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Aging, a word which send shudders down the spines of many, is unfortunately something that every woman cannot avoid despite the amount of work she put into her beauty regime. However, it is certainly within our means to delay, or even reverse some of those pesky signs of aging, as long as we know how to take care of our skin, and invest in sound ways to go about it. From what you eat to what you apply and the latest anti-aging medical technology in town, here are our top 5 must-haves to combat those wrinkles and sagging skin, so that you’ll wake up every day feeling and looking as young as you can ever be.

Best anti-aging food

“Eating right is undoubtedly a rather important piece of the puzzle when it comes to aging well, with what we eat having a direct impact on the way we look.”  Advises Dr. Low Chai Ling, medical director of the SW1 Clinic.

Whether it is keeping your brain sharper, your bones stronger, or a wrinkle less, the food on your plate can make all the difference. If you’re constantly noshing on processed foods or those high in sugar and fat, the adversity doesn’t end with just an expanding waistline. Dietary indiscretions can affect the pH balance of your skin, leading to dryness or oiliness with worsening of wrinkles, fine lines and dark under-eye circles.

Pomegranates are fast becoming the most sought after anti-aging food for 2018, packed with vitamins and antioxidants that can help fight off sun damage to your skin. The ellagic acid in it can help slow the breakdown of collagen by counteracting your body’s inflammatory response to UV radiation, keeping your skin supple and youthful looking as you nibble on those juicy red rubies!

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Best anti-aging home remedy

Flipping through the pages of magazines or a quick stroll in the drugstore shows us how easy it is to spend a pretty penny on lotions and potions aimed to keep wrinkles and sagging at bay. But before you empty your wallet, open your refrigerator and have a good look. There are plenty of anti-aging home recipes that are worth looking into, and you probably already have many of the ingredients needed to whip up your own personalized line of “bespoke” anti-aging masks, scrubs, and creams.

Chia seeds aren’t just a hot superfood to eat, they also offer huge skin benefits. A simple apple chia honey scrub smells as delicious as it sounds, and is easily made by blending ½ chopped raw green apple, 2 tbsp. of chia seeds, 2 tbsp. of honey and water if necessary for the right gooey consistency. Engaging the antioxidant-loaded chia seeds as a gentle exfoliant along with the deep pore cleansing power of honey, the added green apples contain an impressive combination of polyphenols, flavanoids, and alpha hydroxy acids, helping to brighten, soothe, and plump skin for a more youthful looking mien.

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Best anti-aging skincare regime

We may not quite know how to stop the clock from moving forward, but we can help you fool the cameras and mirrors into thinking you’re a younger you with some skincare essentials for your daily routine. This may sound pretty basic, but if these key components are foster into your regime on a regular basis, it’ll go a long way in keeping your skin youthful looking. Wash with a gentle cleanser, use a physical or chemical exfoliant, pat, don’t rub, on your anti-aging serums, moisturize adequately, and always remember to wear a good sunscreen.

Retinols penetrate deep within the dermis and evoke stimulation right where collagen fibers are created, and is considered one of the most miraculous ingredients for smoothing the texture of the skin to soften fine lines and wrinkles.A gentle, yet potent preparation that can be used nightly to fight visible signs of aging is the aptly named, SW1 AGE DEFY, a rejuvenating and anti-aging lotion which combines retinol with a powerful, natural moisturizing agent packed full of hyaluronic acid and vital collagen. It therefore not only fights wrinkles, but also effectively tones, lifts and firms skin while delivering long-lasting hydration, repairing and rejuvenating aging skin while you sleep.

Steeped with the youth-enhancing magic of black orchids, CHAI GOLD MULBERRY Renewal Moisturizer is saturated with the goodness of mulberries, lycopene and resveratrol, a youth-in-a-tub skincare gem that works its alchemy on tired, dull, aging skins to give them a new lease of life. Gold nano-particles further soothe and brighten lackluster skins instantly, leaving skins glowy soft and renewed with increased suppleness and smoother texture for IG perfection sans filters.

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Best anti-aging facial

Clinical facials are the latest spa treats to tackle the aging process with scientifically proven medical findings. PDRN Cellular facial is one such great option, especially for those on the hunt for an alternative to fill the gap between your regular, run-of-the-mill facial and cutting edge aesthetics medical treatments or plastic surgery. PDRN is an acronym for a molecule also known as Polydeoxyribonucleotide, and this peptide unlocks the secret behind youthful skin as it works its magic at the DNA level, improving repair and rejuvenation processes that helps your complexion reboot and recharge itself. With the help of a special micron penetrator, PDRN is infused via Sonophoresis into the deeper layers of skin to effect vital cellular changes that will revive dull, tired skin to a more youthful state over the next few days. More than a short-term solution, this particular treatment works to stimulate your own collagen production for a longer-lasting plumpness, with visible improvement bolstering the skin changes that occur naturally with the passage of time.

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Best anti-aging medical technology

While the latest advances in medical technology seem to offer a myriad of choices to turn back the clock, the results may not match up. Flipping through the glossy pages of tabloids and magazines documenting society events, there’s an emergence of a disturbing army of clones with what I would call “the old new face”— women with unnaturally smooth, over-inflated pillow cheeks and sausage lips from too much dermal fillers, often coupled with taut, expressionless mask-liked faces from over-zealous Botox usage. While there’s clearly still a place for anti-aging injectables especially in the right hands dealing with the right cohort of patients, we’re of late seeing a resurgence in the popularity of lasers and other modalities which harness one own skin’s own capability to rejuvenate with the appropriate stimuli.

The Trinity Facelift Program is specially tailored for those seeking a natural looking ‘perk-me-up’ sans injections and surgery. Harnessing the prowess of not one but two FDA- approved modalities, this youth-reviving program combines Ulthera which utilizes ultrasound energy for intense deep tissue facial lifting with Thermage, a youth-enhancing patented monopolar radiofrequency technology for effective skin tightening. One can now achieve a ‘non-surgical facelift’ with tauter, smoother and more lifted skin without breaking a sweat, facing the perils of aging with regained and renewed confidence.

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