One common complaint women have is that their eyelids sag with time. Women who are addicted to false eyelashes and heavy eyeliner will understand this. Without this heavy cosmetic artillery, women over a certain age often say their eyes appear small and hooded, giving them a sleepy, tired look.

Sick of being asked “are you okay?”, “did you sleep well?”, it’s no wonder that eyelift procedures are one of the most popular cosmetic procedures of recent years. In Asia, where the genetic makeup of Asian faces includes smaller looking eyes, there’s not much room for the size-reducing effects of the aging process.

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While the thought of going under the knife may sound tempting to some, there are others who are not willing to have the significant downtime associated with such surgeries. Thankfully, there are now a whole repertoire of non-invasive eye-lifting treatments that meet the approval of cosmetic doctors.

Here are three ways to replicate an eye-lift without going under the scalpel.

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One of the reasons why the modern woman is experiencing an increasing incidence of eye drooping issues is associated with our love-hate relationship with mobile devices. Constant squinting at our devices exert a downward pull on our eyelids which lead to crow’s feet as well as eye hooding. Botox, traditionally an anti-wrinkle maestro does double duty by erasing wrinkles  of the eye area as well as open up the eyelid area to give a lateral brow lift effect.


This is best combined with Botox microinjections at strategic points on the forehead and brow to give a full but natural brow lift effect.

What you need to know: Botox takes about 5-7 days to take effect so get this treatment a week before your hot date. If you need a touch up, return to see your doctor a week to ten days after the initial treatment for any adjustment you may desire. Too early, and you may end up overdosing and creating an unnatural look.

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Skin tightening of the eye area takes a specialized device because the eyelid skin is very thin. Treatment modalities that work best include HIFU eye toning treatments such as Golden Eye. Designed as a quick eye pick-me-up, this 30 minute eye-cial does make a difference to tired looking eyes and is a great add-on for those seeking facial grade therapies.


Those looking for more visible eye-opening results can turn to medical grade options such as Neogen Cold Plasma Eye Lift, a series of six sessions is said to be able to turn back the ageing clock on the eye area by at least a year or two. For a dedicated skin tightening option that delivers in a single session, look no further than Thermage radiofrequency for the eye area, it is designed to treat upper and lower eyelid skin; the resultant skin contraction is so effective only one session is all you need to see results.

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Our forehead, temples and brow area loose some volume with age. This may not be as apparent as the rest of the face but to the expert eye, even slight loss of volume in these bony ‘districts’ can lead to the excess eyelid skin draping over the eye in a hooded manner. Overall, it may also give the facial frame a gaunt appearance.


By refilling our forehead to a softer, fuller state, as well as filling up sunken temples with natural dermal fillers such as Boletero Volume or Juvederm voluma, our eye area skin is stretched back to a more lifted profile, giving the eye area a more youthful outlook.

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In some patients (not all), they also report sunkenness of their upper eyelids. This is more common in skinnier patients. This sunken appearance makes the face look instantly older and more tired. Fillers placed in the upper eyelid area can restore the smooth flat contours of the eyelids and help open up the eyes.

Sunken upper eyelid
Sunkenness of the upper eyelid makes one looks significantly older.

With these ‘eye-opening’ options available, it is no wonder that women with insider knowledge are looking unbelievably untouched by time despite dodging the scalpel.

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