets of fat around the knees surgically.

“Although possible, to perform minimally invasive focal liposuction on ‘non-traditional’ sites such as the knees require both experience and skills.” Says Dr. Chia Hui Ling, consultant plastic surgeon from the SW1 Clinic. “The fatty tissue around the knee also play an important role in supporting the muscles on the front of the thigh, so taking too much fat out of this area might cause the front of the thigh to sag downwards.”

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Scrub & Exfoliate

Using a lemon-and-sea-salt mixture is a great and inexpensive way to soften your knees. A gentle exfoliation of accumulated dead skin with a pumice stone will keep your knees looking nice and clean. This can be a little tricky if there is increased thickness or lichenification of the skin across the knees as a result of long standing, repetitive micro-trauma to the skin of the knees. In such cases, besides the obvious move to remove all sources of trauma, Knee Peels customized with several different types of fruit acids can achieve,deeper and more effective exfoliation, increasing cellular turnover for the younger-looking cells beneath to show through. In addition, this will also allow for better penetration of moisturizers and body lotions applied to keep them optimally hydrated. Pico Pigment Laser treatment is another viable option for stubborn knee pigmentation and may take anywhere between 2 to 6 sessions done at regular intervals to achieve satisfactory results; depending on the severity of the condition and the intensity of treatment.

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Texture & Scars

“Time and again, we do come across patients seeking help for scars over the knees as these are susceptible areas especially for childhood injuries.” says Dr. Low Chai Ling. “The appearance of these scars and the overall texture of the knees can be improved with non-ablative fractionated lasers such as Fraxel Light, with further improvement made to sunken scars with the concurrent use of natural dermal fillers composed of naturally occurring hyaluronic acid.”

Utilizing premier Fraxel technology, Fraxel Light is designed to refresh dull looking knees and radically correct textural irregularities and skin discoloration without significant downtime. This brilliant micro-laser peel deals with surface imperfections of sandpaper knees such lines, marks, scars and rough dull skin. At the same time, the far-reaching laser energy supercharges cellular renewal and self-repair, stimulating collagen replenishment for more youthful looking knees that you wouldn’t shy away from a full reveal.

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Are you aware that the body parts that give away a woman’s real age are her neck, hands and knees? As one gets older, there’s a reason why our hemline gets lower; and this is not out of sheer modesty!  Saggy skin is one of the pet peeve of aging and our knees seem to suffer the brunt of this together with cartilage and bony deterioration. Thankfully, recent medical advancement in the field of Aesthetics Medicine had made ‘knee-lifts’ possible. The Body Thermage system employing patented radiofrequency (RF) waves can now be applied to saggy skin over the knees to cause collagen stimulation and remodeling with resultant skin tightening. To further enhanced results achievable, pair it with Exilis Body Magic as recommended in the Bees Knees Program conceptualised by the medical experts from the SW1 Clinic, a one stop destination for medical spa, cosmetics dermatology and cutting edge aesthetics surgery in Singapore. The only body contouring device of its kind, Exilis uses two of the most popular energies harvested for body shaping in today’s market. By engaging radio-frequency and ultrasound to systematically heat up skin to various depths, Exilis Body Magic effectively reduces fats, improved upon the appearance of skin texture and tackles loose, saggy skin for overall skin tightening. A built in Energy Flow Control System ensures high precision of the exact amount of energy delivered to the treated areas, with an integrated cooling system preventing overheating, thus minimizing the risk of burns while “whipping” those knees into summer perfection. The best results can be witnessed 8 to 12 weeks after treatment, and can last up to 12 months or more depending on how well you care for them thereafter.

Bear in mind though that no matter  you  women can look good in a flirty short skirt as  Just make sure it’s not too tight, so that it can move gracefully with your legs when you walk. Now strap on your pair of favorite heels and with the right attitude; you are all set to paint the town red.


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