Party season is upon us, meaning late nights, strong drinks and endless canapés. Burning the candle at both ends? Here’s our guide to the key treatments you should be doing to see you through the season with glowing skin.

I have been sitting in front of my computer for some time now, pretending to work but actually, secretly, doing Christmas food and drink shopping. It is one of my favourite food shops of the year. No holds barred, booze, loads of cheese, vegetables, crackers, meats, fruits, chocolate… This is when all good intentions and habits go flying merrily out of the window and we are taken over by a “Friday feeling” most of the time. There are many more social events in the calendar and we live by “it would be rude not to” rules. We tend to eat much richer foods and the booze levels go through the roof. And why not? It is a lot of fun; plus when we relax and share a meal with friends and family we also release good mood hormones – it is good for our souls!

But what it actually is doing is wrecking havoc on our faces, not to mention waistline. Here are our top picks for staying flawlessly gorgeous this party season.

Oxygenate the Sleep Deprived


Lack of sleep is one of the key reasons for why you are looking less than your best. Yet the thought of one last drink is just too tempting to resist. When your skin is showing signs of sleep deprivation by looking sallow and dull, the key is to perk it up with natural oxygen. Recommended by facialists, an oxygen facial such as O2 Blush delivers more dermal benefits than normal facials because they target the tired dermal cells and sluggish blood flow in our skin. Incorporating deep skin exfoliation, vitamin C therapies and a special infusion of pure oxygen for the skin, this facial scores five stars when it comes to reviving dull, tired skins.

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Detox Your Skin Sins


Processed food, sugar, alcohol… sounds like Christmas yet? These are not only the ingredient for mulled wines and Christmas pies, they are also the recipe for skin breakouts, according to experts. What better way to start afresh than by indulging in a little skin detox. Go deeper than your normal wash and cleanse with Bardot Hydrafacial. It uses three jets of dilute fruit acids to remove dead cells and unclog pores, all precursors to your next breakout, trust us. Also includes an antioxidant spray to fortify the skin. It doesn’t end there, it recharges skin with LED photobiomodulation lights and deeply detoxifies pores with a magnetic mask. All in all, it’s a cleansing retreat for your skin in 90 minutes.

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Illuminate Imperfect Skin


Imperfections accumulated throughout the year, from blemishes to pimple marks add to your year end countdown of imperfections on your face. To quickly rescue imperfect skin as time is of essence here, turn to Illumi facial for an instant skin-changing, glow-inducing result. Illumi facial uses BBL light to brighten skin and lighten marks, so your complexion can look flawless and perfect, with or without makeup.

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Make Fats Disappear with Magic


Cakes and our waistline will never see eye to eye. To combat a flabby waistline or a lackluster derriere, turn to Onda Body Magic that uses microwaves to effect lasting slimming changes. Breaking down fat with ecery session, it does double duty smoothening cellulite and tightening skin too! While a series of sessions may yield jaw-dropping results, we are all for this as they are painless and take up little time, making it the perfect lunchtime quickie for our embattled bodies.

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