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It’s the morning of your big event. You wake up excited, nervous and ready for anything. Lo and behold,as usual, the Almighty Law of Murphy always choose to work against The Law of Attraction to tear your nerves and confidence to shreds at the eleventh hour. Why do pimples always pick the worst time to pop up?Instead of trying to hide your blemishes with a ton of concealer or turning up at your event covered with a mask under the “mistaken impression” that the dress code is ‘masquerade’, keep these tips handy in your little black beauty book. From mild whiteheads to impending eruptions that’s nothing short of a beauty catastrophe, here are 4 foolproof zit-busting ways you won’t want to miss.

Get a detoxifying facial

If you skin is lackluster and your pores are all clogged up, chances are they will erupt into angry bumps anytime soon. The best way to nip the problem at its bud is to look out for anti-acne facials to meet your skin needs, and get a detoxifying spa treat for deep pore cleansing and skin clarity. A store brought scrub and clay mint mask might do the trick, but with time not on your side of the game, it’s best to leave any last minute treatment in the hands of qualified professionals. The Clear Blue Facial uses SW1 Spa’s trademark 5-step cell calming process for clarifying your skin, and is excellent for those who want to keep their complexions clear and problem free.

Starting off with a Pineapple Enzyme Scrub that dissolves away dirt and debris while skin enjoys a pore-purging Ultrasonic Deep Cleansing. By utilizing ultrasonic wave motion for the removal of aged skin cells and surface impurities such as blackheads and whiteheads, you’ll notice that your skin is immediately clearer, softer, and more compliant after this treatment. One of the main causes of acne is an abnormally high amount of bacteria colonization, mainly Propionibacterium Acnes or P.acnes, of the sebaceous follicles. Chase your blues away with I-Clear Blue light therapy, an FDA approved, painless treatment that utilizes innovative Photo Dynamic Therapy to deliver a unique 408 nm wavelength of blue light to create a highly toxic environment for the targeted P. acnes bacteria, resulting in bacterial death and clearing the skin from any potential acne breakouts. Ending with an Acne Collagen Mask to soothe and calm your now purified skin, this medically inspired detoxifying facial halts the threat of havoc to your prevent skin prep, restoring your frazzled nerves to normalcy.

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Free up your facial hair

Bacteria that can cause breakout travel from the skin’s pores via facial hair, allowing the oil and bacteria to spread and clog up pores. If you suffer have thick dark and dense facial hair, you probably also experience ingrown hairs especially with shaving and waxing that leads to acne flare-ups. Eliminating hair with facial hair removal laser will significantly reduce breakouts because the bacteria will no longer have the hair to cling to. This is the most effective way of removing facial hair to not only greatly reduce acne formation, but give skin a soft, smooth appearance too.

Candela G-Max laser hair removal is the answer to permanent removal of unwanted facial and body hair. A dual wavelength laser platform that combines the fastest and most powerful 755 nm Alexandrite laser with 1064 nm Nd:YAG laser for high performance treatment capabilities in terms of speed, efficacy and outstanding performance; Candela G-Max PRO is above all safe with exceedingly high patient satisfaction rate.

“The number of sessions you require for best results will depend on the density, thickness and color of your hair.”  Explains Dr. Toby Hui, senior medical consultant from the SW1 Clinic (formerly with The Sloane Clinic).“On the average, 4 to 6 treatments done regularly at approximately 4 to 8 weeks’ intervals will give appreciable answers to your hairy woes, either as a standalone procedure or as part of the Removal & Revival Program, combined with Quattro Toning and Skin Smoothing Peel Masks for glowing, hair-free skin as smooth as silk.”

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Refine your skin with a Laser Peel

If you skin is plagued by zits of varying age, with some new ones rearing their heads while old healing ones are leaving behind footprints of unsightly dark marks, ask your aesthetic physician for a Laser Peel. This revolutionary approach to skin rejuvenation pioneered by the Koreans resurfaces and replenishes the skin at the same time with the use of gentle yet deeply penetrating laser energies, exfoliating the rough and damaged outer layer of dead skin cells to reveal younger, softer, and fairer skin underneath. Without the use of harsh chemicals, it is able to control sebum production and thus reduce oiliness, shrink down pores and lighten dark acne pigmentation to even out skin tone, restoring glow and youthfulness to tired looking complexions. Furthermore, there’s practically no downtime with this awesome treatment, making it tops on my ‘must-do’ list to tame my blemish-prone skin pre-event and let it shine bright like a diamond through and through.

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Intralesional corticosteroid/antibiotic injection

The solitary angry ‘red ruby’ that rears its head and threatens to rupture is not only an eyesore, but may result in unsightly scarring eventually. The treatment of choice for these angry bumps is to ask your doctor for an injection of a diluted corticosteroid and antibiotic concoction to lower the inflammation, nips the infection and speed up healing, thereby reducing the chances of scars forming. Although seemingly simple at first glance, Intralesional acne injection is not without its risks.The expertise and injection technique employed is just as crucial as the amount and dilution of the medications used, as there’s always a risk of fat atrophy with steroid injection(s) that can result in dimpling or atrophic scarring of the area(s) treated if not done properly.

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Acne Laser to the rescue

If unfortunately, your skin is riddled with bumps like a minefield that’s brighter than the fairy lights on the Christmas tree, the treatment of choice besides oral comes in the form of acne laser.

The Purity Program is a comprehensive approach to tackle moderate to severe acne from various angles, using proven and FDA-approved modalities. The V Beam Perfecta diode laser effectively tackles inflammation and red, angry looking lesions, with i-Clear photobiomodulation targeting the clearance of acne causing P. bacterium, and Exilis Lift engaging radiofrequency waves as a source of therapeutic energy that penetrate deep into the dermis to help regulate sebum production from the over-active oil glands. Working cooperatively in a synergistic manner, these scientifically proven modalities aim to provide a long term solution to keep breakouts in check and restore clarity to troubled skins. A side benefit of the Purity Program is the positive impact on moderate acne scars and fine lines in the long run, secondary to the collagen and elastin boosting capacity of RF waves that is harnessed as the energy source by Exilis Lift. With these super-duper trio giving you a double whammy skin rescue, this comprehensive treatment plan is as close to 100% patient satisfaction as one can get, restoring and refining flushed, stubborn blemished complexions with dazzling satisfaction.

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