Speaking from experience, I am somewhat of an expert in eyebags. As a college student, I had ‘bags’ the size of Louis Vuitton luggage. I scoured drugstores for eyebag creams and subjected my face to a deluge of creams, gels and massage devices. Suffice to say, short of being lighter in the pocket, my eyebags remained.

A consultation with a plastic surgeon confirmed my worst fears— surgery is the only way to remove my eyebags. Shunning the idea of surgery, I hit upon an idea—what if I could camouflage my eyebags instead? Wouldn’t that buy me a few good years?

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Yes, says Dr Kenneth Lee, medical director of SW1 Clinic, an aesthetic clinic which specializes in non-surgical aesthetics (like camouflaging eyebags sans scalpel). An insightful consultation ensued, followed by a life-changing treatment. If you like me, want to rid yourself of eyebags without going under the knife, here are your options.

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  1. Accentuate your cheeks

Sounds strange but trust me, it works. One of the reasons eyebags look so prominent is because when it is contrasted on a flattened or depressed landscape, it stands out even more. As we age (and crash diet), our face lose essential volume around our cheeks, that’s why we lose the enviable high cheek bones that model sport. We gain volume in other areas though such as our eyebags and lower jowls. This mismatch in proportions make us look saggier, more heavy on our lower jawline and more tired-looking around the eyes.


‘I don’t want chipmunk cheeks’ I exclaimed to Dr Lee who reassured me that he was using a special hydrating filler which excels in lifting the skin rather than volumizing it. This will result in a soft contour for the cheek area which will make my eyebags in turn look smaller.

End result was a smoother contour from cheek to lower eyelid. Not only did I gain what medical experts call an ‘ogee curve’, which supermodels sport, my eyebags looked like they disappeared!

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  1. Melt your bags away

For those with more severe bags, consider ‘melting’ the fat away with Kybella. This comes in the form of an injection, and contains medicine that is capable of melting fat cells away. Initially FDA approved for dissolving lower chin fat, it has been used by some doctors to treat undereye fat. While the results fall short of what you will get with a lower blepharoplasty, women who have undergone 4-5 sessions of this report drastic and visible improvements.


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  1. Tighten the skin

Loose skin will accentuate any bulge, that’s why Spanx works so well to hold in a less-than-taut tummy. Imagine fortifying a strong supple wall to hold back the bulging tissues behind it, while the eyebags remain, they will look less obvious. The principle is akin to building a fortress to hold back the advancing troops. That’s where Neogen Cold Plasma excels. Using cold plasma rather than a laser, this one attribute makes this therapy safe and effective for the peri-orbital skin. The cold plasma acts to tighten the skin, elevating its elasticity and firmness so that the skin acts and looks in a younger and more supple manner. Regardless of whether you are plagued by the issue of eyebags, this quick, painless therapy is ideal for all faces looking to rejuvenate the delicate eye area.


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