We all want to look taut and lifted but none of us want to go under the knife. Thankfully there are a range of possibilities with a syringe alone. Previously unheard of, aesthetic doctors are coming up with clever ways of sculpting a youthful face that looks even better than just plain old surgery, especially when it’s done early enough to catch the initial signs of aging.

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If you notice that your face just doesn’t look as fetching as the visage of old, then you may be experiencing the initial droop of middle age. Look no further for a no-cut alternative to regaining your youth with these clever aesthetic options.

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rrblack_hashtag_on_white_shop_thumb-2236186372-1544845433789.jpgCheek Strobing

cheek lift with fillers

Taking a leaf from the Kardashian clan, we now know what strobing is. Streaking highlighter across the tops of the cheeks can give you an instant lift. It not only gives you higher cheekbones which ups your beauty quotient but also makes your face appear younger. Now you can achieve the same effect with fillers.

Known as the filler hydrolift, this uplifting treatment involves using fillers such as Restylane and Juvederm to give that highlighted effect on the top of the cheeks. By carefully augmenting the cheeks in a precise manner,  you end up with a sculpted look as well as lift the skin beneath it to a degree.

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rrblack_hashtag_on_white_shop_thumb-2236186372-1544845433789.jpgMake Double Chin Disappear

chin fillers

We’ve all been there: sticking out our chin and pressing our tongue against the roof of our mouth in pictures. Popping the occasional collar. It’s a stubborn problem, that double chin, one that’s un-suck-in-able, un-cover-up-able, and un-Instagram-filter-able. But everyone deals with it eventually. Your jaw is one of the three areas on your body that gravity is working against all the time. Until recently, the only procedure that could do a damn thing for jowls was a face-lift. But now there are noninvasive ways to get rid of a paunchy chin.

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You probably think of filler as something for wrinkles. But in the jaw, fillers can be used to augment the outline and improve the overall shape. Remember how we told you that the jawbone shrinks, contributing to sagging? This is where stiffer fillers such as Perlane come in to add structure back to the jaw—like using poles to stretch a tennis net taut. For some patients, Dr Kenneth Lee, medical director of SW1 says he will extend the filler all the way along the jawline whereas for others, he may augment just the chin and the anterior jawline to enhance the V-shape effect. By augmenting the jawline, the skin is better stretched and looks more taut, it also masks the appearance of double chin unmasked by a shrinking jawline.

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rrblack_hashtag_on_white_shop_thumb-2236186372-1544845433789.jpgMake Eyes Lifted


One area of the face that is often neglected are the temples and the forehead. Already bony to begin with, these areas continue to lose volume over time, leading to the drooping of the eyebrows and the upper eyelids. Short of blepharoplasty surgery to ‘awaken’ eyes, one nifty trick that derms employ to rejuvenate the eye and brow area is to use fillers to replace the volume that is lost in the forehead and temple regions. By filling these areas judiciously, the forehead looks smoother and less creased, while the temples lose their sunken gaunt appearance, giving the face a better frame. Finally with the skin around the eyes and brows will be in a more lifted position.

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