It’s hard to believe that it’s been decades since our fave celebrities like Sandra Bullock, Nicole Kidman, J Lo and Christy Turlington got their big breaks. But it’s even more difficult to fathom how they managed to literally “Benjamin Button-ed” their way through marriages, kids and divorces; looking nary a day over 40 or even well into their 50’s! In the cut throat industry of Entertainment that’s notoriously hard living, good genes can only get you that far. If the average life expectancy can be prolonged with medical advances made over the years, there’s no reason why we can’t remain youthful looking for a longer period of time with the appropriate medical help. While it’s anyone’s guess if these ageless beauties had gone under the knife, there are certainly non-surgical modalities to engage to age-proof yourself in similar ways, with science changing how a woman should look when she’s 40.

Lifting facials to pave the way

Sagging skin is perhaps one of the most feared beauty woes of aging. And not surprisingly, we all want to have lifted skin looking as close to how we were in our prime despite the advancing years in age.As a starter’s kit for skin rejuvenation focusing on keeping undesirable signs of aging at bay, medically inspired lifting facials are savvy investments that give you a bang for your buck. A hybrid facial that utilizes Sygma Lift which combines clinical ultrasound skin lifting technology with cold laser for toning skin with facial indulgences, the 24K Uplift facial does triple action to sculpt, lift and refine.With the use of a patented 2nd generation High Intensity Focused Ultrasound or HIFU technology that radically transforms facial lifting into a virtually painless experience sans needles, this treatment is ideal for patients seeking out the much coveted V-Shaped face, with skin tightening and improved contours of the neck and jawline, reduction in prominence of double chin, diminished fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, forehead and mouth, as well as overall skin rejuvenation.

Illustration of depth of penetration of HIFU energies engaged by Sygma Lift for effective collagen stimulation

Using cutting-age Exilis Lift radio frequency skin tightening technology to gently coax skin to behave in a younger manner, the Divine Uplift facial also combines an age-defying peel and an anti-oxidant packed high-tech collagen mask which improves firmness and elasticity, shaving years off your appearance and keeping others second guessing your age with envy.

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Skin tightening with Thermage

Besides gaining a couple of pounds since she first quipped the infamous line, “I don’t get out of bed for less than $10,000 a day.”, 80’s supermodel Linda Evangelista is still owning it with a bankable face that courts designers and advertisers alike at the age of 53.

“I think it is okay to say that it’s work ‘being me’. It’s a lot of upkeep!” Linda exclaimed in a candid 2006 Vogue interview at age 41. “I’m pro-cosmetic procedure, I use Botox and I’m not afraid to say it, though I do like to keep some movement in my face.” With refreshing candor, she spilled more secrets. “I do Thermage too, for me it’s just for enhancement, like hair color or makeup or any of the other tricks you can do to make yourself feel better.”

Thermage is a premium non-invasive skin rejuvenation and tightening procedure that’s garnering an expanding fan base stealthily in recent years. By utilizing patented radio frequency (RF) waves, Thermage penetrates deep into the skin to stimulate your body’s natural renewal of collagen, resulting in skin tightening and lifting. The benefits of Thermage include tighter skin, improved skin texture and renewed facial contours. Skin on the face and neck is firmer and visibly tighter, the jowls and jaw line achieve better definition. The procedure also smooths out wrinkles and refines the skin texture, strengthens and tightens delicate eyelid skin, leaving you with a more refreshed and youthful appearance without incisions nor downtime that affects your normal routine or daily activities. As the results of Thermage are gradually visible after 3 to 6 months, you do not have to be worry about looking artificial or with obvious works done. So instead of approaching aging with a Genie’s wish of turning the clock back to 30 when you reach 50, seek out viable options early in a timely fashion to prove that ‘Age is just a number’ by aging with grace and finesse.

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Non-surgical face-lifting with Ultherapy

Ultherapy is a much loved anti-aging weapon that’s changing the face of Hollywood in recent years

Jennifer Aniston. Christie Brinkley. Courteney Cox. Vanessa Williams. These are just a few of the age-defying crop of celebs who have name-dropped Ulthera as their go-to cosmetic treatment for sporting younger, tighter, healthier skin without going under the knife. As an FDA-cleared, non-invasive treatment, Ulthera is the ultimate way to combat skin laxity of the neck, chin, chest, and brows. Even without a million dollar movie contract or endorsement deal, you can still afford this A-lister’s treatment and will enjoy the results for years to come!

By utilizing trial and tested ultrasound energy commonly known for medical imaging and physical therapy, Ulthera safely firms, tightens and actually lifts skin tissue without disrupting the surface of the treated area(s) with resulting cosmetics improvement. Ultrasound scanning allows Ulthera to deliver a very precise dose of energy that reaches deep down to depths that include the full thickness of the Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System or SMAS, the very layer that plastic surgeons work on to tighten while performing surgical facelifts. Ulthera is therefore an actual SMAS lifting device that gives better lifting of jowls and saggy skins, and equipped with this deep tissue lifting ability, it is able to achieve a more refined jawline and restore facial contours to younger and aesthetically pleasing proportions.

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Weaving dreams of eternal youth with threadlifts

Collagen gives skin its strength, structure, and ability to replace dead cells. In fact, the word “collagen” is derived from the Greek term “kolla,” which means “glue”, and rightly so, as collagen is crucial for keeping skin intact in a healthy, smooth and youthful looking state.

Endorsed by age-defying holistic lifestyle guru Gwyneth Paltrow on her immensely popular webpage GOOP, Face-threading is the latest non-surgical technique that is literally everywhere in Hollywood, giving instant results with no downtime… and no scars.                                                                   

Aging depletes our innate collagen stores and savages the shape and balance of our facial tissues. To restore an aging face for a more youthful appearance, we not only have to recreate defined facial contours but also to raise falling tissues to greater heights. By utilizing a configuration of intelligently designed threads, the Infinity Instalift is a series of customizable threadlifts that address these concerns remarkably well, earning it a well-deserved reputation as the premium choice of “non-surgical facelifts” sans scalpel and stitches for those in the know.

Predicted to reach an eventual standing on par with the popularity of Botulinum toxin and dermal fillers, the Infinity V-Lift uses 100% bio-absorbable threads strategically placed under the skin to create a scaffolding to support weakened tissues, lifting and restoring facial contours to the right place defined by the coveted “V”. Depending on the amount of skin laxity, more or less threads (usually 4 to 8) are inserted to give the best outcome. Slight swelling secondary to the anesthetic injections made for the procedure to be almost pain-free can last between 6 to 24 hours, and as with all procedures that involved needles and injections, small pin-prick marks and bruises can happen at times. Infinity threads are 100% biodegradable by nature and will dissolve naturally in your body after 6 to 9 months, whilst stimulating a matrix of supporting collagen to take their place long after their disappearance! At the end of the day, what you have in essence is rebuilding the blueprint of your own skin, with a ‘natural’ facelift that’ll bring you closer to the beauty benchmark of the “neu-40” cohort.

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