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William Shakespeare once famously described the eyes as “windows to the soul”. It therefore should come as no surprise that a pair of attractive looking eyes rank high on the beauty stakes across all ethnicities. Unfortunately, they are also one of the first facial features to bear the brunt of aging, but having said that, there’s absolutely no reason for anyone to look like an old soul! If you aren’t already showing your peepers an extra helping of TLC, it’s time to brush off the dust and cobwebs on those windows with these eye beauty tricks and treats, to get them emoting feelings and sending messages without the need for spoken words.


The skin around the eyes is the thinnest and most delicate part of your face. With a lack of surrounding supporting structures and further worsened by a paucity of sebaceous or oil glands, these areas tend to get a lot drier compared to the rest of the face, leading to fine lines and wrinkling. To help keep your eyes looking unscathed despite the passage of time, make sure you keep these areas adequately moisturized and well hydrated!

TRICK: To keep your skin well hydrated, drink at least 2 liters of water daily. Get extra hydration by consuming omega-3 fatty acids found naturally in fish oil, walnuts, hemp and flax seeds. Another obvious way to hydrate these areas is from the outside with a serum or moisturizer. Although it might not be the elixir of youth in a tub, a dab of eye cream goes a long way if the correct type is chosen and used consistently.

CHAI LIQUID GOLD Eye Illuminating Serum is a doctor-inspired, pharmaceutical-grade ‘eye-opener’ packed with potent yeux-prettifying 23 carat gold and other powerhouse ingredients including wrinkle-relaxing Argireline, often touted as “the topical Botox”.  Regular use will dramatically recharge skin elasticity to reverse the signs of photo-damage and dermal aging, targeting directly on skin fibroblasts to visibly improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles at the surface level and beyond. LIQUID GOLD works in overdrive to strengthen the skin’s regenerative ability, helping to counteract the visible signs of aging by increasing skin’s natural moisture barrier and restore elasticity to crepey undereye skin

TREAT: For an intense boost of hydration to resurrect dry, sunken and tired looking eyes, Revitalift Eyes is the go to procedure for celebrities looking to shine bright on the red carpet. With a series of virtually painless microinjections of natural hyaluronic acid, Revitalift helps build up the undereye skin by promoting collagen growth and improving skin hydration to improve upon fine lines, dark eye circles and volume loss, restoring the twinkle in your peepers.

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Lighten up

Unless you are a black and white native from the Sichuan province weighing 200 pounds, no one is going to look good with dark eye circles. Dark circles tend to add years, making one tired and sickly looking. Our undereye are riddled with a web of tiny capillaries which can become leaky. As red blood cells from these capillaries seep into the surrounding skin, a dark discoloration is formed when the haemoglobin in them are being broken down.

TRICK: Choosing the correct type of concealer and using it right will do wonders in camouflaging your Wednesday Addams’ eyes. Choose a lightweight creamy concealer that glides on smoothly without excessive rubbing. A yellow tinted one hides dark purple circles, an orange base hides bluish ones while the commonest tan concealers hide brownish discoloration. Pay close attention to the areas where your eyes meet the bridge of your nose as these nooks and crannies tend to have the darkest circles and often require a tad more attention.

TREAT: “The Eye Illuminator Program tackles dark eye circles for more youthful looking peepers by engaging the .synergistic effects of Revitalift Eyes and Quattro Toning.” Says Dr. Toby Hui, senior medical consultant with the SW1 Clinic (formerly from The Sloane Clinic). “Revitalift illuminates under eye area with natural hyaluronic acid while Quattro Toning utilizes laser waves to improve blood circulation and break down excessive dermal pigmentation while stimulating the deeper layers of the skin to repair the fragile collagen and elastin networks of your undereye.”

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Correct the hollows

Sunken eyes also go by other names such as “tear trough hollows” or “under-eye hollows. Commonly a result of aging, most people will begin to notice sunken eyes by their late 30s and early 40s or when there’s dramatic weight loss over a short period of time. As we aged, we lose fat and bone density around our bodies including our faces. There is also a decline in the supporting structures that hold everything together, diminishing collagen stores with thinning of the overlying undereye skin, giving rise to undersirable undereye hollowing.

TRICK: Dermal Facial Fillers made of naturally occuring hyaluronic acid can be safely used to correct undereye hollowing to improve upon its appearance. Due to the thin skin of this region, very soft fillers should be chosen to avoid lumps. More severe undereye hollows may require deeper filler placement if a “tenting” effect is desired, in which case, a choice of slightly harder fillers would be appropriate in these cases. Gratifying results are achievable in the correct hands, but it takes a fair amount of skill, patience and experience to treat this delicate area satisfactory, making the choice of physician of utmost importance. Supplement with Golden Eye, a one-of-a-kind total eye system that firms, lifts and opens the eye area while reducing the appearance of dry fine lines and wrinkles. Engaging the golden technology of Sygma Lift’s patented HIFU, it is designed to refresh, rejuvenate and revitalize tired, sleepy and jaded eyes, an all rounded“pick-me-up” that will turn back the clock on the eye area, promoting fresher, younger-looking skin, allowing les yeuxs to twinkle and sparkle, unscathed by time.

TREAT: Baby Face Restoration fat Grafting is a process whereby your own fat is harvested from your body, then purified to extract the young fat cells. The latter is then injected through a series of carefully placed facial microinjections to restore and replenish your face’s lost youth and vitality, including undereye hollowing. It is usually done under local anaesthesia, but patients may also choose to have light sedation. This is an extremely well-tolerated procedure, and one of the benefits of fat transfer is that latest innovation led to improvements of long term survival of grafted fat.Post operatively there may be some swelling, and occasionally bruising for up to 7 days.Many patients find that the results last many years with some even reporting them as permanent.

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Droopy no more

Very often, the upper eyelid skin droops down with age and bedroom eyes are no longer sexy when they are a tad too heavy! As we age, we start to lose elasticity in the skin around the eyes and surrounding muscles begin to relax and give the tired looking droopy gaze. Some are worse off than others due to hereditary factors, excessive sun exposure or smoking.

TRICK: Use an eye primer on your lids to diminish the appearance of fine lines by filling in any creases where makeup can settle. Opt for powder eye shadow instead of cream based ones. Avoid metallic shades and all things glittery as the reflective nature makes them more unforgiving, highlighting skin creases when applied to lids that droop.Genius Eye FIRMx is the go-to spa treat to improve upon droopy eyes by utilizing Exilis Lift mono-polar radiofrequency technology to deliver skin tightening cum eye opening benefits, as well as hyaluronic acid fueled by adenosine extracts to recharge tired aging periorbital skin cells. Brightening, firming and lifting eyes in no more than 30 minutes, a series of sessions will put you on the road to fresher, younger-looking eyes that will astound.

TREAT: If surgical correction or blepharoplasty is not on your agenda, Thermage Eyes is a viable non-surgical eye lift that tightens, lifts and smoothens your eyes to buy you valuable time in the race against aging. By engaging patented monopolar radiofrequency or RF waves as a source of energy, Thermage penetrates deep into the skin to stimulate your body’s natural renewal of collagen, resulting in skin tightening and contouring while keeping the surface skin at a significantly lower temperature with an in-built cooling system to prevent overheating and possible heat injury. Bid adieu to droopy eyes and saggy lids, and say hello to bigger, brighter and more beautiful peepers, befittingly labelled as “windows of thy soul”!

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