Some beauty trends come and go, but we’ve identified a few that are here to stay. They have either created such a huge impact that women have embraced them as staples or they are so easy to execute and come with such minimal fuss and cost, that it would be silly not to adopt them as your own.

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In fact, we know a few celebrities who have attributed their flawless looks to the prowess of these skin-changing, face-enhancing therapies. For those who are not born a Hadid, these insider secrets may just help us level out the playing field.

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rrblack_hashtag_on_white_shop_thumb1 MicroRefine (aka micro-facelift)


This is BOTOX with a twist. Women no longer want a lineless look, in fact they are more preoccupied with skin that’s lifted and poreless. A few crow’s feet? It may be testament to their ‘naturalness’. Microrefine uses dilute doses of botox and delivered in tiny, almost painless microinjections to the sides of the face, jawline and upper neck. It works wonders in closing the pores and stretching out the skin as well as redefining the jawline for a more sculpted finish that takes effect as soon as 7 days post-treatment.

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rrblack_hashtag_on_white_shop_thumb2 Revitalift undereye (aka dark circle eraser)


Dark eye circles can be a thing of the past. Previously, dark eye circle creams were the only remedy for people sporting panda eye, but with the advent of special skinbooster fillers for the undereye area, women now have the option of giving themselves a fresh-eyed look almost overnight. Revitalift is different from traditional fillers as they do not impart added unwanted volume to the peri-orbital area as this may mimic eyebags. Instead, they hydrate the undereye dermis, thickening the skin and chasing dark eye circles away. Godsend? We think so too.

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rrblack_hashtag_on_white_shop_thumb3 Lipodissolve (aka fat melter)


Sometimes it isn’t a case of too little but too much, especially when it comes to the lower face. Excess buccal fat traditionally gives a ‘chipmunk’ look that detracts from the beauty of a feminine face. Double chin is another area where excess fat amplifies the sagging appearance of the jawline. Previously, only surgery was an option, now you can use an ingredient called deoxyholic acid to dissolve excess fat over a series of sessions to give a tighter, slimmer appearance to the lower face.

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