Most ladies who hit 50 would have a trusted skincare routine in place. From eating right, exercising, staying out of the sun and adhering to an anti-aging skin care regimen, we’ve put every bit of effort to keeping our skin and body in tip top condition.


But there are parts of our body that slip under the radar of our carefully constructed beauty regime, one of which are our hands. Even celebrities have been known to give their age away with an unwitting display of their weather-beaten hands.

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Laura, a 53 year old grandmother, found herself in that enviable position one day. She noticed one change that all her beauty and care rituals didn’t seem to help: A loss of volume in her hands. “I could see my veins popping out from under my skin, and the texture just looked so old and crepey” she said.

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The Science


When hands lose their youthful fullness, skin becomes lax and starts to develop a crepe-paper-like texture. With less fullness, the veins in your hands also become more noticeable.

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The Treatment

To make hands look youthful again, the trick lies not in lathering on hand creams but refilling the lost volume of age. The trick lies in refilling the hands with soft fillers such as natural hyaluronic acid fillers such as Restylane. Once a filler to plump out the lines on your face, fillers are now used to give hands a much needed overhaul.


The procedure itself is remarkable simple. Our tester went in with a sense of trepidation. But after an assessment by the aesthetic doctor, Dr Chua Han Boon, felt instantly reassured. After an application of a numbing cream, the filler is administered with a few careful, painless injections to the back of the hands. Then the area is massaged to help spread and even the product out. Immediately after, there were no pin pricks or bruising, yet our tester’s hands looked like it belonged to someone at least 10 years younger!

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“My hands now looks smoother and fuller. I love the way my hands look now and love showing them off,” she said.

“It really is an awesome feeling to look at your hands and love the way they look. It is also an even better feeling knowing that my hands and face won’t give away my true age.”

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