how to get rid of dark eye circles

“You look like you haven’t had much sleep.” No, not again. Dark eye circles are the bane of my beauty life. After countless attempts from getting more sleep, getting better sleep, wearing slices of cucumbers to bed to slathering on eye creams, they just refuse to budge. While there’s this one eye serum – Liquid gold eye serum – that’s been working for me, I long for a more permanent fix. Being held hostage since God knows when by these dark messes, I’ve come to realise clearly I’m not doing the rescue works 100% right. Time to smarten up and call in the experts.

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Having relied on SW1 Clinic for previous beauty fixes, I know I’ll be in good hands. After all, this is one of the city’s leading aesthetics clinics. Led by some of the best aesthetic doctors singapore in Singapore offering plastic surgery, non-invasive aesthetics, hair transplant even, this is basically a one stop beauty destination.

A consultation with Dr Kenneth Lee, medical director of SW1 Clinic, revealed insights into the presence of dark eye circles. Besides poor blood circulation, one’s lifestyle and genetics, food allergy or intolerance may contribute to the undesired rings as well, Dr Lee explained (to my horror).

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“As the layer of skin below our eyes is just 0.5mm thick, the blood vessels and blood coloration shows through. These peri-orbital dark circles will likely worsen with age as the skin gets thinner.”

That’s before he judiciously recommended a two-part Eye Revival Program. First, I would be undergoing Revitalift where tiny drops of pure hyaluronic acid will be injected into the skin using a fine needle to stimulate collagen production. Then it would be followed by Quattro Toning; using laser beams to lift and firm the undereye skin.

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Sounds more scary than it really is I’m telling you! Dr Lee’s constant reassurances and unwavering confidence in the treatment results helped calm my nerves and doubts of “Will it work?” The treatment started with a series of little injections which was in my opinion, hardly painful at all thanks to the numbing cream applied beforehand (that and I may have a higher tolerance for pain). While there was a warm and gentle prickly sensation during the Quattro Toning, it was nothing I couldn’t tolerate. This treatment mocks the saying “beauty is not without pain’!

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eye revival program SW1 clinic(Photos taken over the course of 2 weeks)

When all’s done and Dr Lee handed me the mirror, I couldn’t stop gawking – from the front and then the sides. On repeat. Wow! There was an undeniable improvement: my undereye skin was brighter. Dr Lee then asked me to give it a few more days for the tiny pin prick marks to subside and new collagen to form. Regardless, I think I skipped out of the clinic. I was that happy! Yet I also mentally berated myself for not seeking out a medical professional to resolve this earlier. Seriously, I would have saved some space on my beauty counter, a couple of thousands but more importantly, my skin which I have put under stress and harmed from using unsuitable eye products.

These days, I can finally leave the house without having to pile on concealers for dark eye circles. It’s liberating. In place, I have skin that’s more hydrated and radiant. Friends have even asked me to recommend concealers and are shocked to find out that I wasn’t wearing any! For me, this Eye Illuminator Program is most effective and the $4000 odd was truly well spent.

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