When it comes to enhancing her facial features to put her best face forward, most women will tend to zoom in on their eyes and noses to make them her best assets. It is therefore not surprising that eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) and nose job (rhinoplasty) rank high as some of the most sought after plastic surgery procedures, especially in Asia. More often than not, the chin is mistakenly overlooked or lowly prioritized as a key feature. If you pause for a minute to think about it, a profile with a weak chin will always be less attractive than one bearing a well-proportioned chin. It can play a vital role in diminishing a woman’s overall appearance as the chin is an anchor point for the eye. When a chin is too small or narrow, it tend to throw the facial proportions off balance visually, making the face, nose and neck appearing larger than what they actually are. So the next time you size up that lady in the mirror, follow your gaze down south and take a good look at her chin. One or more of these 5 chin contouring secrets might be that missing piece in the puzzle that’ll help bring her beauty quotient to the next level….

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Creating Illusions with clever makeup

Unless you’re gifted with perfect genes like up and coming model du jour, Gaia Gerber who calls 80’s supermodel Cindy Crawford mom, most women aren’t instagrammably flawless but can be, with the help of cleverly applied makeup that create illusions which make us as picture perfect as possible. If you want to define a naturally weak chin or hide a heavy double one, practise your contouring techniques till you can spell Kardashian backwards in a blink.

Apply your regular foundation on your face, but use one that is one to two shades darker on the underside of your chin. Make sure it’s not too dark, otherwise you’ll end up looking like a bearded lady with an unshaven 5 o’clock shadow. Blend well and check carefully under good lighting to make sure there aren’t any telltale demarcation lines. Dust a powder bronzer subtly all along the jaw line from ear to ear, choosing a gold-toned bronzer if you’ve medium to dark skin or a rose-toned one if you’re fair. To bring your look together and make it more natural looking and polished, use the same bronzer on your cheekbones as blush. As the chin is a focal point for the eye, draw the natural gaze of others’ away from your flaw with attention-grabbing eye makeup that makes them popped.

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Enhance with Dermal Fillers

Enhancing your chin to bring it closer to the golden ratio of Beauty can lend your face a sharper and more defined appearance that’s subtle yet appealing at the same time. There are few ways to go about and injectable Natural Facial Fillers made of naturally occuring hyaluronic acid is one of the most popular options that’s safe and relatively cost effective with excellent results in the right hands.

“There’s a wide selection of dermal facial fillers available and for chin enhancement, I would assess the requirements of each individual patient to choose the most appropriate one for optimal outcome.” Explains Dr. Chua Han Boon, senior medical consultant from SW1 Clinic. “As there are differences between male and female aesthetics, the knowledge, skills and expertise of your physician which governs injection techniques and product placement; will play an exceedingly important role in avoiding undesirable masculinization or feminization of features that’s not asked for.”

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Facial Slimming for Better Proportions

While a weak chin can make a face appear larger, the converse is true as well. It’s all about striking a balance in the relative proportions of how the different facial features relate to one another, and a narrower face will certainly lend definition and ‘elogate’ the chin.Besides its original use as the game-changing wrinkle eraser for over a decade, Botox has landed itself in other major novel roles in the recent years, including facial slimming   and subtle lifting of the lower face and neck.

Microinjections of Botox into the overdeveloped masseter muscles which is often the cause of a broad, square jaw, effectively shrink them down to improve upon the contours of the jawline. For added facial contouring prowess when desired, Botox can help reduce the strong downward pull of the neck muscles on the lower face and soften out any vertical neck lines to not only freshen up your appearance now, but slow down the hands of time on your face and neck for future benefits as well.

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Improving Contours with Threads

A poorly defined or saggy jawline secondary to heavy jowls and double chin will not only affect the aesthetics of the chin but the overall appearance as a whole. While the word ‘face lift’ will most likely conjure up images of a middle-aged or elderly person with a falling face, younger women especially those that are short-changed genetically, are starting to look and embrace it in a different manner. One of the major breakthroughs that’s fast gaining a cult following in recent years is the development of the new generation of threads for facial lifting. Unlike older threads that are long and sized standardly, shorter variants which can be better manoeuvred now allow partial facelifting for selected area(s) that need to be fixed.

By weaving a supporting scaffolding with 100% biodegradeable PDO threads, the  Infinity V Lift targets and tightens heavy jowls while the Infinity NeckLift zooms in to selectively address the problems of  sagging neck skin and double chin, both improving upon the contours of the jawline to more youthful and desirable proportions. Depending on the amount of skin laxity, more or less threads (usually 4 to 8) are inserted to give the best outcome. There’s little to no downtime and generally, it shouldn’t prevent you from returning to work after a day or two. Slight swelling secondary to anaesthetic injections administered to reduce the discomfort of the procedure can last for 6 to 24 hours. Small pin-prick marks and bruises can happen at times, but these are usually placed on the underside of the jawline and visibility is much reduced unless closely scrutinized.

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Chin Augmentation with Implant

Especially those with structural or anatomical jaw anomalies such as under-bite, over-bite or cross-bite problems, surgical Chin Augmentation with a prosthetic implant or Genioplasty gives not just aesthetics improvement but provide functional correction as well. The well placed artificial implant sits under the skin to give a permanent boost to the strength and definition of the jawline, improve upon the bite and prevent premature wearing out of the dentition.

“Chin implants now come in various shapes and dimensions to allow the results to be individually customised for different patients.” Says Dr. Tan Ying Chien  renowned plastic surgeon with SW1 Clinic. “The prosthetic implant can be placed through an incision made within the mouth so as to avoid unsightly external scars, and is at times combined with mandibular or jaw bone manipulation to give even more dramatic correction in selected cases.”

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