In recent years, the trend has been towards non-invasive beauty options. With the number of people seeking cosmetic surgery on the decline, there’s never been a better time to explore alternative procedures that don’t require a needle.


We checked out the latest game-changing beauty innovations letting you look your best without the fear-inducing invasive surgery.

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1. The Gold Ratio ‘Facelift”


Drawing on the mathematical principles of Golden Ratio (otherwise known as Phi – a precise distancing of the features of an object, making it ‘beautiful’), a new sort of (non-surgical) facelift has been developed. Golden Ratios have been a concept as old as time itself with historic figures such as Leonard Da Vinci drawing from it for his masterpieces.

Achieving proportions close to the Golden Ratio is said to be the key to beauty and has been used to great effect throughout history in art and architecture. Put simply, the A-list worthy super symmetrical face is what Golden Ratio aims for.

At SW1 Clinic, Dr Low Chai Ling applies the Golden Ratio formula to the Instagram age and uses it as the foundation of beautifying the face, drawing from an arsenal of non-invasive tools such as filler hydrolift, Infinity V-lift (facial threads) and Botox lift.

While the precise formula for each face varies, these three treatments work together to effect a Golden Ratio lift in faces that are lacking that added oomph. Filler hydrolift uses hyaluronic acid fillers placed in a face-framing, lifting vector to slim lower face, reduce nasolabial lines and lift the corner of lips. Facial threadlifts such as Infinity V-lift uses 100% bio-absorbablw collagen threads to effect a mini-facelift sans surgery, resulting in a tauter looking visage that embodies youth. Botox lift isn’t your run-of-the-mill Botox, according to Dr Low, but is strategic botox placed in special locations to lift the lower jaw and brows for a naturally younger-looking face, all the while preserving natural facial expressions.

With this step-wise strategy using mini-fixes, it’s no wonder that women are looking inexplicable younger and more attractive even with no downtime. What’s there not to like?

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2. Cryotherapy


Widely used among athletes to relieve pain and accelerate recovery time, cryotherapy has, in recent years, been adopted by the wellness industry for its numerous cosmetic benefits, which include weight loss (it is claimed you can burn up to 600 calories in one 3 minute session) and the treatment of conditions like insomnia, psoriasis and eczema.

Celebrity fans that swear by it include Cristiano Ronaldo, Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Alba and Daniel Craig.

Aesthetic doctors such as Dr Chua Han Boon has taken this a step further to apply the principles of cryotherapy for targeted fat reduction. Available in the form of Coolshape, Dr Chua says that every session will result in about 20% of fat reduction of the treated area. Depending on how one desires the final result to be (small waistline, a perkier derriere, slimmer back) Dr Chua will design a protocol to ensure that the final results be achieved, and all without surgery and downtime.

The treatment takes 60 minutes for each session and up to two areas can be simultaneously treated at once. This still comes in faster than a session of liposuction and with less aftercare as well. Whether you are looking to just flatten the tummy to fit into your Herve Leger or undergo a total body transformation like Khloe Kardashian, Coolshape cryolipolysis is the one tool many celebs turn to fast track their body to perfection.

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3. Microwave


With our obsession with bums seemingly never ending, and more and more stories of bum lifts going awry, our love for a Kim K backside has lead to surgery alternatives hitting the mainstream. The only thing standing in many women’s way of baring their bum in a string bikini is cellulite. This affliction spares no one, women who are skinny or fat can get it in equal measures. No cream can remove it and neither can surgery, for that matter.

Happily, a new innovation has given hope to women hoping to go the way of Kardashian clan with their bum-flaunting antics. Onda Body Magic is a non-invasive procedure that uses microwaves to break up the fibrous bands that result in an orange peel appearance on your skin. A few 30 minute sessions of Onda has been shown to smoothen out cellulitic areas, paving the way for enviably smooth skin on your thighs and derriere.

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There are still reasons to consider surgery, according to plastic surgeons. If you want greater results than non-surgical options can deliver and can take the downtime, cosmetic surgery certainly is an option. We ask Dr Tan Ying Chien. Plastic and reconstructive surgeon at SW1 Clinic on what to look out for before jumping into the deep end.

Always take your time, think it through and make sure it’s the right decision for you, not someone else.

If you are considering surgery then it’s of paramount importance that you research your clinic and your doctor thoroughly and look at those that have excellent ethical, consultation and aftercare procedures.

The relationship you develop with your doctor should be as highly regarded as the aesthetic outcome and watch out for red flags such as £250 consultation fees and any practice that doesn’t introduce you to your operating surgeon in the first appointment.

Trust. Care. Attention to Detail. These are the principles that should guide any of your decisions regarding cosmetic procedure.

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