Smart women know that when it comes their skin, clever hacks can save them time and money in the long run. For harried workaholics, a minimal skin-care regimen that still gives you maximal glow may seem like a pipe dream—but there are, in fact, a few basic changes that do reap major rewards. It’s about making smart decisions over doing more things, according to aesthetic doctors we interviewed. “People want to simplify their routines as much as possible and get the biggest bang for their buck” explains Dr Low Chai Ling, aesthetic doctor at SW1 Clinic.  Here are five simple tweaks to transform your skin in a flash.

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Invest in Sunglasses

You’ll want to be wearing wraparound broad spectrum sunglasses with UVA and UVB protection for two reasons. Every time you squint into sunlight, you’re creating wrinkles around the eyes, just by making the movement repeatedly. The other reason is because the skin around the eyes is very thin, very fragile, so it’s especially prone to damage from UVA and UVB rays. Once you see the beginnings of crow’s feet from regular squinting, treat with anti-wrinkle jabs such as BOTOX to ease skin into a smoother state instantly, then give your eyes a rest from devices as well as slap on a pair of sunglasses from then on.

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Take a Probiotic

Make sure you have a probiotic at least once a day. There’s new evidence that they’re amazing for the health of the skin: Calms down inflammation, slows down signs of aging, protects against sun damage and free radicals. It could be yogurt with live active cultures, a cup of miso soup, sauerkraut with your lunch, or kombucha—all sorts of sources. You want to get at least one dose a day, and any dietary change usually takes a month or two to appreciate the change in the skin. For those impatient to see results, opt for a Probiotic supplement that contain strains that can help improve both gut and skin health. If your skin is prone to acting up and you want a more direct impact to clearer, fuss-free skin, consider applying a moisturiser with probiotics. It acts directly on the face to calm inflammation, prevent pimples and balance troubled skins.

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Layer Your Skin Care


The two most important skin care steps are to invest in a quality serum with peptides or antioxidants and layer it under a hydrating night cream to seal the moisture in. Make sure to apply those powerful anti-aging ingredients at night because that’s when the skin starts to regenerate and repair itself. According to Dr Low, layering is key: “When you layer a serum underneath a cream, the serum actually penetrates deeper into the skin”. Dr Low recommends those who want maximal anti-aging effects to layer a vitamin c serum followed by a vitamin a based cream. For those with more time, indulge in an eye cream, a neck cream—do the whole ritual. They will do wonders for your skin in the long run.

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Get a Vitamin Booster monthly

Antioxidants is the key to protecting your skin from further damage and extrinsic aging. Getting a regular dermal boost will furnish your skin with the optimal building blocks to build collagen, accelerate skin healing and boost skin glow. Some clinics and spas offer intensive vitamin infusions such as Vitamin Therapy which is the best investment to improve your skin health. Better skin means minimal fuss daily, a win-win situation for all.

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Cleanse Religiously


Cleansing at night is not just about unclogging pores. During the day, pollution particles attach themselves to our foundation, to creams. No matter how tired you are, if you don’t wash it all off before you go to bed at night, you’re fighting that extra free-radical damage all night long, and pollution, which has been shown to cause brown spots and sun spots. But a caveat: cleansing religiously does not equate harshly. Use gentle cleansers and facial cleansing oils that can easily and effectively remove all traces of oil-based makeup without hurting your skin. Now that’s smart skin care!

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