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Every once in a while comes an interesting product that intrigues and piques the interest of even the most jaded of all fashion critics who had more or less seen them all. While the most unlikely hybrid of roller skates and stilettos put out by newly appointed chief designer, Anthony Vaccarello for the house of Saint Laurent might be more hype than practicality, they are without a doubt reflective of what the savvy “movers & shakers” are looking out for in today’s fast and furious world—services governed by a time-saving combo of “beauty” and “speed” that deliver. Consumers today are go-go-go, and long swaths of time once dedicated to all-day pampering are far and few between. Women are far more keen and willing to work their grooming needs into their busy schedule, rather than purposely setting time aside and working around such needs. The draw is speed, accessibility and affordability in time, more so than the absolute number of dollars and dimes spent. Here lies ReadySetBeauty painstakingly curated list of 5 speedy beauty fixes that are totally worth raving about, all of which can be completed within 30 minutes, without a doubt!

Fresh it up in a jiffy

A facial was once viewed as a luxury treat but as we become more aware about the ill effects of environmental aggressors on our complexions, a professional skin cleansing is now consider a total necessity, with consumers seeking fuss-free treatments with quick-fix results. To address this shift, the SW1 Spa has developed new 30-minute facial treatments that focus on immediate benefits without compromising on the stringent quality standards of their regular medically-inspired and scientifically proven signature facials.

The ultimate ‘lunchtime’ quickie, targeted to efficiently spruce up lackluster complexions in a jiffy, Fast-Fix includes a trouble targeted complexion Ultrasonic Deep Cleansing for deep pore purging, with a skin soothing green tea mask or a blemish control oxygen & vitamin C clay pack picked according to each individual’s unique skin needs. This is followed by deep penetration of multivitamins and lymphatic drainage of facial circulation with the pampering paws of professionally trained therapists, ending off with carefully selected serums and sunblock to tackle breakouts, bumps, sagging, sensitivity, or pigmentation problems. With a slick of lip gloss, some blusher and refreshed confidence, you are all set and ready to face the world again after this quick “pick-me-up” beauty gem.

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Glow getter speed date

If you’re on the lookout for a no-nonsense quick skin fix that leaves your skin luminous and Instagram-ready all well within 30 minutes, the Glow & Go facial certainly lives up to its catchy moniker. A trial and tested glowgetter going for the kill, it goes straight to the point with a retinol peel, effectively exfoliating away aged and dull-looking surface skin cells to allow younger ones beneath to show through. A sure winner comes in the form of Plasma C Boost, whereby delivery of complexion-boosting and skin-nourishing vitamin C into the deeper layers of skin is ensured and optimised with Sonophoresis, topping up your glow bank with a luxe 24K Gold masque for enhanced luminosity. Alternatively, Aqua.dermabrasion is an improved and highly efficacious exfoliating experience to gently remove the epidermal layer and promote a thicker healthier dermis while smoothing and refreshing the skin in a fuss free manner. Working differently from your traditional microdermabrasion,  a spiral shaped tip with multiple abrasive edges replaces the usual flat ones, allowing better exfoliation several times over as the tip is moved over the skin’s surface in a planning motion several times over. The gentle jet of accompany fluid containing a potent blend of AHA/BHAs, infuses treated skins with acne busting agents while continuous moisture application ensures maximal comfort level, reducing friction and softening the skin and sebum to extract impurities and blast them away with ease. Aqua.dermabrasion immediately leaves the skin clearer and brighter, a insta-treat that delivers without bells and whistles.

And you hear it right, all in under 60 minutes no more, so that there’ll never be another “dull moment” within the hustle and bustle of your jammed pack life!

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Focused rescue missions

Whether it’s due to the constrain of time or budget, or both, the modern day Venus is increasingly interested in focused treatments to target her needs or amp up her assets without dedicating an obscene amount of time to it. Eye Fabulosity, an in-house “eye-cial” from the SW1 Spa, is specially designed to tackle dark eye circles and puffiness, both common beauty banes that come with age and stress. This peeper-perfecting spa treat can be performed eitheras a standalone, or better off combined as an add-on to the signature Golden Eye therapy, a medically-based focal treatment that aims to refresh, rejuvenate and revitalize jaded eyes by engaging FDA-approved Sygma Lift’s HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) technology. Eye Fabulosity begins with a wrinkle-removing pumpkin enzyme peel to kick-start your undereye skin recharge, followed by an ‘Eye Sonic Therapy’, a painless procedure which infuses hyaluronic acid via Sonophoresis into the skin, a transdermal route of delivery found to be 500 times more effective than manual application.

