I am quite literally obsessed with face mists. Because the best face mists are so much more than an extra step in your daily routine. They refresh, cool and re-hydrate skin throughout the day.

Picture this: you’ve met up with friends for a picnic in the park. Your best foundation is slowly coming off every time you wipe your forehead. You’ve noticed that your nose is really red – is it possible to sunburn that quickly?! Well you did forget sun protection. Sounds like a complete nightmare, am I right? Well guess what? If you have a facial mist, you could instantly save your skin and your makeup just with a few simple spritzes.

Just look out for the hero ingredients geared towards your specific skin type and find the formula that’s right for you. Since not all mists deliver the same ‘wow’ effect, to help you get glowing skin in the shortest time, we’ve selected 5 of our favourite mists, each a star in their own right, offering protection and benefits to different skin types.

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Eve Lom facial mist goes for the four-pronged attack: hydration, antioxidant, antipollution and skin firming. According to their research there’s an increase in skin moisture by 80% after application, and it hydrates up to 48 hours after use. It also improves skin elasticity and firmness after only 4 weeks of use when applied twice daily. Mic drop.

Not many mists are made as rejuvenating as Rose Ginseng facial mist, the winning pick for its anti-aging skin-saving prowess. It stars gentle fruit acids that has been shown to improve cell turnover, brighten skin and slow down the ageing process. On top of that, it stars ginseng and rose extracts to renew and rejuvenate skin, saturating it with vital antioxidants that promote collagen synthesis and cellular hydration. Cool, non?
I had to put this on. Who wouldn’t want to apply this to their face? La Mer, known for its hydrating line of skincare has come up with a mist that is particularly good if you have dull skin. Perhaps you had a big night out? Perhaps you were up with the baby all night? Whatever the reason, let La Mer help.
You’ve most likely seen this mist over Instagram. Often used by makeup artists as a pre-makeup magic wand, Aloe cucumber facial mist works wonders to calm and soothe skin. It hydrates deeply without leaving a greasy residue, plumping up the surface of the skin so well that makeup glides on flawlessly after. This explains why it is such a staple in makeup kits all around the world. Plus it smells glorious, which makes it fabulous even for a mid-afternoon skin perk-me-up and even over makeup to give it a new lease of life.


Replenish does what it’s name says. Like a thirst-quenching drink for dry and dull skins, Replenish excels at what it does because has a base of soothing water, boosted with a blend of antioxidants, probiotics, plant oils, colloidal silver and amino acids. It’s great for acne-prone skin and also spritzed on before applying a clay mask to supercharge its effects. Skin feels soft and supple immediately after. Its especially great around the eyes as it can recharge the skin so makeup glides on without creating fine lines and wrinkles. Perfection, no?

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