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Whether au naturale or enhanced, it’s hard to argue that the infamous Kardashian-Jenner sisters do sport some highly desirable features between them, with full, lush lashes being an outstanding signature trademark throughout the clan. Not only do they make your eyes pop, mile-long lashes can instantly glam things up even if the rest of your face is kept minimal or bare. If you’re neon green with envy whenever one of those darned gurls bats her “well-endowed” lids, here are 5 simple steps to nurse your lash lust, to achieve fluttery sky high lashes even if you’re not a sib of Kim and Kylie!

Watch your diet

A healthy diet that is rich in protein is ideal to help stimulate the growth of eyelashes. Fish, beans, lean meat, eggs and Greek yogurt are fab options to consider. That extra helping of protein will also help to increase metabolism, build up muscle mass and reduce cravings to keep you fit as a fiddle. Some supplements such as Biotin, Vitamins B, C, E, Calcium and Iron are worth a second look as these essential nutrients promote the growth and maintenance of healthy hair, nails and lashes too.

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Prime time technique

Priming your face is essential for your makeup to look better and stay on longer and the same can be said about priming your eyelashes. Whether your preferred look is full-on Kardashian or #iwokeuplikethis, every girl’s wish in life is to have thick, long, dark eyelashes. If you’re not naturally blessed by the Perfect Lash Fairy like yours truly, eyelash primers are godsend answers to your beauty prayers. When used as a base coat, this extra step really helps condition, lengthen and plump up the lashes to milk every drop of your mascara’s worth. Urban Decay’s Subversion Lash Primer has a smooth, creamy formula with Panthenol and Vitamin E for protection and conditioning, and is fragrance and parabens-free. The extra-large brush allows for easy application that’ll leave you with thicker, longer and stronger lashes, giving them ‘more weight’, and hence the mascara that followed something to hold on.

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Layer your mascara

An insider’s beauty trick championed by Kim to build volume, lengthen, and separate lashes for a more dramatic look is to try layering a couple of different types of mascara instead of just sticking to one. Her red carpet must-haves include pairing a volumizing mascara such as Mac Zoom Lash Volume Instantane Mascara New Hue with Lancôme Définicils Waterproof High Definition Mascara, an award winning curling formula that provides the ultimate in separation, with carefully selected polymers that coat each individual lash from root to tip to help lengthen and outline each lash for unmatched definition. According to Kim’s favored makeup wizard Mario Dedivanovic, this technique gives her the arresting look of falsies when in actual fact she’s wearing none!

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Lash serums to the rescue

Lash serums are quickly gaining a cult following as a trial and tested way to boost lash growth without much fuss. Forget about old wives myth such as Vaseline and petroleum jelly as they give you nothing more than a greasy pillow. The key to seeing results from serums is simply consistency! Some of the most highly rated options include Revitalash, Lashfood, Latisse. The latest new kid on the block is SW1 COLLAGEN LASH Anti-aging Lash Serum, a powerful lash enhancing booster that’ll have you ‘batting’ a thousand in just 28 days.   Formulated with a proprietary blend of hexa- and penta-peptides and herb extracts that has been shown to thicken and restore weakened or aging eyelashes by increasing their resiliency, strength and overall health,COLLAGEN LASH lengthens lashes by stimulating growth and strengthening existing follicles, darkens them by deepening their natural color and adds more curve and shine in as little as four to eight weeks.

When used regularly, COLLAGEN LASH that comes without harmful additives such parabens, sulfates and phthalates forms part of your daily eye care regime to nourish and condition eyelashes, encouraging a longer life cycle and therefore fuller and sexier lashes. In addition, unlike most other serums, it can be applied not only to natural but eyelash extensions as well, to nourish and prevent lash weakness and breakage due to mechanical stress while encouraging growth.

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Treat them with TLC

If you want long, healthy lashes, you got to give them some TLC with a good lash routine that’s on par with the attention paid to your brows and hair. Be very careful when you apply or remove makeup to avoid excessive rubbing and tugging. Make sure you don’t overdo it with falsies and eyelash extensions and many are unaware that eyelashes too, need to be well-moisturized to bring out the best in them. An awesome choice is SW1 EMERALD OIL Vitamin-enriched Anti-aging Eye Treatment that comes packaged in a slick pen with a rollerball tip for convenient storage and easy application. Formulated with certified organic coconut, chamomile and jojoba oil that work in tandem to awaken and brighten the delicate under-eye area. This preservative-free formula is designed to gently hydrate without the feeling of grease nor ‘heaviness’ of eye creams, softening and smoothening undereyes’ fine lines, smiley crinkles and Crow’s feet wrinkles;to ensure “total peepers perfection” that make heads turn for all the right reasons!

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