Beauty trends change in the blink of an eye. Remember BB creams? Now they are merely staples in many fashionista’s bags. While some trends come and go, others portend a real shift in mindset.

Here are some of the ‘next big things’ in the world of beauty. If you don’t already know them, now is the time to get the inside scoop.


pink-watercolor-heart-vector-1806996NATURAL IS IN


 A watchdog app called HwaHea that everyone is using is the latest beauty arsenal on every woman’s handphone. It’s Yelp meets EWG meets Skin Deep meets Makeup Alley. You put in a brand and SKU and the ingredient list will populate. It will flag toxins, carcinogen levels, and reviews of the product. Many brands say, ‘This is great for sensitive skin.’ But this app has added an extra layer of watchdog-ness because someone can look at it and say, ‘How can it be for sensitive skin when there is a trace amount of synthetic fragrance?’”

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pink-watercolor-heart-vector-1806996SENSITIVITY ON THE RISE


There are more and more ‘sensitive’ people out there. We are not just talking about people’s reaction to Korean dramas. According to medical experts, more people are suffering from sensitive skin issues. Blame it on global warming, the rise in pollutants in our air or water, but the reality is that many people are realizing they need to be using sensitive-skin products. Gone are the days when the strongest ingredients are the best, nowadays the thinking has shifted to favour skincare that are as gentle on the skin as possible. Even when ti comes to cleansers, people are abandoning the squeaky clean feel conferred by foaming cleansers for SLS-free alternatives that protect the skin barrier and maintain skin pH. That explains why skin protective cleansers such as Sake Ritual and Skin Gym are on the rise. Sake Ritual is coveted as a morning-time cleanser. When you put it on your face, it’s a light, transparent gel texture. When you rub it onto your skin, it becomes watery and gets a little essence-y. It’s a good morning-time cleanser that all the celebrities are asking for, when they don’t want to double-cleanse in the morning but want to wash their face and need a little more. Skin Gym is more of a workout for the skin as it is like sauna for the skin in a bottle. It warms up on contact with damp skin to boost skin circulation and detox pores. Best of all, it does it without stripping the skin of natural oils!

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pink-watercolor-heart-vector-1806996COSMETICS WITH BENEFITS

Like friends with benefits, new age cosmetics confer more than just skin coverage or colour deposition. Women now want to have their cake and eat it too. When it comes to cosmetics, women are asking for more than just surface beutification, they desure something that will leave their skin looking better after they remove their makeup at the end of the day. Understanding that different skins have different needs, Dr Low Chai Ling, founder of SW1 Clinic introduced BB crème in two versions: one with anti-pigment benefits and one with anti-acne benefits. “It’s impossible to have a one size fit all model, that’s why it’s important to have cosmetics tailored to meet different skin needs. Makeup should be good for you. That is the future of beauty” says Dr Low.

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pink-watercolor-heart-vector-1806996FILLERS ARE BEING REPLACED WITH DNA REJUVENATORS


Hyaluronic acid fillers are getting an upgrade. No longer satisfied with waiting for facial lines to appear and then speed dialing your aesthetic doctor for a filler fix, women are now focused on preventing the ageing processes as well restoring any age-related damage that are already apparent on the face. That’s why treatments such as Youth Savant is gaining popularity as it uses a peptide known as PDRN to restore and rejuvenate skin’s DNA. Different skins age in different ways— some experience sagging, others pigmentation and even open pores. When Youth Savant is applied onto the skin, it triggers a cascade of different responses in different skins, depending on where the damage is done on your skin, Some patients report better hydration levels, while others swear by it for their facial lines and brightening of their complexions.

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pink-watercolor-heart-vector-1806996HAIR IS IN


Hair care used to be an area of hocus pocus, with many women seeking treatment from beauty salons for hair loss woes. Now hair loss therapies have moved mainstream and into the offices of aesthetic doctors and dermatologists. Using proven technologies such as Revage 670 or hair regenerator injections such as Kera-clone, women are able to circumvent the tragic downhill spiral of their hair thinning process effectively enough to see hopeful results.”These hair treatments help women who experience the initial stages of thinning to recover a full crown of hair without surgery or transplant” says Dr Chua Han Boon, from SW1 Clinic.

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