Nothing short of an oasis to give an intense boost of hydration to resurrect dry and tired looking eyes, Revitalift Eyes is the go to treatment for savvy time-keeping urbanites to fake a full 8 hours of eye shut. With a series of virtually painless microinjections of natural hyaluronic acid, Revitalift helps build up the undereye skin by promoting collagen growth and improving skin hydration to improve upon fine lines, dark eye circles and volume loss, restoring the lost youth in your peepers. Results are evident after a single session, but if you can dedicate just an hour at any one go, a series of 3 to 6 sessions done at regular interval ideal will be ideal for optimum outcome!

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Light up your life in under an hour

From refining skin texture to enhanced clarity and better skin tone, low level energy light therapy seems to have it all covered without the expense, possible downtime and safety concerns of lasers.Unlike surgical and aesthetic lasers, low level energy lights do not heat up the targeted tissue. Instead, they emit low levels of light energies that are can be absorbed by our skin cells to help increase cellular energy production and ultimately help heal surrounding skin tissue.

LED RED is a 633nm red light therapy that works by activating new collagen formation while lessening the breakdown of existing collagen stores via a process known as photobiomodulation, and 20 mins is all it takes to lay the groundworks leading to smoother and brighter skin with reduced pore size to boot. In addition, red light has an extraordinary calming effect on sensitive skins, working its magic as an useful adjunct for treating skin conditions such as rosacea flare-ups and allergic skin reactions in double quick time. Blue light on the other hand effectively targets Propionibacterium Acnes, treating mild to moderate inflammatory acne across all age groups in a wink. I-Clear is therefore one of the most effective non-invasive tool against acne with its emitting sources of pure blue light at a unique 408nm wavelength that closely matched the peak absorption qualities of the targeted blemish causing P acne bacteria, ensuring patients’ avoidance of UV, IR or undesirable side effects and downtime associated with more intense light and laser devices.

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Peel fresh with pizzazz

As skin rejuvenating techniques become more and more complicated over the years with medical advancement, chemical peels remain a tried and tested age-old staple that pinched a pretty minute and penny for those in the know.For the uninitiated or those with sensitive skins treading on the safe side, you can’t go wrong with lactic aka milk acids.The Milk Peel utilizes an ultrasonic peeling system on top of the gentler lactic acid formulations to brighten dull, sallow skins and lighten surface pigmentation and blemishes for cleaner and clearer complexions, an excellent spa treat for a mild, all-over exfoliation, melting away debris clogging up your pores without excessive peeling nor skin irritation.

The Glamour Peel is an understated treatment that’s true to its moniker, playing the role of a celebrity stylish as a fuss-free 6 in 1 weekend peel that brings forth a red carpet difference for those with no more than 60 minutes to spare. Aimed to add glow and sparkle to lackluster complexions, it uses not one, but a combination of three different types of pharmaceutical grade fruit acids that have been carefully selected to deliver a quick all-round complexion improvement. With skin brightening, spot fading, line smoothening, pore reduction, sebum balance and hydration boost under its belt, the Glamour Peel does well as a thorough perk-me-up in one single breath, serving up an excellent primer for a fresh face of makeup, be it bare minimum or full-on sultry.

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A hairy affair to remember

If there are 30 minute “blow-outs” and “roots touch-ups” to keep your crowning glory looking its absolute best, why can’t there be equally speedy treatments to maintain the health of your valued tresses? In a nationwide poll, over 30% of women believed hair loss would affect how attractive they were to their partner or opposite sex, whilst 69% believed that healthy hair was a major part of their self-image.

The Revage 670 Laser is widely recognised as the gold standard for rejuvenating thinning scalps, bringing them back to their heydays in just 20 mins per session, recommended to be done at weekly intervals for 3 months for a primary course of treatment. With a total of 30 laser diodes, this FDA-approved system provides critical coherent beams as a direct source of laser light in a hood that goes over the scalp to ensure maximum laser energy contact over the area(s) to be treated. Working both as a therapeutic and preventive measure, Revage 670 maximizes stimulation of each hair follicle at a much higher level with its Rotational PhotoTherapy (RPT) system, setting its reliability and efficacy way above that of traditional hand-held lasers.

“Revage 670 engages low-level laser energies and is completely safe and painless with absolutely no downtime.” Explains Dr. Low Chai Ling, medical consultant and founder of the SW1 Clinic (formerly from The Sloane Clinic). “This lunchtime procedure is paired with Revitascalp in our signature Keramax Scalp Program, specially designed to help both women and men with hair loss issues. By thickening fine, miniaturized hair as seen in cases of diffuse thinning or general weakening especially in the fairer sex; it doubles as a preventive measure for premature hair loss to help maintain density, volume and lushness, with each session costing you no more than 60 minutes.”

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