If the world of aesthetic treatments sounds about as daunting as stepping into a Chanel boutique on Bond Street, then it’s about time you change your mindset, pluck up the courage and take the plunge. If you  are still sticking to your traditional facials and hoping for better results, then you might be disappointed. While facials do have their benefits (trust us, we do love a good spring clean), you need to reach for aesthetic treatments that can go the distance to deliver stellar results that are out of the ‘facial’ world.

Sorting the game-changing aesthetic fixes from the ‘not really worth it’ ones, we’ve rounded up the best in-clinic beauty treatments sans downtime that are actually worth spending your hard earned money on.

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pink-watercolor-heart-vector-1806996.jpg1. Smooth & Lift with Cold Plasma

Neogen Cold Plasma Laser gives skin a luminous lifted appearance

When it comes to giving complexions a smooth and lifted finish, facials fall short of the mark as their benefits do not go beyond the top layers of the skin. That’s where Neogen PSR which uses cold plasma energy excels. This is not a laser which uses wavelengths of light; instead it uses plasma which is essentially the fourth state of matter to effect a plethora of mouth-watering benefits that extend from firming and lifting to brightening and refining. The great part of this innovating aesthetic skin booster is that it comes with zero downtime, and the effects are visible almost immediately after the treatment, making it the perfect last minute prep for the harried before a red carpet soiree. Who says you can’t stun your friends and colleagues despite juggling a job, two kids and a dog?

pink-watercolor-heart-vector-1806996.jpgWhen: -1-2 days before a big event

pink-watercolor-heart-vector-1806996.jpgStar power: lifting, smoothening

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pink-watercolor-heart-vector-1806996.jpg2. Brighten with BBL Forever Young

BBL Forever Young programs skin to look younger and brighter

We’ve heard so much about ‘brightening therapies’ that it’s almost impossible to separate fact from fiction, the duds from the gems. A quick facial scrub can claim to give skin a glow, but it may last a fleeting moment, quickly reverting back to its ‘pumpkin state’ way before the clock strikes twelve. What you really want is a deep dermal glow that not only lasts but also contributes to your skin’s future by activating anti-aging processes internally. That’s where BBL Forever Young checks all the right boxes. A Standford study conducted showed that BBL Forever Young not only makes skin look younger, it actually programs skin to be younger, with its positive cellular changes. This broadband light therapy excels in a few key areas– evening out skin tone, zapping away sun and age spots in the process as well as imparting a deep complexion luminosity.

pink-watercolor-heart-vector-1806996.jpgWhen: 5-6 days before a big event

pink-watercolor-heart-vector-1806996.jpgStar power: brightening, anti-aging

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pink-watercolor-heart-vector-1806996.jpg3.  Balance skin tone with Vbeam Perfecta

No more red faces with Vbeam

If you leave red, patchy skin untreated, you run the risk of looking like you’ve snuck a shot (or three) of whisky at brunch. Nothing is more distracting than a flushed looking face. Short of drowning it with green makeup base (green cancels red, according to makeup artists), there are better and more permanent ways to get your complexion back to its flawless state. Pulsed Dye lasers, highly regarded as the gold standard anti-redness therapy delivers their skin balancing, colour correction prowess in the form of Vbeam Perfecta. While a series of sessions may be needed for a full overhaul, a single last minute rescue is well worth it, if you want to put your best face forward at an black tie event. Great thing is that not only does Vbeam come without downtime, you are likely to look less flushed from the moment you step out of the clinic.

pink-watercolor-heart-vector-1806996.jpgWhen: 4-5 days before a big event

pink-watercolor-heart-vector-1806996.jpgStar power: balancing, colour-correction

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pink-watercolor-heart-vector-1806996.jpg4. Refine Skin with Quattro Toning

Dewy skin starts with smaller pores achieved by Quattro Toning

If your pores are the size of Mars, they run the risk of collecting dirt, sebum and makeup gunk over time. Porous skin defies most cosmetic interventions because open pores are essentially open spaces that needs tightening, not filling. Activate collagen growth with Quattro Toning — the secret to closing untidy pores. Over time, you can create a more refined canvas for your skin but nothing’s stopping us from getting a session in before an important soiree to prime our skin for the best time of their lives.

pink-watercolor-heart-vector-1806996.jpgWhen: 2-3 days before a big event

pink-watercolor-heart-vector-1806996.jpgStar power: pore closure, skin refining.

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