Even screen sirens needed some extra help in the old days of film-making. To help the most crinkled faces, early cinematographers started “Vaselensing,” coating the camera lens with Vaseline—a practice that seems both quaint and kind in this era of HD cameras capable of discerning every pore and all but the most undetectable dermatological interventions.

People think that the true beauties of the world don’t do anything. The reality is that they just have a lot of subtle work—a little bit of everything. It’s only the bad work that we notice. Indeed, Dr Low Chai Ling, founder of SW1 Clinic reports that one noted perfectionist visited her clinic almost daily for two weeks, receiving microdroplets of lip filler until her mouth achieved its ideal shape. “My A-lister patients want very slow and steady improvement rather than a dramatic change in one visit,” Dr Low says.

That explains why there has been a shift from big transformative, longer downtime type procedures to no-downtime, non-invasive enhancements such as Ultherapy. Ultherapy uses therapeutic ultrasound to inflict thermal injury up to 4.5 millimeters deep in the skin of the face, neck, and décolleté to stimulate collagen production, which tapers off as you get older. If your skin is sagging, this “resets the clock without surgery; it’s the Holy Grail,” says Dr Low Chai Ling who has been one of the earliest pioneers to start offreing this treatment when it was first launched.

Here are 5 reasons why you should be undergoing Ultherapy right now.

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Ultherapy confers benefits that go beyond skin tightening, says Dr Low Chai Ling from SW1 Clinic

200px-Filled-circle-violet.svg1 Lifts & Tightens your skin in one session

What Ultherapy can deliver? Increased collagen causes the skin to tighten, plump, and lift itself back to elasticity levels from some era in your past. Time to full effect? Three to six months. While the “Hollywood people” do it yearly, he says, the rest of us less financially blessed mortals can get away with waiting 18 months to two years between treatments. Not many treatments can see such visible results in a single session. While there are other HIFU or ultrasound devices around, the difference is in the depth of the treatment; the other devices penetrate superficially and give modest improvements that are not as long-lasting.

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200px-Filled-circle-violet.svg2 Protects against future aging

After Ultherapy, your skin does not age at its usual pace. Instead, it ages at a slower pace for a period of time after the treatment, thereby granting you an additional edge in the aging race. This is great for the busy executives who do not have surplus time to invest in repeated treatments or bother about maintenance regimes to enhance their results.

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200px-Filled-circle-violet.svg3 Ultherapy can define and shape your lower face

What is less well -known but is an effect of Ultherapy nonetheless is that in trained hands, Ultherapy can penetrate deep enough to slim and sculpt tissues. “This is particularly useful for patients with jowls who desire a V-shaped face or patients with double chin” says Dr Low Chai Ling.

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200px-Filled-circle-violet.svg4 There is no downtime

True, there are procedures that confer greater facial lifting effects. Take a mini-facelift for example. But these procedures will all require some sort of downtime, which means you can’t get away with saying “I’ve not had anything done.”

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200px-Filled-circle-violet.svg5 Decreased sweating

An unlikely awards-season target zone? Armpits. Sweat reduction is a welcome Ultherapy side effect.

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